No Kidding


I find it interesting how we have been conditioned into referring to children as ‘kids’, as baby goats …..animals. I don’t think this is just an innocuous term of affection.



Those forces who control or like to control the masses – the elite Jews, are not content with abusing our children themselves, but expect us to degrade and abuse our own children.



And we do!



Of course all unknowingly and innocently we go along with the norms, the new normals, because that’s what you do. Never question, accept what is handed to us like the good little goats we are.



It confuses me how long-term truth-seekers still have a TV (talmudvision) in their homes. I’ve heard all the explanations to why they still have this destructive mind control weapon in their living rooms, such as “Well I like to see ‘their’ spin on things and how they’re delivering the propaganda”. or “We’re selective in what we watch – we like nature programmes”. Some openly admitting that they’d miss their telly if they didn’t have it! Blimey – now that is addiction!



Some guys say “Well the wife and kids like it and I couldn’t take it away from them.” So if your wife and ‘kids’ enjoyed the use of heroin, would that be perfectly OK – because they like it? TV in my humble, is equally dangerous in the long run.



Then look at all the GM and junk food they have trained us good goy to accept as normal, which we dish out to our little ones. Matters not that it’s not natural, but just normal. After all how many of us can afford to buy all our family groceries at exclusive health food stores? Probably only those directly serving the elite.



Sure some people may have the luxury of time and access to land where they can grow their own, but in the main most of us are busy enough trying to earn funny money just to scrape by – to keep the Jews happy.



What about the pharmaceutical toxins we have accepted from the good doctors, which we take ourselves and then in turn administer to our little goats. These are poisons, let’s not beat around the bush here! We give our children false food, they then get ill and then we give them poisons to ‘fix’ them. This is how well-trained we are. This is the power of propaganda.



Then when our baby goats are fed and toxified, we send them up to the bathroom to be dipped in yet more toxins in forms of unnatural bubble bath, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc. They’ve had the internal abuse, now they have to have the external abuse – after all yin and yang are compatible.



Now they’re smelling nice, our little animals can trot off to the nice man (human vet) in the white coat to have their mandatory vaccinations. Just to ensure that those young immune systems have a final blast of toxicity.



Right – all that’s needed now is to to infect the mind with large doses of AIR Artificial Inverted Reality…. send them through the schooling system. For a mass dose of indoctrination, propaganda and overt lies – job done.



More compromised individuals set up for shortened life spans who most probably will soon be dependent on big pharma and the all-caring medical profession.



Then when they get home from these institutes of mind control, just to ensure they don’t dare have any free spirit, independent thinking time and any levels of right brain activity or consciousness they have the dreaded HOMEWORK.



Yet further brain-washing, more mind control to condition and hone these trainee slaves for the judaic system. There is a word for this – CRUEL.



These little ones have given us one of their most precious possessions – TRUST. And we have knowingly through laziness or unknowingly through being duped ourselves, let them down.


Then if these poor little souls have been good little repeaters and snapped out of that disruptive naughty free-thinking mode and completed all their programming correctly, they are rewarded by either playing on their X box, or watch the kosher goggle box for further programming, whilst eating more junk food.



The irony of all this is not only do we condone and carry out this watered-down child abuse, but we actually finance it all.



God help the little ones.

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  1. no mention of the teaching in homosexual perversion my 7 year old gets in his school

    • Hiya Paul,

      Yea hear your thoughts. But I suppose that all comes under the package of what I term AIR (Artificial Inverted Reality).

      Thank you for contributing.


  2. ZbignoseBrzezinski

     /  March 11, 2012

    Great Post, it really bothers me that people do this all the time, it only reinforces the slave mentality. I often admonish people for calling their children kids. So often sometimes that it actually connects with them but only for maybe a day or two. Then the trillions of dollars of NLP programming kicks right back in. Repetition works well. Another word we use that is toxic is “Family” ….. Family means Household of Servants Why the hell would I refer to my loved ones as a household of servants ? What a world of fiction we live in, the cattle toiling to serve and satisfy the Judaic Debt system that does not exist. Is this really happening ? thank you for your work

    • ZB (great name :-)),

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your support, this informative information and valid comments. I did not know that about the word ‘family’!

      That’s why I encourage people to dip their toes into the freman side of things, because it opens up a whole new world to the language of ‘legalese’.

      Thank you for contributing.



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