You’re Crackers!!


You invade a land, kill and fleece the inhabitants and then claim it as your inheritance ~ you’re stark raving mad!!

You probe, needle, intimidate the peace loving country of Iran and accuse them of having the ‘potential’ to have nuclei weapons, yet you have 400-600 nuclei weapons yourself   ~ you’re nuts!!



You ritualistically slaughter innocent children in the essence of your beloved Purim, yet claim you were somehow being attacked by the defenseless Gazans  ~ you’re mental!!


You demand to have your uncontaminated Kosher food, whilst deliberately infecting the mainly Gentile populace with substandard, nutrient-free GM and junk food ~ you’re bonkers!! 




You pilfer, maim, kill and parasite off every host nation you inhabit and yet always profess to somehow be the victim   ~ you’re touched!!




You kidnap young Christian children for your blood rituals, perforating their little bodies, drain their blood and make cakes using the dried blood, yet claim blood libel when you’re caught out ~ you’re not right upstairs!!
You harvest organs in disasters, disasters which you most probably created, yet if one even mentions this, you cry “anti-semite”  ~ you’re certifiable!!



You create the only law which incarcerates peaceful intelligent free-thinking people for asking questions about (your) history, yet you expect one of your convicted criminals who is imprisoned to be miraculously freed ~ your non compos mentis!!




Your media condones and encourages burning of the beautiful holy Koran, yet anyone mentions anything in a negative tone regarding your despicable talmud and it’s “Arr vey, arr vey” ~ you’re off your rocker!!



You physically and mentally abuse your kinder through circumcision, ritualistic practices and satanic doctrines, yet drag Gentile children away from their loving parents under the guise of social care, just because they dared to stand up against your system ~ you’re fruit cakes!!





You kidnap and murder compassionate people in an act of piracy for bringing well-needed aid to Gazans, whilst claiming you were being invated  ~ you’re affected!!





~ you’re insane!!

Please click this link to listen the excellent broadcast by the great Michael Collins Piper clearly defining the psychotic nature of this clan 



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  1. please can we see the whole article rather than having to click on other bits and wait for them to come up.
    also there is a rumour that the coach crash with belgian children killed was a mo ssa d operation over the purim, is this true do you think ?

    • Hi KF,

      Welcome to DFT.

      The ‘Read rest of post’ tag is useful for those who want to forward individual posts on. That is one reason why I have chosen to format in this way. Surely it only takes a few seconds extra??

      I’m sorry politics and current affairs are not my strong hold. This blog does not focus on these areas. It covers things like our emotions, waking others, motivation, suggested solutions and a slightly spiritual approach. I would steer more to some of my links for the geo-politics and current afairs.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you for contributing.



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