How are things?


A man falling off a cliff is asked half way down “How are things?”

He replies “So far so good!”



How are things?

Well the drinking water is deliberately contaminated.

The food is deliberately poisoned and genetically altered.

The rivers, streams, lakes and seas have been deliberately polluted.

The soil has been deliberately depleted of most of it’s nutrients.

All the main stream media consistently lie to us.

All our academia has been totally usurped.

The governments and politicians are all corrupt.

It’s immanent we’re heading for WW3.

The planet is suffocating in the deliberately propagated deadly isotopes.

All of our freedoms are soon to be eroded.

We’re being sprayed daily with toxic chemtrails.

I can’t seem to earn any money or make ends meet and am up to my eyes in debt.

But other than that …

Everything is fine



“Everything is fine today, that is our illusion”

~ Voltaire


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