7 Processes to Freedom

Suggested ways to help combat this Judaic virus


1/.  Acknowledge

The first step to solving any problem is recognition. Being conscious enough  to know that we have some serious problems in this world externally and within us all. Unfortunately most people can’t even get over this first hurdle, or they refuse to even try to get over it. Just like alcoholics who do not know they are alcoholics, these people are blind drunk on Judaic sweet poison.

2/. Diagnose

Once we have acknowledged we do actually have a problem, we must define exactly how it has come about, and who and what is the ROOT cause of it. This is a very crucial stage as this is where so many people get mixed up in the symptoms and not the cause. It is very easy at this stage to get embroiled in half truths (NWO/Illuminati, Billderburg, etc) and dis-information (aliens, crop circles, reptilians, ufos, the black pope, etc).

3/. Responsibility

For the risk of sounding preacher like – we have to accept to some degree that we all have individually and collectively allowed ourselves to get into this mess. We were snoring away or playing whilst the traps were being set. We chose not to be conscious, we allowed ego, greed and lust to deceive us. We can blame the government, the jews, the corporations, the media, even our parents. Any external source – but ultimately it was our actions and inactions which allowed the bully to bully us. The moment we accept this brutal truth we can then make necessary changes to correct this. To begin the process to embrace this opportunity and make efforts to break old negative habits and reverse this victim mentality.

4/. Research 

Know your enemy. This stage is deeper than just knowing who your adversaries are, this is about really understanding this subject as much as you can within the time you have. With honest consistent research most people can eventually weed out the dis-information and half truths. I can assure you sufficient research will pay prudence whenever you get into a discussion about this hot controversial topic. We must recognise both the external enemy along with the internal enemy EGO.

5/. Get Angry

We must become infuriated with the hubris and arrogance of these parasites ruining our lives. A detached anger is a natural spiritual process and should be recognised as a necessary ingredient for positive change. Both anger and frustration are motivators which engage us into resolving extreme situations – however, they are not necessarily productive or healthy for sustained periods and anger alone will hinder us to get to the root cause of any problem.

6/. Convert

I’m not suggesting we remain in blind anger, but transform this anger and frustration to righteous indignation. This is where we must ‘try’ and become objective and less emotional. Although this is easily said then done.

We also have got to switch from always being in a defensive mode into a defiant mode. We are being attacked on a daily basis. We are at war. We have to snap out of this apologetic stance just because we dare to state the obvious. This is how far our overlords have conditioned us.

We have to start adopting a more aggressive but intelligent detached approach towards the serious situation we find ourselves in. To become detached, indifferent from the horrors of this nightmare does not mean standing back and allowing others to suffer. It is the direct opposite, it is to try and take our ego out of the equation. Like a professional doctor, first-aider or counselor we tackle the situation from a neutral, balanced and objective position. This will help us to not burn out and allow us to help many more people over a more sustained period.

Remember these maniacs are planning to drag us all into their WW3 which will make the previous two world wars look like a picnic.

7/. Become Proactive

I see every part of this whole conspiracy being hinged on ignorance and compliance. Both of these maintained through our fears, negative habits, kudos, greed, identity and EGO, all manipulated via Judaic social engineering and mass mind control.

The elite Jews biggest fear is the breakdown of these two control elements and it is what they will defend with every resource they have.

Here are the antidotes to these two hinges of oppression. These must go hand in hand, for in isolation they will not give us the solution we desperately need.

Break the Spell (ignorance)

Become a little activist. This doesn’t mean attending demos with your newly painted placard. It just means becoming proactive in spreading the word, propagating the information you know in the best possible way you can with the resources and skills you have. We have to erode this endemic mass ignorance across the globe. We have to see this as our moral duty. Our responsibility to educate and de-programme the hypnotised masses.

Some suggested ways of getting the word out:

* Flyers with websites and films

* Stickers with websites and films

* Talk talk talk – instigate conversations and steer the conversation around to this subject and subtly passon websites and films

* Write blogs and articles

* Burn dvds/cds of films and leave them around with websites written on the sleeves

* Leave websites and film threads on ‘non’-truth forums

* Create youtube films

* Design T-shirts with websites

* Artwork: create posters with websites and films

* Write websites in the snow, sand and even in chalk on walls and pavementssome people even graffiti and on bank notes (which of course is all illegal and I of course do not condone just anti-social behaviour), etc

* Attend political demos purely to give out truth flyers

At this stage in the game I would not suggest investing precious time in writing a book. There are plenty of books out there on this subject, time is against us, we just need to wake the sleeping masses in the short period of time we have.

Use every aspect of your skills base to get the word out there. Knowing about this ugly truth is not enough to change things.

 Whatever you do – Stop Acquiescing (compliance)

In a nutshell this is simply about saying that little word “NO”. No more – enough is enough. “I ain’t conforming any more to this nonsense!”. Say it in any defiant way you like AND MEAN IT. Words can be cheap, unless they are followed through with actions.

This is our golden opportunity to show our true character. It’s time to show our courage and stand up for what is morally and ethically right. Not only for ourselves but for others who are suffering – even complete strangers across the globe who we will probably never meet.

Think about it – they have got us scared of pieces of paper that come through our door. They have brainwashed us into this pathetic state.

