A 3 step motivational plan for all potential truthTELLERS.

First lets look at the differences between a Truth-seeker and a Truth-teller.


* Stage A

* Yin (internal)

* Watches lots of videos

* Reads books on the subject

* Goes to Truth meet up groups

* Hangs around on the various Truth forums making endless comments

* Buys DVDs on various conspiracies

* Attends seminars, lectures and conferences

* Sends endless links/threads back n forth to fellow Truth-seekers

* Wears NWO T-shirts

* Tells Dave a work about it

* Identifies themselves as a ‘Truther’ “I AM a Truther.




* Stage B

* Yang (external)

* Continues to keep track of current affairs/geo-politics to a degree.

* Analyses, internalizes and reflects one’s thoughts and ideas around the information gained.

* Begins to get things into motion about where one should go with all this and what to do about the situation.

* Formulates a plan-of-action to do something about this mess.

* Actually puts the plan into ACTION

* Propagates the truth far n wide through every means possible.

* Does one’s bit to put up some levels of resistance to these ridiculous legislation and Orwelian nonsense.


So in conclusion a Truth-seeker is in the process of taking information IN. Absorbing, absorbing, absorbing (there is nothing necessarily wrong with these activities). And obviously a Truther-teller is generally giving information OUT. Propagating, propagating, propagating.


Now …….can anyone explain to me wots so f’ difficult about understanding these differences?? 🙂 Sorry for the stroppyness – but you can hear my frustration.


I’ve heard so many people say “Yea, there’s loads of us wakin up now!” I’ve caught myself saying it.

These days I say SO WOT!!


What does it ‘really’ matter that we’re waking up? Surely the question has to be “What we gena do about it?”


Of course I would prefer people to be awake than non-awake, but as you can see there is a definitive difference between passive awake (Truth browser) and proactive awake. Plus being conscious with it. (please see Watering seeds essay).


What good is it really going to be if we’re all ‘awake’ and we know our masters, we all know who really did do 9/11 and that we’re living in an illusory judaic mind-lock? Especially when ‘they’ are able to confine us within their technological constraints (microchips, DNA, tazars, intense CCTV, tagging, and much much more).


It’s funny when we refer to this ‘movement’. Is it really moving? Maybe it’s in the first stages of a locomotive steam engine, but it most definitely needs some oomph to get it going. That’s what we’re lacking at present – inertia.






We have a job to do, it’s roll up sleeves time. You’ve been to truth college for the last 3/4+ years, now you gotta get out there and start implementing and sharing all your knowledge.


I’m not just talking about telling Mick up the pub, or Sarah in the office, or Mustafa in the Mosque, or John up the Gym.


I’m on about some real Truthing here. This means setting yourself an action plan. Here’s one simplistic suggestion plan to get motivated:



1/. Make a list now of 10 ‘realistic’, pragmatic actions you can do on a regular basis. Regular – not a one off. E.g. flyers, burn DVDs/CDs, stickers, etc.

My Truthing Action Plan












I bet that was quite easy for you to fill out and you were surprised how many different ways in which you could get the word out. (please see 7 Processes to Freedom essay for some ideas).


2/. Right next, get a highlighter pen and highlight two items which are the easiest for you to implement immediately (say by tomorrow).


3/. Next choose a convenient slot in the week that you can devote 3 hours to. Lets say you chose a Tuesday. OK again get your highlighter pen and highlight every Tuesday in your diary. From now, that’s Truthing night.


This will reinforce a similar commitment you would have if you were doing a college course, evening class, or belonged to a sports team, or drama practice, whatever. You would know to get results, to become that black belt you have not only got to put the hours in, but take a few knocks along the way. This is the effort we absolutely HAVE to put in now at this late stage in this cruel game.


OK there’s your starting point. It’s that easy!


No procrastinating now, you gotta show some levels of commitment. Remember the key words are: consistent, regular, committed, tenacity, organised. Because we all know this is the dedication our adversaries have.


I must mention that we have got to get off these Truth forums. They are loaded with intel giving out dis-info and stirring up issues, creating in-fighting. Divide n rule remember. They are also addictive, keeping us in inactive mode and are no good for the ego. These elite Jews are more than pleased for us to be hiding on forums bitching to each other. They can also monitor our thoughts and we’re wasting valuable time when we could be out waking NEWBIES up. It’s now time to move away from the choir.


For those people who don’t feel comfortable with the feet-to-the-streets approach, then I would suggest you find ways to propagate the Truth online. For example visit NON-truth forums, such as cycling forums, dating forums, vintage car forums, whatever and plant threads/links within them. That easy!


