Inner fountain

[Inshalah = Arabic/Islamic term, kinda meaning “If it’s God’s will”]

Omar the Arab went into Mustafa’s tailor shop and measured up for a suit for a pending wedding. Once all sized up and the order had been placed, the arrangement was made for him to collect it in a weeks time. With Mustafa saying to Omar “Inshalah, your suit will be ready by Saturday”

The next Saturday Omar popped along to Mustafa’s shop keen to try on his new suit. Mustafa apologetically informed Omar that due to problems with manufactures there had been a delay in supplying the fabric. But assured him he would receive the fabric this afternoon and in turn begin progress on his suit. Before Omar left the shop Mustafa said to him        “I will have your suit ready by Wednesday – inshalah.”


Wednesday came around and Omar appeared at Mustafa’s shop, again to be disappointed. Mustafa explained to Omar that due to family issues he had been delayed, saying to Omar “I will crack on with your suit straight away and inshalah, it should be finished by Friday.” 


Yet again Omar returned to the shop on the Friday, and yet again was disheartened to hear Mustafa still hadn’t completed his suit. Mustafa explained that he had gone down with a heavy cold and hadn’t had the energy to work and said to Omar “I’m feeling in top form now and I will devote every moment exclusively to finishing your suit – inshalah, it will be done by this evening”. 


Omar replied in frustration “Look Mustafa, leave Allah out of this and just get the bloody suit finished”



I envy people who have absolute faith in God. Ohh God I envy them. Even though I’m well aware envy is a sin.


I’m all over the place with regards to my faith in a higher source. I can even flip flop from being ‘a believer’ in the morning to an atheist in the afternoon, agnostic in the early evening and loop round again to being a believer by the time I go to bed. But then being inconsistent is the only consistent thing I’ve ever done.


I sometimes wonder how often, if at all, do those people who have supposed unshakable faith ever waiver from their fixed position of a belief in God.


Surely it must challenge their thoughts when they see this carnage, cruelty, injustice and utter insanity throughout the world!?!


I’m sick to to my stomach of seeing images of little brown amputee children or any other coloured children. I’ve had enough of being a slave and living in an ever-increasing Orwelian grid system. Haven’t we all. Especially when it is ALL unnecessary. When will this nightmare end??


I can’t get this stuff out of my my mind, it’s the ever-present toothache gnawing away in the background, no matter what activity or distraction I’m involved with. Churning churning churning. Just like in the film The Matrix when Morpheus informs Neo “It’s like a splinter in your mind”. 


I also can’t get these age-old questions out of my head: Is there a God? How can there be?


Excuse my theological and eschatological ignorance, but where on earth does God fit into all this suffering? How can an all-loving, all-benevolent entity allow this nonsense? I just can’t get it.


The only theory (if that’s the word), I can come up with, is we have to work damm hard to earn any freedoms, global consciousness, world peace that we expect to be handed to us on a plate. It’s like this is our golden opportunity for us to collectively prove ourselves before we can win the big prize. It’s like our true prayers only manifest through our actions.


At present I can only see the various religions as mere selective insurance companies for the soul. But what would I know? Perhaps more appropriately what does anyone know? I mean about God, the astral realms, the universal cosmos, the soul, the higher consciousness. Despite what any of the plethora of the great mystics have told us – is it not all hearsay? Stories, tales, Chinese whispers, all set out in metaphoric formats?


Or is it just that the real essence of these teachings, are in fact the holy words of God and that they have simply been usurped, twisted and morphed into the hands of the ruling elite? You see, I told you I was a flip flopper.


Is not the common message within all these ancient scripts telling us that in fact all the answers, all our desires and enlightenment has to ultimately come from within?? As far as I’ve worked it out that seems to be their common mantra.


And as far as I can remember, Jesus’s disciples said to him something along the lines of Lord you pray differently to us”. Was this not in reference to Jesus meditating as opposed to straight forward praying in the conventional sense? Was this his power source – coming from within? Is this what he meant when he said “Be still and know thy God”? 


This stillness, those precious moments of silence, is that where we all should be heading for a way out of this mess? Is this where we should be gaining our strength, endurance, direction, fortitude, tenacity, integrity, courage and ultimate consciousness??


Perhaps not necessarily in a lotus position sitting on our comfy meditation cushions, but simply in moments of peace. A quiet walk having reflective thoughts, being ‘in the zone’ fully focused on a project. Caring for a child or an animal, perhaps even listening to a quality piece of refined music. But we’ve all had these moments, we all have had a taste of this inner silence.


Of course these big boys don’t want us in this place. They want us in environments where we are being objected to constant humming through a variety of disturbing irritating sound vibrations. Polar opposites to this stillness.


In the shopping mall, in the car, in the work place, music gadgets on the bus, in the living room, on the building site, constant endless mundane irritating mindless noise noise noise. We almost cannot escape it. We are not encouraged to have our inner peace, our moments of reflection, independent thoughts. Rest assured, Big Brother will do all your thinking for you.


I’ve often said Jesus was not a Christian and never went to church, nor was Mohammed a Muslim and never went to the mosque. Why would they, when they knew that all they needed to do was tap into this endless reservoir of energy, this magic power source within them(?)