Here are some suggestions to fight back with non-compliance:

* Stop completing your income tax returns (they are unlawful)

* Stop paying your national insurance

* Stop paying your council taxes

* Stop filling out your census forms

* Stop watching talmudvision (TV) and send back their pathetic TV license forms (unopened with NO CONTRACT RETURN TO SENDER in red)

* Stop voting (it’s pointless anyway)

* Stop buying their Jewspapers (newspapers) and trashy magazines

* Stop shopping at their food malls/supermarkets and try and limit the amount of products you buy from their corporate stores – buy local as much as you can

* Stop paying their non-existing debt

* Stop paying these ridiculous fines

simply stop conforming in any way you can

For those of you who still are in a mindset that we need to pay our taxes because we need to contribute to society. This is another lie we are conditioned to believe. These criminals make millions from us through our ‘bond’ via our birth certificates (legal entity), not to mention all the stealth taxes we are forced to pay, such as property taxes, inflation, import duties, and on and on they go. They also make billions from us through thousands of covert unlawful corrupt business scams, such as the national lottery, deliberate manufacturing of products with designed obsolete properties, corrupt charities ….ad infinitum.

They will throw legislative threats and intimidation at you. But you must remember LEGAL and LAWFUL are a million miles apart. Legal pertains to contract/maritime law. This relates to your legal fictional entity ‘The Person’ which is your birth certificate. (JOE BLOGS) in capitals or Mr/s which is about legislation, acts and statues and these are unlawful……therefore they have no standing and are not worth the paper they are written on. Where as lawful pertains to common law which is God’s law, natural law. Therefore this relates to the real you the skin and flesh (Joe Blogs) ‘the human being’.

Do I practice what I preach? Yes 100%. I now follow through with all of the above. I refuse to support these angels of Babylon as much as I can. I send back these unlawful correspondence with ‘NO CONTRACT, NOT RECOGNISED, RETURN TO SENDER’ written in bold red writing. I now refuse to consent to their criminal practices.

Please note  with many of these areas mentioned you may need to research the ‘Freeman/woman-on-the-Land/Common Law’ route prior to leaping in. There are many resources on line on this subject. I would suggest take one small step at a time, perhaps start with a simple parking fine and build up gradually as your knowledge, experience and confidence in Freeman principles increases.

We have to break through this age-old ‘fear of the Jews’ and do whatever we can to stop giving these parasites our consent. It’s well time we stop being so subservient and obsequious.

For crying out loud  


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  1. HKW

     /  March 19, 2012

    Thanks for the article that finally provides some solutions for people.
    Will anyone, however, have the guts to follow through with all of the above?

    Good luck!

    • Hi HKW,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Good point regarding following through with it all. This is where I feel we need to gain this inner strength. Please ‘Inner fountain’ and ‘5 shackles of our oppression’. However if we just all did ‘our small bit’, that would get this locoamotive at least moving. Thankfully there are some great souls out there all over the world contributing towards this.

      Thank you for contributing.


  2. Great site, great advice……

  3. Very interesting site…And thanks for calling me a “filthy antisemite”.. I feel so honored!

    Problem is that with the Palestinian people being the real semites, we should be called the real “Pro-Semites”!!!!!

    • Hey NTS,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for checking in and leaving a comment. I feel honoured after having gained so much from your site over the years. Hence having your link on this site.

      Glad you like the anti-semite tag :-). Of course we most def’ are the Pro-Semites!

      Thank you for all your sterling efforts over the years.


  4. This is one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time. Thanks and I plan on taking some of your advice!

    • SazzyLilSmar,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your positive feedback. When I receive comments like this in-between all the negative and neutral comments; it makes all the effort worth while. To know my quirky ideas are helping others.

      I just want us ALL to win and to have peace.

      Thank you for contributing.


  5. Rick Kettell

     /  March 20, 2012

    Great article. Keep up the fight brother.

  6. summerled

     /  March 28, 2012

    these should be our protocols grate site thanks!!

    • Summeried,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for the positive feedabck.

      Keep fighting, remember we’re winning in an undercurrent way. The cat’s outa the bag now. We just have to put up one last stand, one last push.

      Thanks for contributing.

      Keep doing your bit.


  7. Great blog. It never ceases to amaze me how the White man has come to be so alienated in his own civilization. I write about this stuff in my blog sometimes, but I’m nowhere near as informed as you seem to be.

    • Hi Rollingwriter,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your support, however I must point out that we aren’t really on the same page with regards to this race issue.

      I am def’ not into the white race issues. It’s not that I am in denial about what the Jews have done with multicultural issues; it is more I try to focus on the root issues always, rather than the problems. Here in little Britain we have serious multicultural issues. However if we infight, this only is playing into the Jews hands. Then we are lost (and are losing).

      We always have to try and see the bigger picture. We have to join hands and fight this tyranny together. This is why I am not anti-Jew, anti black, anti Muslim only anti anyone who is leaning towards darkness and helping assist this dark force/entity. I only have time for those who are leaning towards the light, despite what background, gene pull or race.

      My comments are in no way meaning to be condescending or patronising. I am only trying to help and do my bit.

      In kindness


  8. It’s actually a cool and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you simply
    shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  1. Ways to Combat The Judaic Virus | INCOG MAN

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