But surely anyone can leave some flyers/leaflets in a cafe.


One of the most useful ways to keep up the momentum with anything new is to have some support. Nag a friend, preferably a fellow Truth-seeker/teller to participate with you. If they won’t, ask them to at least be your motivator, like a Truth coach.


Because there will be times when you really can’t be assed after work, on lovely sunny days when you just want to lie in the garden or on the beach. Or in cold weather when you just want to curl up by the warm fire. But you just have to show commitment. To all the poor little children suffering, the innocent victims, the animals being destroyed, nature being decimated. And lets not forget our lives and future too.


Apologies for being crabby, nagging, repetitive, coming across as parental, patronizing, condescending, whatever. It’s just that I’ve passed the point of being awfully polite and super patient with people who claim to be part of this Truth movement who do almost nothing about these issues. As much as I have a lot of love for my fellow Truthers – I could benevolently rattle them to shake them out of their passivity.


Please understand there is a sense of urgency in my message simply because ……..there is actually a sense of urgency about this.


Try to see it as a serious race between darkness and Light. If we win – we live, if we lose – it’s mass suffering, worse than death. It’s that simple and that serious!


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  1. Bill

     /  March 16, 2012

    Forums have helped to spread and disseminate info, far and wide.

    Generally, I use ‘stink bombs’ ie Irrefutable quotes.

    Dont waste time arguing with Zios, its one big headache. Rather stinkbomb the board. Any board, any forum, Radio as well-use Henry Ford quotes and tell a National audience. Lie to the screene to get on, say what they want to hear and blast away.

    • Hi Bill,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for this. You seem to have a technique which I’m sure works/helps! Well done fella.

      I hope you could see my point when I suggested moving away from forums. It was just to nudge people from being passive to being proactive.

      We all have our individual tricks, talents and ideas.

      Thank you for contributing.


  2. xstormbringerx

     /  March 19, 2012

    Very good!

    We also must understand the mentality of those we fight against. The following excerpt should clear some of the mystery out of what we are up against. The following excerpt applies to all western populations. Our main problem isn’t so much the jews, it is those of our own blood who have allied themselves with jews against us. If it weren’t for the efforts of these gentile traitors, the jewish problem could easily be taken care of.

    I must add that I believe jews are almost entirely sociopathic. It doesn’t make any difference whether jews have some sort of genetic mental defect which makes them criminally insane(which is the most likely conclusion), or whether it is learned group behavior(which is unlikely after observing descendants of conversos from the 15th century who have remained jewish in thought and deed for centuries separated from their mother hive and its teachings) , or stems from their Talmudic worldviews, it is what it is.

    One last thing before you read the included excerpt is to keep in mind that many people are not capable of seeing or hearing the truth, many others will turn their backs on it, others still will take it and later run from it. This is all of no real consequence, all we really need to get together to make the change is 5-10% of our numbers together to act in unison, the rest will follow us like the sheep they are. We must know what we are facing so we can make absolutely sure none of the following types make it into the ranks of our leadership.

    The Predators

    We should seek the truth, the cold hard facts; no matter how distasteful we may find them

    This section entitled The Predators is very important as it attempts to examine human behaviour and thus helpfully gives the reader a generally understanding of why Society is the way it is and why the world is in such a mess. Any political theory or philosophy with aims of creating a superior Society based on justice and fairness that fails to understand human nature is doomed to failure.

    With very few exceptions down the ages, discussions in moral philosophy – the study of right conduct – have failed to systematically investigate the origin, nature, and course of evil in a manner free from supernatural imaginings. Evil was often considered something to be endured rather than something that could be understood and eliminated by rational measures.

    The myth that all people are innately good is a dangerous and mistaken belief to embrace; the truth is not all people are good in their intentions or in their actions

    While the majority of people are going about their daily life little do they realise that the control of the power structure of Society rests mainly in people who are psychologically different from the majority and that these psychologically different individuals have a predatory nature which dominates their actions.

    Predatory in nature and predatory in action

    I classify these individuals as Predators because they all have basically the same characteristics; devious, cunning, crafty, artful, wily, sly, scheming, designing, conniving, opportunistic, insidious, treacherous, perfidious, two-faced, double-dealing, unscrupulous, deceitful, and dishonest; people of self-interest with no Social Conscience.

    Predator: One who exploits another for their own gratification or gain without moral restraint.

    These Predators can be classified into four distinct groups: Psychopaths, Sociopaths, those with a high Mach Machiavellian personality, and those people who are classified as having an Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD or APD).

