Icke Synopsis

I have now now revised my thoughts on this piece – please see essay “Mr Enigma” below.



The case for and against …………


Reasons for him being a shill     

Possible explanations for his claims and actions (in defense of Icke) 

Counter arguments (confirming the argument for him being a shill)


1/. He ain’t been Kennedied after all these years of exposing this stuff. 

He claims it’s a mindset. He explains this as a kind of ‘law of attraction’ concept that he refuses to accept – therefore it won’t happen to him. He actually said “It can’t happen to me”.

Maybe it can’t happen to him, because he’s an agent – he’s one of their boys??


2/.    He has been on main steam TV (The Wogan show twice and a program titled ‘Was David Icke Right’) and mainstream radio.

He was publicly humiliated and ‘apparently’ his career took a bashing. 

How on earth did he get on mainstream TV in the first place. Would the Jewish controlled media really have risked exposure if they were not controlling the opposition(?) Classic case of ‘mix the poop with the soup’ , then nobody wants to touch it.


3/.     He claims to have had ‘spiritual guidance’ early on in his journey clearly expressing that one day he would tour the world with a message all will hear. 

Mmmmm interesting how these gurus often have their spiritual guiding forces. This presumably gives him extra clout for his believers. It stinks of a shill to me. The only guidance and confidence he probably leans on is the zionist Jewish lobby supporting him. Could a truly spiritual soul really be as unfit and obese as him?


4/. He associates with the king of shills ALEX JONES and the grandfather of UFO shills JORDEN MAXWELL 

If we were to give him the benefit of the doubt, he is unaware they are shills or puts it to one side as he only cares about getting the message out there. 

We certainly are the company we keep. Birds of a feather and all that. If he is the astute pioneering researcher who he claims to be, then without a doubt he must be aware Jones is controlled opposition. Then he should have the savvy to have absolutely no association with him whatsoever – (same for Alan Watt).


5/. He’s ‘allowed’ to do world tours in top venues in capital cities.

Again he puts this down to his mindset and determined attitude.

Yet there have been many determined people over the years who have confronted this criminal gang and have gone down for it – big names such as Gandhi, John Lennon, Martin Luthur King jr, The tsar of Russia, JF Kennedy and his brother, etc.


6/. He keeps telling people “It’s all an illusion”. 

“Oh right thanks Icke, just lost my job and house and now the kids have been taken away and it’s all in my mind”. Many of us are aware there is more to life than the physical form, but I feel he stretches it by leaning too heavily on quantum physics, when nobody ever claims to really understand this theory. 

7/. He’s profiting from the conspiracy nicely. If he really wanted to ‘get the truth out there’ he would not be charging £45 a hit for his shows. This way he only preaches to his choir.

He ‘apparently’ had lots of costly court cases defending his authorship rights. Some people say he deserves every penny due to all the humiliation he has endured over the years. 

He doesn’t have to sweat when the lecky bill has to be paid. Whilst he swans around on tour flogging his merchandise whilst we are all enslaved by the system.


8/. His books are sold by the tens of thousands in Zionist-owned high street shops such as Waterstones. 

This specifically should ring alarm bells. This would not happen unless the zionists would wish it!


9/. His reptilian nonsense.

Nobody can really prove him wrong and he never claimed to see anyone shape-shift himself. He could be using this nonsense as a protection so as not to get assassinated, whilst getting most of the message out there.

Just because nobody can prove a concept is wrong, does not mean it necessarily is true. Check out Ivan Fraser and Steve Gamble for their rebuttal of Icke’s reptilian theory. To me it is clever distraction and disinformation acting as counter intelligence. Here are some pointers to how counter intelligence works:

* It trivializes the whole conspiracy area and prevents level-headed people from even attempting to look into any conspiracy. Tarred  with the same brush kind of thing.

* It acts as a distraction for those who do look into any conspiracies. People can get trapped in this nonsense for years   and never get to the truth.

* It acts to disempower people as people feel taking on UFO’s and reptilians is impossible, yet if people knew it simply is corrupt Jewish banking families they are more likely to take them on.


10/. His latest moon nonsense 

Same as the reptilian agenda


11/. He does not go to the level John Kaminski, Mark Glenn and others do in mentioning the chosen ones. 

This again could be a self-protection tactic. Although to be fair his website has a lot of material exposing zionist/Jewish related issues. 

It’s fairly obvious to tell who’s on ‘their’ side merely by the extent they do or do not talk about the Jews/Khazars. To me it’s the sure litmus test of a truthteller. Just because Icke mentions the zionists, does not necessarily mean he is not a shill, as I feel these zionists have so much hubris these days, their arrogance is palpable. They will even allow Icke to mention the Mossad connection to 9/11 as he blends it all in with reptilian/moon theory/”It’s all an illusion” nonsense. Classic ‘poop in the soup’ tactic – works every time.


12/. He knocks faith. 

Religion could easily be a control construct founded by these Babylonians to control the masses through fear. 

I’m not into any religion, but faith is important to individuals and it bonds families and cultures and therefore nations/society. The big boys desperately want to destroy any cohesiveness in society and Icke is contributing greatly to this construct of “We are all one”. The exact same theme the zionists want. It plays into their ‘Agenda 21’ ‘One World’ theme. We are all one controlled as one -One World Order.


13/. He’s come up through the ranks from the BBC – well trained to be articulate and a polished presenter. 