Even those who just say that chap walking around in his sandals two thousand years ago was just a mythical figure – surely even they have to admit that the narrative of this character had two shining qualities that few of us today contain: balls and oomph. I say this in respect.


Jesus had the courage to stand up these vipers and he had the self-drive, the momentum to actually do something about the injustices he witnessed around him.


Surely it is this inner fountain we have to tap into, for us to face our fears and to end this ubiquitous suffering for us all.


You are quaffing drink from a hundred fountains: whenever any of these hundred yields less, your pleasure is diminished. But when the sublime fountain gushes from within you, no longer need you steal from the other fountains. 
– Jalaluddin Rumi

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  1. The sixties guru Lobsang Rampa, said something which has always rung true to me, he said this lifetime is a day at school, we get good days and bad days, but at the end of it we go home to our loved ones, and so it is.
    god cannot interfere down here, if he did where would he stop ? our free will is in this life, but remember before we come to this day at school we plan it all out, the lessons we want to learn, the joys the sorrows all this is planned and known by the soul, but the wars etc you mention, jesus never said beware the muslims, in every single case it was warning us about the jews, and just as the jews financed every crusade going backa thousand years so they are funding these wars too, and when there are no muslims left we will fight ourselves, then a war on war a war on terror maybe, or perhaps even a war on space.

  2. Freeman

     /  March 10, 2012

    very weell said Digger. As for me I wonder about all these people, Mr and Mrs Clinton, Obomber, Blair , Brown ,Cameroon, Hague, Netanyahoooo etc , intelectually they know that the real world consequences of their actions will result in children shredded with limbs blown off their innocent bodies but they dont have to be there to witness it and they justify themselves with this or that “necessary “move on the chess board of the “great game”. They fail to realise that this power and control over others is ultimately unattainable and ephemeral, they are headed to the grave like all of us and fail to contemplate their own demise and legacy. Stefan Molyneaux has a great video about imagining your own funeral and the people you leave behind . What will others feel about you , what will be the effect of your life , what have you left of yourself in the hearts and minds of others , what will they truely miss about you . Did you live with integrity and courage and love . Did you shine for yourself and others so that a light has gone out in the world. What kind of father or mother or lover or friend were you. These things and these kinds of things are what matters to our soul and the soul of the world. The world those politicos and their delluded followers inhabit is one of barren vanity , intelectual and emotionlal dishonesty. I have a hard time imagining even their own children truely missing them when they go.

    • Hi Freeman,

      Welcome to DFT.

      What a wonderful response, such accuracy. Just depth in your words – solid silver! You should write yourself.

      Thank you for contributing.


  3. aj

     /  March 11, 2012

    Digger, I’m not a believer that Jesus was the only way, but I convinced he works. The Protocols are perfectly clear on the issue of faith:


    That would be what we’ve got going on round the clock in our “modern” “free” societies.

    John 8:44 characterizes the Jews perfectly also: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    • aj,

      Thank you again for your valid comments.

      It was so apt to read what you have highlighted.


  4. Digger, I found this posting to be thought provoking in a sense. Making the comparisons of various ‘Religions’ or belief’s does serve to bring further understanding.

    As a Christian I see the ‘parallels’ to my faith found in only one other ‘faith’. ISLAM is not it, nor is JUDAISM. Catholicism and Mormonism do not come close. I know, those are supposed to be “ABRAHAMIC”, but they are SATANIC! Only the Hindu ‘Religion’ is even close to what I understand about GOD and HIS relation to HUMANKIND. Only the ‘Hindu’ address’s the SOUL of Humankind and the after life in a realistic sense, that is supported by the Holy Bible. I am not an expert in any of these Religions, but I do understand that the God of the Universe allows the EVIL, and that we are to learn and understand that Gods ways are not our ways, and that we are to behave in in this life, in a way that will lead others to GOD. The suffering of so many, is being perpetrated by an EVIL that God has allowed, and God has a purpose, that will achieve His ‘goal’, and that goal is not fully understood by most, and I am sure I do not fully understand, but it has to do with putting down the rebellion to God by the evil force’s that have sought to place themselves above GOD.

    It is said that the MESSIAH went to the ‘east’ and I believe that is how the HINDU faith came to be. There are so many things that we have had ‘hidden’ from us, and that have been demonized, if we should even discuss them, like the Nephlim (found in Greek mythology etc.), or the SERPENT SEED, but those things are WHERE and are how the evil came into this world (PLAIN/DIMENSION) and WHY GOD created ADAM MAN!
    Hebrews 2:6-7 But one in a certain place testified, saying, What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man that thou visitest him? Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands:

    Maybe I should leave it here. I do like much of what you have presented, and I am glad you are DIGGING!

    • Thank you Edmos, however I have now changed my pitch on God and believe in a Divine. These days I do not believe there is a benevolent force out there looking out for us. I believe all there is us – looking out for each other or not. I know there are supernatural forces at play and I know we are in a spiritual war. But as far as some God answering our prayers……..just can’t buy it now.

      As for Christianity and Islam – I clearly know they are just franchises of Judaism. You may find these sites of interest:

      Thank you for contributing.

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