nuf respect

They say education is wasted on youth. Maybe, maybe not? I think it’s more a case of at the time they just perhaps don’t appreciate the value and importance of gaining real knowledge, true information and handed-down skills which are of substance. Certainly the case with me. 


I would say there’s probably not a job (at work) I do that I don’t think of Paddy. Paddy O’Conner, the guy I mainly trained under in my carpentry apprenticeship. Yep you guessed – he was an Irishman and in every sense of the word. A brilliant tradesman, not a job he couldn’t handle (puts me to shame) and a full on character. A generation of tradesmen sadly not to be replaced.



Paddy’s not around now for me to thank. So I’m thanking you now in this way Paddy. Thanks for all your honing, for your patience, personal top tips, understanding and depth of character in not allowing me to drift into sloppy standards. Thanks my friend. Times like these I appreciate having those skills.



In some ways I feel I’ve had another kinda apprenticeship. In unwrapping and discovering the truth. What a journey, what an insane ride. My word, this stuff takes you to the depths and then twists you around, back up again and then spits you out. What areas does this truth-seeking not take you(?)  What aspects of life does it not cover(?)



For me it’s not the length of time I’ve been looking at this stuff, but the intensity. What price have I paid to get these truths I now know?! As with us all. We inevitably do pay some price for this knowledge and the deeper we dig, the more we have to pay. In fact we are constantly making sacrifices along this path …..lost friendships, untold lost potential earnings, painful internalizing, lost jobs or even careers, lost relationships, doubts, antagonistic heated discussions with long-term buddies, partners, strangers in the street.



Not to mention the overt and covert insults from both friend and foe. Those of us who’ve been at this long enough or as intense enough will have received and absorbed every slander out there. Nutter, C-theorist, f-idiot, ohh bless him/her, I worry about you sometimes or you’ll come round. Ha.



For some of us it’s been a tough ol slog. And to think we’ve probably only just got started.



Has it been worth it? Is it ‘still’ worth it? For me, even though there are moments when I wish I didn’t know this ugly truth, when I feel I just wana blend into the background, become part of the herd in the unknowing matrix – overall I am grateful for these truths.



I know otherwise I would just be frustrated with the government, with the local councils, with police, with the media. So I may as well be equally frustrated but just know pretty much how the cruel game works. I think having information is always useful. Being able to see the bigger picture. Yea, I am grateful for this knowledge – definitely!



Which brings me onto the meat n potatoes of this essay. As with Paddy, I want to express my gratitude for a few key figures in this truth world of ours who have been instrumental in keeping me on the right path. Keeping me honed and giving me a foundation of knowledge. These are David Icke, Alex Jones and Jeff Rence ………I’m pulling your leg!



These following characters (and they certainly are characters) I want to give a virtual hand shake to and offer a few lines of appreciation. I feel I’ve kinda served my apprenticeship under these key figures. I’m not saying they are offering any more significant information than the other people I recommend on my links, but just that I appreciate their gallant efforts and how they have personally helped me along this path.


(in alphabetical order)



Daryl Bradford Smith

Well what can I say! One could hint that Daryl is one of the present godfathers of this movement. In line after the formidable Eustace Mullins who of course was in line after the great Ezra Pound. Had it not been for Daryl’s pioneering efforts, courage and absolute stubbornness in getting this brutal truth out there in the early days, I feel we wouldn’t have got as far as we are now. Just look at the compendium of information he has provided us with in the book archive and eclectic guests he’s presented over the years. Despite Daryl tripping up here n there over the years (like we all have) he has rightfully earnt the respect within this moral cause.



John Kaminski

I feel one cannot be a true truth-seeker without stumbling across the great John Kaminski. John describes himself as an essayist. He is an excellent communicator both as a writer and in interviews. Someone who I feel we should all aspire to. John too has not only provided me with inspiration, but personally encouraged me to keep at this dark work. As he says to me in his e-mails “Keep banging them out Digs” (in reference to my essays). He pulls no punches when it comes to the Jewish perfidy and just like many people I aspire to in this movement, manages to deliver a powerful punch without any hatred or bitterness.

Mark Glenn

Those who are gaining something from my work at any level – this blog would not have appeared had it not been for Mark. He set it up for me by uploading the first post ‘Watering Seeds’. He ‘very’ patiently took me through each process on how to upload posts etc, via skpe and e-mail. “You click here Digger, then go over to there and then click that”. I felt so self-conscious almost guilty for taking up his valuable time as I knew he had a million other ‘important’ things to do.



