Injustice at the courts of justice

Support for Hollie Greig and all children who have been (and currently are) subjected to child abuse under this judaic satanic system.

If you haven’t heard about this horrific case, I urge you to research it. Unfortunately Hollie’s case is just the tip of the iceberg of child abuse around the world. This case highlights the corruption in all levels of high society in Britain. The police, social services, law courts and of course the main stream media. All playing their incremental part to hide and protect these criminal paedophiles in Scottish high society.


I understand for those of us who are Jew-wise’, we know the real force behind all of this insanity. We also should be aware no matter how horrific this case is, it unfortunately is just another dot in this whole sick agenda. It’s just a shame that probably most of the people helping to highlight this type of corruption haven’t yet ‘got it’ what/who the driving force behind all of it is.


Here is the link. I apologise I haven’t worked out yet how to upload lengthy videos:


If you just put into your search engine:

Hollie Greig Echoes Through The Royal Courts

Please stick with the video, despite it being rough around edges. Please try to look at the essense of the video and try not to get caught up in whether you like or dis-like the presenter/presentation.


Please visit:                                                                                                                                


Please also look into Robert Green who has just been imprisoned for a year for defending Hollie and speaking the truth. A true galant, brave soul, full of integrity. This video was on the day of his sentence. Just look at the substance of this man.


Yet further footage of Robert:

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