Don’t quote me on that [iv]


More selection of my rants n reflections in quotational form………..

“I loathe the actions of these people. However I do not hate them, because that’s exactly where they want us – hating them. They feed off any hatred directed towards them. I am outraged, saddened, disgusted, sickened, horrified and perplexed by their inhumanity, but I refuse to reduce myself to their level through hatred.”

“No matter how much I cuss Mr Lizard (Icke) and his ridiculous shape-shifting reptilian claims, I do occasionally have that momentary mad thought “Could he be right after all?”. We all seem to say from time to time – These people can not be human. However I do fully understand the power of mind control and it’s capacity to get people to carry out psychotic acts; perhaps this simply is the explanation due to their insane doctrines. Maybe the Biblical definition of them being satanic in nature sheds some light on this. But I’m now at a stage having looked at sufficient amounts of their collective behaviour, that I cannot absolutely rule out the possibility that these creatures could actually stem from some hybrid or non-human entity.” 

“I’m always staggered by how Jews are so blatantly proud of their Jewishness and love for the criminal state of israel. I almost cringe with their preening haughty attitude. I never fail to be baffled at their hubris and self-assuredness. When the reality is these people should be utterly ashamed of their heritage and the whole judaic identity. It only proves their inability to self-reflect and highlights the absolute upsidedowness of all of this.”

“Well, can you believe it, can you actually believe we are at that point in history, on the precipice of World War Three and potentially ‘End of the World’ as we know it, yet STILL most of the people haven’t got it? They steadfastly remain in their comfortable little comas. Pinch me, is this really happening? 

I want to rampage through the high street with a loud speaker screaming: 


“Every single person who is directly serving this judaic new world order should be imprisoned for their behaviour. Every police officer, bailiff, debt collector, traffic warden, judge, magistrate, military personnel, politician, MP, local council official, the social services child snatchers and obviously bankers. They should all be made accountable.”

Those of us who have stumbled across this ugly truth are able to objectively reflect over our lives and look at the all the anecdotes which now come out of the woodwork, events in which we have been fleeced by Jews. We trundle along through life unaware of the true perpetrators of our miseries and it’s only through this knowledge and hindsight which affords us to reflect on what has actually happened.” 

“Of course these people are just the last in the line in the process of this whole operation. For this drone to be operated it had to be first conceived then funded, designed, built, tested, regulated and maintained by teams and teams of people, all whom are playing their compartmental roles, all incrementally doing their bit to get this concept up n running. Conception to completion, lots n lots of accumulative actions by sentient beings to destroy other sentient beings. 


                                                                   (in reference to the use of predator drones)




“My advice to people when trying to inform others of this conspiracy, is to try and avoid getting into the science of the 9/11 attack. Most of us are not scientists, architects, structural engineers or demolition experts and it’s too easy to get corned in the finite details. Instead I would suggest focusing more on ‘cue bono’ – the objectives of the false flag attacks and the bigger picture”

So in effect the purpose of modern day medical practice is to:                                                                                                                         (i)  Kill off as many goy as possible under the guise of a caring health care service. Eugenics.                                                                 (ii) To flog as many deadly drugs to the gullible goy and corporations as possible. Further eugenics. We not only must pay for our murder, but be grateful for it. And many sheople are. “Thank you doctor” worshiping the new priests in their white gowns.                                                                                                                                                    (iii)To condition us all into being dependent on big pharma, to erode our self-sufficient mindset whilst diminishing ancient natural medicine.




Institutes of education are just mass mind control programming centers. Conditioning conditioning conditioning. If one repeats something enough times, the programming will sink in. These indoctrination centers teach lies, propaganda, doublethink, disinformation, distorted facts, outmoded incorrect science and compromised studies. Just enough information and training for the goyim to function in a slave society, yet never ever enough to develop a free-thinking independent cognitive mind set.” 

These students are being used on every level:                                                                                                                                                   To reduce the unemployment statistics.                                                                                                                                                         Give them false hope, so as to temporary defuse civil unrest.                                                                                                              Distract them from noticing or caring what really is going on in the world.                                                                                   Programme them for this Jewdified society – to create docile, uninformed, unengaged, uniform, clone thinkers.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fleecing and enslaving them into eternal debt in the process. Which later they may be offered a contract with the military which will allow them to automatically dissolve all debts. Either way they will be stuffed.

An all-in-one package under the the guise of further education. 

2 + 2 really does equal 5.

