The 3 D’s


The power of disinformation

Disinformation or misinformation is otherwise known as counter intelligence. It is carried out by Jewish agents and they are known as controlled opposition or controlled decent. Also shills or gatekeepers.

Here are three major reasons why counter intelligence exists:


The baby with the bath water, tar the same brush and poop in the soup are all expressions which come to mind when describing this tactic. The purpose is to put off anyone new coming to this information, as they see ALL conspiracies as conspiracy theories. If someone is exposed to the lies of the ‘official’ 9/11 report, they may be put off looking into it because it’s mixed in with all the other nonsense about aliens, crop circles, shape-shifting reptilians, ufos, big foot, etc.




For those people who do actually look into the conspiracy, they are side tracked and caught up in a lot of time wasting ridiculous conspiracy theories and half truths (the masons, illuminati, new world order, etc). 




If we think that a superior race of extraterrestrial beings are ruling the planet, this makes us feel disempowered. How on earth can little ol us take on this overwhelming force? With this believe we become apathetic and passive. Yet as soon as we realise that in fact all it is is a gang of criminal Jewish  banking families who are scared stiff of being exposed, then the power ratio becomes more manageable. The hope and optimism of winning this spiritual war seems approachable. Therefore we become proactive. 




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