Case A

A couple of fisherman are in a pub, moaning about kayakers and how they always paddle too close to their lines. Case A overhears this conversation, not really knowing exactly what a kayak is, or having any association with kayaking, thinks nothing of the conversation, finishes his pint and leaves the pub.


Case B

Same scenario, but this time the chap listening to the conversation is a life-long kayaker. He’s been a paddler for 25 years, since a child in fact. His wife also is a kayaker and their children are now getting involved in the sport. They go on kayaking holidays, enter competitions, run kayaking committees and raised money for charity through kayaking events. Most of their friends are fellow kayakers.



So for him listening to these two fisherman, it ruffles his feathers and he takes offense of their views. He begins to confront the two fisherman from a kayaker’s perspective on how annoying fisherman are to him.



What’s really going on between these two cases?



It’s obvious that Case B has had his identity/ego challenged, or feels it has been challenged. He feels threatened to some degree. Whereas Case A is not affected by the comments, because is identity is not affected. It’s that simple.



This is where many, if not all the Jews are at. They have a deep-rooted identity in Judaism, Jewishness and everything pertaining to their judaic identity. They are in fact entrenched in this satanic identity. It is hammered into their hard drive from when they are circumcised through their childhood, adolescence and adulthood.



I AM very very different – because I AM “A JEW”.



And in a way this is right. In many cases their characteristics end up being very very different, because of this programming and the environment in which their indoctrination has been nurtured.



Some may suggest that it is also a genetic trait which creates the negative characters of these people. The old nurture nature discussion.



However the way I feel about this is, it’s like having a loaded gun (genes). It will only go off if one engages the gun and pulls the trigger. It’s the same for health, just because both your parents had arthritis, it doesn’t mean you will, especially if you maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle.



I would suggest we all need to be mindful of this I AM mindset. Such as: I  AM a teacher, I AM a doctor, I AM unemployed, I AM a truther, I AM a secretary, I AM a vegetarian, I AM black/white, I AM a successful business man, I AM a Hindu, I AM a Gentile, I AM sexy, I AM a footballer, I AM a carpenter, I AM a housewife, I AM Polish, I AM a father…..ad infinitum.



Of course I’m not suggesting there is anything wrong with these roles, it’s more about our perception and engrained identities around these roles that we may need to be aware of.



What happens if a martial artist who’s whole identity is built around him being a martial artist and he suddenly has a serious disabling accident and can no longer fight or even train. How will he deal with suddenly changing from I AM a martial artist to I AM disabled?



This is why so many retired people lose the plot when retirement robs them of their precious work identities. They then become an X whatever they were. “I used to be a X” and they then have to keep referring back to it. Some can’t handle it and try to return to their slave positions to cling on to these lost identities.



You see this all the time with people, when they get into hobbies, fads, and personal interests. Their whole persona gets wrapped up in their new identity (ego), even adapting an exclusive language around their new interest. Just like Case B the kayaker.



This of course is as old as the hills and what the ancient texts and great mystics have warned us about in the true spiritual sense. That we are none of these artificial, transient and superficial identities – whatsoever. They talk in terms of us being eternal souls with a connection with all and everything.



At the very least I feel we must recognise that we are sentient beings all playing varying roles in the drama of life.



Surely any identities we should associate ourselves with needs to be with traits such as courage, integrity, charity, compassion, empathy, modesty, love, fortitude, tenacity, goodness, truth, wisdom, strength, benevolence and qualities along these lines.



Surely if we put as much effort into creating our identities around these positive traits as we do our specific ego roles in life, we would find we would live in a very different world all together.

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  1. Vernon Howard had some insight into this problem


    • Thank you Andie531,

      Welcome to DFT.

      I will look into your link.

      Thank you for your contribution.


  2. CArmen

     /  March 12, 2012

    You can’t escape your genetics no matter how hard you try. Mother Nature always wins in the end.

  3. The Khazar Hunter

     /  March 25, 2012

    Honestly, when it comes to the Ashkenazim what would anybody expect. Nine and half centuries of consistent inbreeding, probably kind of stopped somehow by the 19th century. But guess what. The damage to their brain was already done. Take a look at the unnatural manners and behaviors of these impostors and you’ll find where it truly came from. Megalomaniac unconsciousness and psychopathy at is best. Even after 18 years of research on these scumbags I never get tired.

  4. laga

     /  August 31, 2012

    I like looking https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/ through a post that can make people think. Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

  5. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thanks for providing this information.

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    • My word – thank you kindly. I see it more as a spectrum of flavors more than one better than another. Like multivitamins.

      Thank you for contributing.

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  2. false identities

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