“As far as I’m concerned the police and the so-called ‘good’ Jews are in the same camp, in that they both are myopically and directly supporting the elite Jews for their short-term pavlovian rewards”

War has rarely been about serving oneʼs country, itʼs nearly always been about serving these Jewish bankers for the following reasons:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    To cull the goy population, mainly Christians and Muslims, but all Gentiles, within their New World Order eugenics plan.               To maintain their persistent divide and rule policy, maintaining separatism between cultures, religions and regions of the world.   To supply and perpetuate the whole war machine – military equipment is big business for the elite Jews.                                           To gain collateral on Jewish banking loans and death certificates.                                                                                                              For strategic land control within the Middle East to allow israel to expand itʼs hegemony.                                                                      To destroy any last vestiges of goodness, ancient culture and civilisation within the peace-loving Islamic communities. Because to date the Muslims have not bowed down to the talmudic influences currently inflicted onto Western and Christian society (i.e. pornography, sexual perversion, gambling, alcoholism, etc).

“I sometimes feel knowing about all this stuff is like having a toothache every moment I am not sleeping, it doesn’t matter if I am socializing, working or otherwise temporary distracted, it’s always gnawing away in the background. It interferes in every aspect of my life. It’s so difficult to concentrate on anything else, even if at times I just want to blend in and be a part of the herd. Having said that, I still am glad I am aware of the agenda. I prefer being frustrated knowing about what’s going on, than being frustrated and not being aware of the bigger picture and trying to deal with it all via conventional political means” 

”Would you go into business with someone who was not in their right mind, criminal and deceptive? Would get involved in a contract with this type of person? Of course not. So why would you consider getting caught up in a contract with the police, local council, whatever? They are all unconscious, unethical, insane corrupt private businesses. All these fines, penalties, taxes are just invitations to enter into contract with these criminals. It’s just our choice if we accept these contacts through tacit agreement. Especially when they are ALL unlawful.”

“Sometimes it almost feels like being up the pub at the end of the night with a group of friends who’ve all been drinking – when you’re cold sober. It’s near on impossible to converse with them about any reality when none of them are in their right minds. As their reality is within the confounds of their intoxicated stupor. People in life are drunk on judaic poisons. That’s who we are mainly dealing with.” 

“I agree with the Jews that they are in fact god’s ‘chosen ones’, as their god is Lucifer.”

“People new to this subject would naturally say “Ohh stop keep going on about the Jews “ which is understandable. However they are simply ignorance of the comprehensiveness of how ‘they’ have infected every single aspect of our lives. They also are unaware of the absolute seriousness of this judaic virus. Ask yourself – ”Are there any areas of your live which are not directly or indirectly affected by these elite Jews?”. Yet these people are the first to complain about their jobs, or no jobs, cost of living, the corrupt politicians, etc and not fully grasp that it’s ‘the Jews’ who are behind all of their ills.”

”Things are going to get harder still, very hard. Life will seem almost unbearable in the near future. Perhaps our only solace is that the more difficult things become, the more society is stretched to capacity, the more and more people may wake up. Lets hope.”  

“If there is one thing that keeps me going, keeps me plugging away at all this, is that the elite Jews downfall throughout history has always been their inability to say enough is enough. They cannot stop themselves from their insatiable greed and lust for cruelty. This is their achilles heel. This will be their eventual downfall. And for the first time in history, there will be nowhere for them to hide and start off again.” 

”I think it’s because I’ve always had careers in which I’ve had to mend things, fix problems, find solutions, try to suss out how to get over things, that I’m compelled to help fix this humungous problem we are faced with. It has to be fixed no matter what – and it will be.”

“It makes me chuckle in a way when we ask each other “How are you?” What a loaded question that’s becoming these days. What’s equally bemusing is when people respond “Oh fine fine” How can things be fine?! These people are either materialistically comfortable, comatised or just giving a reserved habitual response. They may as well be saying ‘Everything is OK’. How does it go: ‘If your not outraged – you’re not paying attention’.” 

“As I see it we are essentially being subjected to what I term ‘the three hinges of oppression’ – ignorance, apathy and compliance. Therefore we have to reverse these elements by a. spreading the truth and b. become defiant with their corrupt Orwelian legislation.”   



“Once awake to this judaic agenda, I feel we are then faced with the brutal choice of whether we are going to ‘do our bit’ to fight and expose it, or fall to apathy and passive cowardliness – I can see no other choice.”    

“I often imagine ………if only ONE item in the whole plethora of Jewish crimes was fully exposed in the main stream media, what impact would this make on the public’s perception of judaism? Even if it didn’t create outrage, would that one item of exposure be enough to spark people’s sense of curiosity into further research? Sadly I think not, they would soon be easily distracted. I feel the damage has been done – the general populace are too far gone to care.”



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