Thick as thieves

Between our infighting, bitching, bragging and general in-cohesiveness we are pathetic as a ‘movement’. It’s true – someone needs to say it in this blunt way. 


This is why I made the point of mentioning the positive traits of the animal rights movement in my ‘My Awakening’ page (sorry for sickly title). It matters not that you disagree or dislike the AR movement, just look at their results. They made an impact, they needled these corporations even though probably 99% of them didn’t really know who the true culprits behind these evil corporations are.



I know some of you may think “Well they’re a violent bunch of scalawags those animal liberation lot”. Are they? Or is that your ‘perception’ of them via the Jewish press? Maybe to buildings/property of these elites, but I know not one incident of pre-meditated violence to any being in it’s 30 year history. Despite all of their threats and despite what the judaic main stream media informs us of.



One of the points I highlight is how they got their act together in regards to funding – a very important aspect of all this, After all we are unfortunately in a money-driven world.



At a drop of a hat, our overlords can pull together billions of dollars for one of their ‘projects’. Probably just a single phone call and the funding is there. This is true camaraderie. Their cohesiveness is commendable in some respects. Thick as thieves no matter what, they will stick together like super glue with their tribal bondage.



Yet us lot – could we even collectively pull a thousand dollars together?



I refuse to believe every soul out there who is leaning towards the light is as skint as I am. I know an awful lot of us are these days.



But I also know some of you have 4,5,6,7 houses. Some of you have several flash cars, motorboats, multiple incomes, land, inheritance wealth. What are you doing with all this material wealth? Why do you need it? How is all this unnecessary possessions and wealth really benefiting you as a sentient being?



I can absolutely promise you this wealth you cling to will be snatched from you in the next few years if we don’t – stop – these – maniacs – NOW!! A part of your wealth is essential in helping this spiritual cause. One could suggest spiritually you have accumulated this wealth so as you can in fact contribute towards this moral battle.



I know Mark Glenn takes a fair bit of flack for having to ask for funding on a monthly basis. I say to all those people cussing him – I agree with you! He shouldn’t be asking each month…..cos he and others like him shouldn’t frigg’n well need to!



The likes of Mark Glenn should be receiving funds and I mean serious funds on a regular basis so they too can have access to millions of dollars for our projects.



The work that these people do is just like a band doing a gig, in that they may only go on stage for two/three hours, but hardy anyone sees all their hard work and effort off stage. Not to mention their worries, their doubts etc.



These key players in the movement are taking threats and abuse on a regular basis for their altruistic efforts. They’re entrenched in this dark energy – this all pays a toll on their health and general well-being.



Just think of the work we could get done to alleviate the suffering and destruction around the world if we had sufficient regular funding. Think of what we could achieve: education programmes, printing houses for newspapers and mass-produced literature, truth museums, high-security offices, genuine relief funding, our own unadulterated ‘Truth TV’, even our own currency ……and on and on.



Please, to all those who are not short of a few bob, re-think again about your values. I urge you to contribute towards some of the leading figures in this movement. Those who have stuck their necks out over the years on your behalf.



We have to pull together, now is the time for us all to show unison. 

[please see nuf respect for some key figures in this movement].

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