Poles Apart

An brief look at distinguishable differences between revenge and justice.


Revenge  [Collins dictionary]

1/. the act of retaining for wrongs or injury received.

2/. something done as a means of vengeance.

3/. the desire to take vengeance or retaliate.

4/. a return match, regarded as a loser’s opportunity to even the score.

5/. to inflict equivalent injury or damage for (injury received); retaliate in return for.

6/. to take vengeance for (one-self or another); avenge.



Ya wana know about revenge –  read The Talmud.



Justice  [Collins dictionary]

1/. the quality or fact of being just.

2/. Ethics: a. the principle of fairness that like cases should be treated alike. b. a particular distribution of benefits and burdens fairly in accordance with a particular conception of what are to count as like cases. c. the principle that punishment should be proportionate to the offence.

3/. the administration of law according to prescribed and accepted principles.

4/. conformity to the law; legal validity.

5/. a judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature.

6/. short for justice of the peace.

7/. good reason (esp. in the phrase with justice): he was disgusted by their behaviour, and with justice.

8/. do justice to. a. to show to full advantage: the picture did justice to her beauty. b. to show full appreciation of by action: he did justice to the meal. c. to treat or judge fairly.

9/. do oneself justice. to make full use of one’s abilities.

10/. bring to justice. to capture, try, and usually punish (a criminal, an oulaw, etc.)



We’ve got a job to do, so lets crack on and just get it done with as minimum suffering for both Jew and Gentile.



No hatred ~ no malice ~ no bitterness ~ no degradation 

 no revenge 



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