    While it is estimated psychopaths and sociopaths make up approximately 6% of the population it is difficult finding figures in regards to the number of people classified as high Mach Machiavellian personalities. From my research I would personality place the percentage of the population with high Mach characteristics between 5 to 10% but for the purposes here I shall settle for the lower figure of 5%. The Antisocial Personality Disorder afflicts about 4% of the general population.

    The group consisting Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and those with a high Mach Machiavellian personalities makeup a collection of individuals that have a great influence upon society, especially within the political and economic spheres. The last group, those individuals with the Antisocial Personality Disorder make up a large segment of the criminal element in the lower economic stratum of society.

    Society is dominated mainly by Predators

    The Psychopath

    Psychopaths cannot be understood in terms of antisocial rearing or development. They are simply morally depraved individuals who represent the “monsters” in our society. They are unstoppable and untreatable predators whose violence is planned, purposeful and emotionless. While the psychopath behaves in the same detrimental fashion as a sociopath, the difference is the psychopath has no remorse or feeling of guilt about their behaviour on the sociopath, on the other hand, knows his or her behaviour is wrong. So, the one knows his or her behaviour is not acceptable to society whereas the other is oblivious to this point. There are four different subtypes of psychopaths; Charismatic Psychopaths, Distempered Psychopaths, Primary Psychopaths, and Secondary Psychopaths,

    The Sociopath

    The Sociopath have otherwise normal temperaments (as opposed to psychopaths who have abnormal temperaments). Some are aggressive, fearless sensation seekers, and others are Machiavellian manipulators. It’s common to refer to them as un-socialised, but the dyssocial sociopath does socialize to the mores and values of a dyssocial out-group, like a gang. There are four different subtypes of sociopaths; Aggressive Sociopaths, Alienated Sociopaths, Common Sociopaths, and Dyssocial Sociopaths.

    Machiavellian personality

    Machiavellianism derives from the views of Prince Machiavelli who believed that a ruler is not bound by traditional ethical norms. He believed that a ruler should only be concerned with power and be bound only by rules that would lead to success. Prince Machiavelli deduced these rules from the political practices of his time; never show humility; it is more effective to show arrogance when dealing with others; morality and ethics are for the weak, powerful people should feel free to lie, cheat, and deceive whenever it suits their purpose; it is better to be feared than loved.

    In the 1960s Richard Christie introduced a test for measuring a person’s level of Machiavellianism. This eventually became the MACH-IV test, a twenty-statement personality survey that is now the standard self-assessment tool of Machiavellianism. People scoring above 60 out of 100 on the MACH-IV are considered high Machs; People scoring below 60 out of 100 on the MACH-IV are considered low Machs. Most people fall somewhere in the middle, but there is a significant minority at either end.

    Low Machs tend to take a more personal, empathic approach in their interaction with other people. They tend to be more trusting of others and more honest. They believe humans are essentially good natured. At the extreme, low Machs tend to be passive, submissive, highly agreeable, dependent and socially inept; in contrast with those who are more Machiavellian, they also tend to believe that everyone has a good and bad side.

    High Machs tend to take a more detached, calculating approach in their interaction with other people. High Machs personalities are committed to the proposition that a desired end justifies virtually any means; thus high Mach personalities can be summed up as being; devious, cunning, crafty, artful, wily, sly, scheming, designing, conniving, opportunistic, insidious, treacherous, perfidious, two-faced, double-dealing, unscrupulous, deceitful, and dishonest.

    While it could be claimed that Machiavellians are just well adapted people with high survival instincts it is quite possible that their social status and wealth diminishes the treat of punishment and that’s why their brain shows all signs of disinhibition which is characteristic for psychopaths. While some research may show that Machiavellism and primary psychopathic traits are highly correlated other research shows that this correlation doesn’t exist.

    While research has shown that serotonin levels rise as a person comes into a higher position – The Stanford experiment is great example for that – it is interesting to note that as serotonin levels increase, so does the feeling of well-being. If this is generally the rule amongst those with a Machiavellian personality one can easily understand why their behaviour does not cause emotional conflict within themselves as their actions create a feeling of well-being. Actions that would cause anxiety amongst normal people have the opposite effect on a Machiavellian personality.

    Regardless if the contributing factor for the Machiavellian personality is one of inheritance or environment the end result is the same: a person that is, devious, cunning, crafty, artful, wily, sly, scheming, designing, conniving, opportunistic, insidious, treacherous, perfidious, two-faced, double-dealing, unscrupulous, deceitful, and dishonest; a person of self-interest that very rarely will make sacrifices for the Common Good, who are highly likely to end up in positions that dictate either business, social, or political policy.

    Antisocial Personality Disorder

    Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as: “The essential feature for the diagnosis is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood due to the lack of love and care for the child.”

