Your Choice

A few thoughts towards those good, level-headed and youthful Jews.



Now you may think “Digger’s lost the plot altogether this time”. For even considering these thoughts, never mind actually bothering to scribble them down. And totally insane for posting this! But hey, we gotta try every angle.



Throughout each day we make lots of decisions, usually minute, seemingly inconsequential decisions, but they all add up to making our day. At the end of our week we can reflect back knowing that all our collective decisions throughout the week have pretty much determined it’s outcome – good, bad or so so. Same for the end of the month, just that it’s many more decisions. Even more for the season and yet more for the whole year. Despite what dramas are thrown at us, we still have to make decisions around them.



That’s in fact what the results of our lives are – a series of billions upon billions upon billions of decisions. Some trivial and minute, some mediocre, some extremely fundamental and important. But ultimately they all add up to mass collection of decisions. We’re just a big organic bag of trillions of decisions.



Another word could be choices. That’s what we’re doing throughout every moment of our lives, constantly choosing. Between warm or cool, eat or don’t eat, sit or stand, work or play, speak or be silent, rest or not, be good or not so good.



Thoughts ~ decisions ~ choices.

Watch your thoughts as these become words

Watch your words because these become your actions

Watch your actions because these become your character

Watch your character because this becomes your identity

Watch your identity as this ultimately becomes YOU

As for the ‘good’ Jews and to the youthful Jews. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling when you scan the net and see all these increasingly ‘anti-semite’ blogs, websites, articles and general negativity towards you and your people.



Naturally you are going to at least feel uncomfortable. Maybe angry, revengeful, perhaps confused, astonished, disheartened, scared or defensive. Whatever feeling comes up and how you deal with your feeling will be determined by your choice. Do you choice to REACT or do you choice to RESPOND?



Lets have a look at these two choices in respect of these sensitive subjects:

Negative Reaction

* You fly into a rage of anger and make plans to get revenge.

* You become even more attached to your Jewishness, identifying more with being ‘A JEW’.

* You feel victimised and threatened and feel the urge to defend yourself and your tribe – you recognise your tribalism and remain steadfast to it as a protection mechanism.

* Cognitive dissonance kicks in and no matter what verifiable evidence is presented to you, you dig your heals in and scream out “ANTI-SEMITES”.




Reflective Response

* You dare to step back, become detached from the drama in front of you and take a moment of reflection.

* You recognise these negative feelings within you, but choose to ‘try’ and remain impartial and aim to take an objective viewpoint of the information presented to you.

* You are strong and secure enough to come from a place of self-reflection regarding your personal identity and the identity of Judaism.

* You endeavor to independently research, analyze and re-discover alternative views to which you have become attached to.

* You ultimately choose the direction in which you now will go. Your future. Your lifestyle. An alternative identity.

* You decide which side of the fence you will stand. On the side of darkness or on the side of truth, goodness, light and love. These are not subjective choices.



I remember when I was a shy reserved 15 year old and unassertively informing my grandfather I had decided to become a veggie. He looked at me perplexed and just said “So, we have a vegetarian in the family” :-).



I recall clearly how weird I felt, how out of the loop. Almost as if by being different I had somehow let him down. This example is only a homeopathically watered-down version of what a Jew must face if he dares to come out of the clan.



To become a ‘non-Jew’. I just can’t even imagine how difficult and brave one would need to be. What strength of character one would need. I can hear the Monty Python dead parrot sketch with the X-parrot, no-longer a parrot, a non-parrot.



The labeling, the pressure, not to mention the tsunami of abuse of no-longer being part of the chosen tribe must be overwhelming. What a paradigm shift, what a gear-crunch in one’s identity. The internalizing must be like putting one’s head in a juicer. The Jews who have dared to ‘genuinely’ come over to the light are to be lorded. They are the true heros in this battle. In my books you are welcomed with a warm embrace.



Like any habit-breaking processes usually it is very difficult at first. Especially as one gets older. It’s like walking a well trodden path each day, every day. But this path never takes you where your heart really yearns to go.



One day you dare to go in a radical direction and head off creating a path in the wild tall grass. Everyone else tells you it’s an insane idea, saying “Stick to this path, it’s always been this path, it’s the only way”. Yet you listen to your heart, your intuition. You attack this unchartered territory and get cut by the grass, bitten by the nits, risk being stung by a snake, it’s tiring and strenuous. But somehow you make progress.



The next time you take this new route, it gets easier, and easier and easier, until eventually you create YOUR own well-trodden path, in the direction YOU want to regularly travel.



This is all about finding a way to re-programme, de-condition and follow the path which you know to be righteous, true and towards the light.



It’s all about choice. 

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