Mark also has given me much-needed boosts on the phone, keeping me going, giving me support and encouragement. Not to mention posting some of my wee essays. Perhaps had it not been for his trust in posting my first essay ‘Waking of the beasts’ I may have just drifted into the background???



I know I’m not alone in appreciating all the dedicated sterling work Mark has contributed to this movement over the years and his tenacity in getting the-ugly-truth out there. Someone certainly at the forefront of current affairs in this movement.



Mr ‘G’ is truly an all-round good egg.



However the biggest thank you has to go to YOU.


Yes I’m referring to you. To all those people behind the scenes. Doing all the mundane, boring, relentless and seemingly futile incremental acts of ‘truthing’.



I’m not talking about those surfers out there, spending endless hours browsing browsing browsing online. I’m not talking about those who claim to be ‘truthers’ and yet all they do is ‘read all about it’, hang around on forums in-fighting, go to all the meetings, to the seminars, buy the videos, go up the pub to chat about this stuff. Then after all that, keep all their knowledge pretty much to themselves.



Nope, I’m talking about those of you who have ‘bovvered’  to get off your asses and get your feet to the streets. All those little flyers, stickers, burnt CDs/DVDs you’ve handed out. Those times you’ve been out on your tod (alone) in all weathers propagating this truth. Trying every trick in the book to get through the ubiquitous mind control out there. Putting up with grief and abuse from the anesthetized clones.



Boy I know what it’s like to be out there alone. I’ve put in my fare share of hours. With a packed lunch and rucksack stuffed with leaflets. I’ve been spat and hissed at, chased, yogurt thrown at me and threatened by the chosen ones, one of them even suggesting I should be put under a moving train. All in a days truthing :-).



Times I could hardly pick the the flyers out of my bag as my hands were so frozen. I know what it’s like to come home knackered, disheartened and asking myself “Is it all worth it?”



Well it is all worth it!! It absolutely is. Please fellow truther-tellers always be mindful of this one word ACCUMULATIVE.



Lots and lots and lots of small insignificant acts in any project all add up to the bigger picture. It’s hard to see at times. Especially when you feel so isolated with this stuff, even within the camp. You ask yourself “Why won’t people come out and help me and offer me camaraderie?”



But your small seemingly insignificant acts ARE needed and appreciated. Please next time you’re out there on those streets ‘doing your little bit’ for the cause, please don’t feel alone. Please don’t feel insignificant. Feel a collective presence with you. Know that there is also someone out there, on their lonesome too, in the back streets of Dublin, in the outbacks down under, under the skyscrapers of Manhattan, and in the cobbled streets of Prague, all truthing away for the cause. You ain’t alone my friend and your selfless efforts are very much appreciated.



nuf respect to you all.

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  1. aj

     /  March 15, 2012

    Great post, Digger! Feel like I should be apprenticing myself to some local carpenter in order to learn something useful and after my nightmarish attempts to build a deer-proof tomato growing cage.

    Appreciate the mention of DBS. You’re absolutely right. He’s got some sharp edges and would be better asking more questions instead of ranting at times, but he’s a champion of this movement. I am amazed that so many refuse to link to him while they link to a Jewish limited hangout artist like Rivero.

    I’ve been considering metaphors for the process we need to accelerate. I think it’s sheeple = lumps of lead. I was thinking about forging knives from steel lumps. Anyways, do we quibble and attack people like DBS because they’ve got a take on Hitler that is imperfect or do we realize that we trying to change the lump of lead into a useful bullet (not some pristine version of a bullet that meets all arbitrary criteria).

    I figure if we can get people reading the treasures at TFC they’re fine as they will fundamentally grasp the problem. They can come to there own answers on the esoterica later.

    • Hi aj,

      Thank you for your positive comments and feedback.

      Your metaphors sound apt.

      Yea, many people willing to hide in forums and bitch, bitch, bitch. We need more cohesiveness and far less infighting, just because we don’t agree on some areas.

      They are attacking us in a multi-dimensional way, so we in turn must come back with all our varying personalities, skills and talents. We just have to do SOMETHING.

      We ain’t got time after all. I feel every act now should come from a place of “Is this going to benefit the cause?”

      Thanks again for your contribution.



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