It’s not necessarily the elite Jews I fear, it’s not the council officials, it’s not the bailiffs, it’s not really the police, nor the courts, or even incarceration or death.








You scare me! I mean really frighten me. You know who you are. We’ve met, we’ve spoken at length about the New World Order, about the chemtrails, about the police state. We’ve met at truth meet ups and lectures, we’ve shared books, DVDs, links on line. I’ve met hundreds of you.




You’re my BIGGEST fear.

I’ve tried to be polite and reason with you. I’ve tried to be understanding – cos I do understand your position. I’m not saying this stuff, these decisions are easy.

No matter what angle we come at all this, no matter what background – all the researching, digging, info, analysis, and truth-seeking all lead us onto the same path, to one place………SPIRITUALITY.



This is our ultimate destination.



Who are we?

What do we stand for?

Where is our true identity?

What values, ethics and morals do we adhere to?




Surely the ultimate question which crops up again and again and again is “What is it going to take, for you to do SOMETHING to make a stand?” How far do you need to be pushed, probed, needled, mocked, bullied, fined, threatened  – not to mention stand back and watch others suffer???



For the risk of sounding redundant ……..I’m never encouraging anyone to do anything particularly daring, brave, radical, illegal, unlawful or dramatic. But just SOMETHING on a consistent basis.



I’m pleased for you that you’ve read ‘another’ book on this JWO ~ but what are doing to stop it?



It’s great that you’ve bought a box set of DVDs from at a truth seminar ~ but what are doing to stop it?



Yea that documentary on chemtrails is amazing ~ but what are doing to stop it?



Well done for scanning all those web/blogsites on this agenda ~ but what are doing to stop it?



My fellow truth-seeker…….

You are my BIGGEST fear!

[This obviously does not reflect on all those great souls who who out there spreading the word and making a stand – please see my essay nuf respect]

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