    About 3 percent of men and about 1 percent of women have APD. APD is practically synonymous with criminal behaviour. It’s so synonymous, in fact, that practically all convicted criminals in the U.S.A. (65-75%) have it, with criminologists often referring to it as a “wastebasket” category. Psychologists consider it an adult version of juvenile conduct disorder. The main characteristic of it is a complete and utter disregard for the rights of others and the rules of society. They seldom show anxiety and don’t feel guilt. A full list of APD traits would include: Disregard for Society’s laws; violation of the physical or emotional rights of others; lack of stability in job and home life; lack of remorse; superficial wit and charm; recklessness, impulsivity; a childhood diagnosis (or symptoms consistent with) conduct disorder.

    Antisocial personality disorder is one of the most difficult personality disorders to treat. Individuals rarely seek treatment on their own and may only initiate therapy when mandated by a court. As yet no country has developed any effective treatment for them.

    The Mix

    Now the reader must realize that the stereo-type belief, quite commonly held by people, regarding the psychopath/sociopath is not based on fact and is a myth created by the media and Hollywood style productions. Of course it is fact that some psychopaths/sociopaths have butchered people but the truth is psychopaths/sociopaths do not walk around glassy-eyed carrying an axe; in reality your average psychopath/sociopath is as average as your average New Zealander. A psychopath/sociopath may spend their life lazily and shamelessly leeching off others; one may end up a pathetic middle manager whose only joy is abusing their modest power; another could become a greedy, lying CEO; still another may become Prime Minister. In fact it would be true to state that most of the population has come across a psychopath/sociopath at least once during their life lifetime, because it turns out that “psychopath” or “sociopath” is merely the clinical term for the more colloquial “arsehole” or “bitch”; but apart from a few people who are aware of these types, most would not have realized that there was something wrong with these people.

    In his book Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes the author Andrew M. Lobaczewski states the following:

    “Inherited and acquired psychological disorders and ignorance of their existence and nature are the primal causes of evil. The magic number of 6% seems to represent the number of humans who either carry the genes responsible for biological evil or who acquire such disorders in the course of their lifetime. This small percent is responsible for the vast majority of human misery and crime, and for infecting others with their flawed view of the world….The scope of evil does not respect any boundaries of race, doctrine, or ideology. All races carry the genes, and all schools of thought are susceptible to their influence. These pathological factors that influence behaviour form a complex web. It is only in such a web that the “environmental evil” wherein circumstances can influence a normal person to commit harmful acts can be understood.”

    Lobaczewski goes on to explain that clinical psychopaths enjoy advantages even in non-violent competitions to climb the ranks of social hierarchies. Because they can lie without remorse (and without the telltale physiological stress that is measured by lie detector tests) psychopaths can always say whatever is necessary to get what they want. In court, for example, psychopaths can tell extreme
    bald-faced lies in a plausible manner, while their sane opponents are handicapped by an emotional predisposition to remain within hailing distance of the truth. Too often, the judge or jury imagines that the truth must be somewhere in the middle, and then issues decisions that benefit the psychopath. As with judges and juries, so it is too with those charged with decisions concerning who to promote and who not to promote in corporate, military and governmental hierarchies. The result is that all hierarchies inevitably become top-heavy with psychopaths.

    This small percent is responsible for the vast majority of human misery

    • Hi X,

      Welcome to DFT,

      Thanks for positive feedback and very interesting information.

      Thank you for contributing.


  3. bin dead awhile

     /  March 19, 2012

    what you say is (if there ever could be more than 100%) 1000% true and correct. I see people just sitting behind their computers and typing. Bitching and moaning. When you suggest something, or say things like at least mooooselims are killing them in Palestine(I dont advocate violence….) they claim you a hasbarat and problem maker. But the truth is that our prople would ratehr talk about the problem then go to sleep. Why? Because they have a bond to pay, they need to go to earn their pay. So in a nutshell what you are saying is quite correct. I personally have gotten I would say 80% of the grid. And When I talk to people I make them joo wise. Eg Yesterday I visited some friends, who had friends over and the topic of health came out. Hit them with FDA and government links. Told them to watch FoodInc, etc. Then brought in Monsanto Cargill etc, told tehm the joo owns it. Tehy were sitting like wide eyed children. 100% sure I got tehm to at least think of the food that they eat. Gave them a few site to look at. Now that I have found yours I will be passing it on.

    • Hi BDA,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your kind words and contributing.

      Yea, it’s tough getting through the mindfog, but when you do it’s rewarding.

      You ‘may’ find my essay ‘Responses to Truth’ cathartic/useful. It may just make you chuckle.



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