Whispering in doorways

A couple of questions if I may …..

Firstly to all the sleepers 

It’s not a case of when are you going to wake up – but what is it going to take for you to wake up?

* When you lose your job and can’t get another job?

* When you can no-longer afford to run a car?

* When you’re daughter gets arrested, heavily fined and incarcerated for simply demonstrating?

* When your bills exponentially sky rocket to a point of being just bizarre?

* When they take your house off you under de-fault?

* Or perhaps when someone finally says to you “Shame on you for not knowing the truth”?

It’s not so much that you don’t know the truth that’s so frustrating, it’s more that you don’t want to know – and that you don’t even care. You are content in this inverted artificial reality, with your willful ignorance. Happy that 2 + 2 will always somehow compute to 5. You are a danger to society!

Secondly to the so-called truthers

It’s not a case of when are you going to stop being a coward, but at what point are you going to stop being a coward?

* When the caring social services snatch your children?

* When you can see everyone around you dropping off like dead flies due to the toxic foods, chemtrails and modern ‘health’ care systems?

* Or perhaps when someone finally says to you “Shame on you for not doing something about this”?

At what point are you going to scream out loud “Enough is enough is enough” .….and then do something about it?   When is that line in the sand actually going to be drawn? Are we really in a position to moan about our overlords if we continue to allow them to remain in their positions??

I know my words are stroppy and appear somewhat unfair, but these are my observations, having met hundreds of truthers and unfortunately I can count on one hand those that are really doing anything off their own backs on a consistent level to halt this judaic tsunami.

Many think they are contributing and that progress is being made because they are simply involved in the movement and their identity is wrapped around being ‘a truther’. They watch all the videos, read articles/some books, go to seminars, conferences, truth meet ups. But how on earth is any of this going to actually make a difference to these elite Jew’s protocols agenda??

In addition many of us listen to this person and that person for advice, partly to find answers on how to ‘fix’ this throbbing toothache. Always looking for the answer outside ourselves, from some external source. From some ‘expert’. Yet within our hearts we know exactly what we have to do. We know that we have to face our fears, stand up and say that little word “NO.”

So many are waiting for others to make the first move, so they can just blend into the mass exodus before taking action.

So many people I have met who are aware of the truth seem to be coming from a place of almost little ol me, what can I do? I understand how frightening, intimidating and overwhelming all this information can be. But this is all part of the whole conspiracy – to actually overwhelm us, so we become that frozen animal in the car headlights. In fact this is partly the job of the likes of Alex mighty mouth Jones, to keep us in this fear mode, and so keeping us feeling insignificant and therefore inactive.

Until we reverse the stakes and get these elite Jews to utterly fear our defiance, I cannot see us defeating them. And we will only get to that stage when we are no longer in fear of their threats of incarceration or even death.

Because this is our ultimate spiritual challenge. 

We all at some point have said “If we could just wake people up”. But we all know that just waking up the happy slaves is not enough. Look at the amount of people who are awake or semi-awake now. There are millions. Certainly enough to do some serious damage to this Jewish New World Order. But what do we awake souls do? …..begrudgingly get up early and scurry off to our slave positions, moan yet pay when we’re being ripped off with our electricity bill, curse yet conform to the latest Orwelian insane legislation.

Just waiting to see how things will pan out, hoping things will improve is ridiculous! We know exactly how things will pan out. We will be persecuted and culled and we will have to finance all of this through our slavery. Like they say – we always have to pay for our shackles. Not only that, but these elite Jews will get us to cull ourselves and we will have to personally clear up all our mess.


They are laughing in our faces. We are pathetic. We almost deserve what we get. To an extent it is our fault we are in this mess. We collectively have accumulatively accepted every incremental stage of our enslavement. We have allowed the bully to bully us. Therefore we absolutely have to take responsibility for this. We will only have ourselves to blame when things become the nightmare we all have read about.

I repeatedly say that I am not suggesting we go out and do anything radical, dramatic or brave. I’m just saying DO SOMETHING and do it regularly and consistently. Make it part of your daily routine. Make being proactive as normal and routine to you as eating or cleaning your teeth.

May I suggest you make a list now of 10 realistic things you can do on a regular basis (i.e. create flyers, burn DVDs/CDs, etc) and actually begin to do one or two of them.

Until we can get past this whispering in door ways, this biblical ‘fear of the Jews’’ and start to become proactive and make a stand, we will NEVER begin to make headway towards gaining any sustained freedom and peace in our lives.


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  1. MJ

     /  March 5, 2012

    Well said digger, just a quick note the ‘fear of the Jews’’ is shared by all and needs a 12 step program for recovery. : D! The purse strings are a-calling……

    • MJ,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Absolutely! I wish I had the magic ‘solutions’ – I clearly DON’T. I’m just having a go and ‘trying’ to do my bit. It needs the numbers of willing people to make a stand.

      Thank you for contributing.


  2. aj

     /  March 5, 2012

    Digger, fine piece. needs to be read in the mirror each morning. we’re dealing with the Big Lie. Several. I think a key is the bait. USS Liberty is great bait for 9/11. I’m trying to brainstorm similar “two-steps” to cater to the different natural audiences.

    Oh, meant to recommend jrbooksonline.com for your list.

  3. Hi Melgibstein,

    Welcome to DFT.

    Point taken!!

    I think you have a valid point. I suppose my point was just that we need some fighting spirit in the first place. We have to start from somewhere and have a defiant attitude. People are not even willing to defend themselves.

    Thank you for contributing



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