Perhaps just another one of those coincidences. 

To me it rings of ‘an inside job’, one of their boys playing the part he’s been told to play, just like Bush, Blair and Obama.


14/. He entirely supports Zecharia Sichin’s ‘theory’ of Planet X/Nibiru nonsense.

Same as both the reptilian and his latest moon theory nonsense.


15/. He is not specific in solutions.

He does talk about remedy at the end of his shows. He often talks about “Just saying no” and “non-compliance”.

Well if one actually breaks down his so-called solutions they are relatively unapproachable for most people. “Just say no” is easy to say when you’re on stage and aren’t been kicked out of your home. Why oh why has he not set up a political party or support groups with all his millions of followers, he just floats around the globe and flogs his merchandise. It’s unacceptable. Again he’s not directly suffering from the zionists.


16/. He never admits he has ever made mistakes in his information/research.

The bells really are ringing loud n clear now. I refuse to accept that after 20 years of research in the highly comprehensive topics he covers such as cutting-edge science, philosophy, religion, history and geopolitics, that he has not made a clanger hear and there. Again I have to go back to DB Smith, not only does he inform his listeners of his mistakes, but he often reports that he has been off the mark hear and there over the years.


17/. His information on his website is predominately fear-based.

He has humor intermittently dotted throughout his headline page and on his power point presentations. He often talks about ridding fear. Plus he is only reporting the ugly realities of this agenda. The same could be said for someone like Daryl Bradford Smith, or Mark Glenn.

The humor he has just makes his material more appealing, which in itself does not necessarily suggest he is a shill, however when one measures the overall ‘long term’ resonance one feels after reading/viewing his material, it most definitely is NOT empowering. Likewise with DB Smith or Mark Glenn’s material, but at least they offer accurate information with hard hitting facts and supported evidence, with no added poop. In addition DB Smith specifically goes into detail about solutions, such as victory gardens, regular finance investments (precious metals), natural remedies, and lately concentrating on freeman-on-the-land/common law. He also ensures people are cautious with dabbling with the freeman stuff without thorough research – this is not a sign of a shill.


18/. Icke always is the interviewee and never really interviews other people from a position of gaining knowledge/incite. 

To me this is another alarm bell. If he is the researcher he claims, then surely part of researching is having the neutrality and level of humbleness to accept other people’s contribution to the whole movement. Now I accept he does reference his headlines page on his website from of other people’s research and equally references people like Sitchin and co in his books. However he always blends this in with ‘his own research’ and predominantly comes from a place of authority in all subjects. This to me is a tell tell sign his source of information is controlled. I feel Icke is a pioneer in the conspiracy world not because of his personal research, but by the message he is instructed to propagate.

For the risk of sounding repetitive – DB Smith regularly   interviews guests on his show. Even in his area of forte in finances he modestly allows opportunity for his views to be challenged.


20/. The quantity and quality of his material he churns out is overwhelming for a man who can only type with one or two arthritic fingers.

He is gifted and an experienced researcher. He has a background in journalism. He is guided by spiritual forces.

Bollocks …..he’s guided by his zionist puppet masters. I refuse to believe someone can churn out the quantity of books, articles and still have time for traveling the globe researching material and giving tours. No way! The man can hardly breath he’s so unfit or type.


21/. His presentations never end in a Q & A session, where people can challenge him.

I’m sure their there is a lot of people who have specific questions they would like to put forward to Icke. If he was the real thing, he would do this as a regular thing and have it all recorded.


22/. Look at all his symbolism in his material and gestures.

These are just coincidences – you can find symbolism in anything if you want to find it.

Again bollocks – it’s too much and too frequent. Besides he of all people should be aware and sensitive to these symbols.

Please see ‘David Icke Exposed Part one’ and part two and three also’ by notilluminati. An excellent three part series breaking down Icke’s perception.






100%  SHILL!!


Revised essay “Mr Enigma”


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  1. as an ex intell agent of some years standing and an amatuer historian of w.w.II
    there is just one litmus test to find if any of these people are genuine and its so simple, just look to see if they blame it all on “natzis” and icke mentions this frequently.
    Hitler and the third reich were the only people in history to stand up to the jews, Hitler offered us freedom from the bankers, but we chose to go with Churchill and kill them all.
    The real chosen people are the anglo-saxons, not jews and they know this which is why they hate followers of jesus of nazareth or natzis

    • Hi NN,

      Welcome to the site.

      Yes, I agree with all of your points.

      I wrote this piece over a year ago, but have only had this blog a week now and slowly loaded up odds n end essays. It was more tongue n cheek really. I also wanted to address the minor points, because there are ‘still’ so many Illuminati-style truthers who cult worship the man and I wanted to shove this in their faces.


  2. Good Job on exposing that fagget, Icke,

    Here’s my take on him:

    1. A lot of the stuff he talks about IS 100% TRUE such as:

    banks, loans, 9/11, stock market..etc.

    BUT all else is pure garbage and to be honest his material is not ground breaking.

    2. Reptilians, moons…etc – made up crap

    3.Do you really think this piece of crap would be alive if he was really telling the truth?

    Probably not. The only real explanation is that:

    1.Either the truth is so absurd that no one will believe it – part of the problem.

    2.He is one of them.

    3.Both – most likely.

    I appreciate your work.


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