The 5 Shackles of our Oppression

I feel unless we recognise and begin to break through these five interdependent and fundamental areas of our enslavement, we will never even begin to be free.  

1/. Ignorance

Without knowledge. Not in the know. Not having being informed. But this excuse is beginning to to wear thin. Is it really true these people just haven’t stumbled across the truth? Or is it that they’ve chosen not to seek the truth? Whatever, this is where us ‘in the know’ must keep tapping away to inform NEWBIES to this information/knowledge. No matter how much of a strain it is, no matter how much they resist this information, we just have to keep plugging away at it.


Unfortunately even some people who are apparently ‘awake’, still find it difficult to leave many aspects of their old paradigm. They refuse not to recognise the dis-agents in the movement and cling on to their every word for their salvation. Having ‘realistic’ hope and positive thinking is fine, but it has to be grounded, come from an authentic source and have substance.


This individual and collective ignorance must be eroded…….a.s.a.p.!!



2/. Apathy

This one’s a tough one, because this tends to be linked with people’s physical energy and state of mind. And as we all know the populace have been subjected to a multidimensional chemical invasion through the chemtrails, fluoridation of the water supply, GM and junk foods, vaccinations, residue from plastics and general environmental pollution.


Then there’s the ubiquitous mind control: indoctrination through the schooling, colleges, universities, the TalmudVision, advertisement, Jewspapers, gaming, cinema … infinitum.


That’s why even for those people who are exposed to this vitally important truth, don’t give a hoot.

[please see my essay Responses to Truth below]



3/. Cowardliness

Within all this onslaught of mind control, weaved into the programming and propaganda is the constant theme of good ol fashioned FEAR. Playing on our flight or fight mechanisms. But also our freeze response. We all have met many ‘truthers’, who are in procrastination mode – perhaps we all have felt this at times. This is simply fear. Fear of the unknown. And of course this is where the elite Jews want us. Scared deer in the car headlights. Little ol me, what can I do?” or “We’ll see how things pan out.” 



4/. Selfishness

Lets be honest, who isn’t selfish really. Well perhaps there are some selfless souls out there. I suppose it’s just to what degree we are selfish. Yet again the elite Jews are happy as Harry if we remain selfish, self-absorbed. You can hear it all the time in people’s conversations. “I’m going to do this”, and “I’ve done that”. Even though parents are doing acts for ‘their’ children (the kids), often they still are indirectly being selfish for their own gratification. My daughter, my little Johnie.


True altruism, true compassion for others surely has to come from a place of doing some act, making some level of sacrifice for others whom you may not even meet, know or see the end results of. It has to be just for the sake of doing good. Not necessarily for your family, friends, race, clan or identity, but for everyone and anyone, through empathy and compassion for fellow sentient beings, animals and nature.



5/. Shortsightedness

Myopic personalities. Again this ties in with all these other traits mentioned. This again is how we have been trained to think and respond. Live for the now, in the moment. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”


We know these elites are long-term planners. It’s phenomenal to think they set plans in motion that they know not even their grandchildren will witness or appreciate. Yet most of us can’t even plan two years ahead. Especially these days with no incomes.


But also with people in secure careers inside the military, police and government jobs who know in their hearts that something stinks. They know what they are doing on a day-to-day level is a compartmentalized position to bring us all onto our knees. Yet what goes through their minds is “I gotta pay the bills – I’ve got mouths to feed.”  Good ol cognitive dissonance kicks in. These thoughts and actions may be understandable, but are they really excusable?



I think it is important to note that the elite Jews have absolutely everything to win or lose in these final days. They absolutely have to pull this one off. There can be no compromises in their books. This is why they have invested an inordinate amount of energy and finances into projects and movements to keep us ignorant, apathetic, fearful, selfish and myopic.



Here are some examples of these projects/movements: 

* The new age movement: keeping ‘potential’ wised-up dissonants selfish/self-absorbed.

* The Occupy movement: keep the mob distracted.

* The Tea party: ensuring a certain generation of people are focusing on their selfish needs, keeping people distracted, not seeing the bigger picture.

* Anti war movement: again a distracted well-meaning mob, ignorant of the bigger picture.

* The animal rights: ditto – not seeing the bigger picture.

* The environmental movement – not seeing the bigger picture/distraction.

* Revolutions: orchestrated distraction and means to an end for the elite Jews.

* The truth movement: infested with dis-agents all talking about half truths and problems, problems, problems and NEVER the ROOT cause. i.e….’We are Change’ group and 9/11 groups.


There are lots out there, be sharp. Watch out for where your emotions are being pulled. Try to be detached, objective and have foresight. Otherwise you’ll find you’ll burn up an awful lot of energy and end up exactly were you started. Then by the time you’ve worked out you’ve been had, you won’t have the energy to tackle the real cause of all this mess. Very clever and very effective.


Of course we need to become informed at the beginning and continue to monitor the events as they unfold in this drama. There are many good sources these days we can gain guidance and advice on knowledge and principles.


However the strength we will all need will never come from any expert, blogger, website, book, audio, video or seminar. That strength you will need to break these shackles can only come from you – from ‘within’. This is a spiritual battle.


You can’t simply access it from any external source. You can only gain influence. Ultimately all the sages, gurus, masters, prophets have told us as their consistent theme that everything we seek comes from within.


Allow that internal energy to be released to snap these shackles of oppression like biscuits.


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  1. equalizer

     /  March 16, 2012

    Not to nit pic, but…’s flight or fight. Horses are prey, they flee; mules will stand their ground…..brayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

    • Hey equalizer,

      Welcome to DFT.

      No absolutely, p-le-a-s-e nit pic. My spelling, grammar and syntax needs much improvement. I literally cannot spot/see it no matter how many times I read it. For example I can stare at ‘the the’ together and can physically only see one ‘the’. Kinda dyslexia.

      Always open for any proofreading here n there by any readers.

      Good point about a mule.

      Thanks for contributung.


  2. MJ

     /  March 16, 2012

    Digger unfortunately that is a long list of obstacles or hindrances towards the path of truth. Therefore the ranks will always be populated by the few.
    I think at the very least the majority should know the tribe that is responsible for their economic,social and health woes. This message must come across with a bullhorn.
    However, understanding the mindset and the real history of the Jews will only come to those who actively seek the truth.

    • MJ,

      Welcome to DFT.

      I agree with your words.

      Keep propagating fellow Truth teller.

      Thanks for contributing.


  3. equalizer

     /  March 16, 2012

    Thanks for replying, Digger. I’m glad I didn’t offend you. My criticism, hopefully, will be viewed as constructive.

    Mules are capable of killing a mountain lion……….

    • E,

      Not at all, appreciated – and amended. You can be my proof-reader :-).

      Wow ….a lion hey!


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