The Stamford Hill Possy

This is a four-part series of a documentary shown on BBC TALMUDvision. It is a classic example of how kosher predictive programming works.


The Best

The best, like water,

Benefit all and do not compete.

They dwell in lowly spots that everyone else scorns.

Putting others before themselves,

They find themselves in the foremost place

And come very near to the Tao.

In their dwelling, they love the earth;

In their heart, they love what is deep;

In personal relationships, they love kindness;

In their words, they love truth.

In the world, they love peace.

In personal affairs, they love what is right.

In action, they love choosing the right time.

It is because they do not complete with others

That they are beyond the reproach of the world.

~ Lao Tzu

10 Traits of Shills


May the Force be with you


a few degrees

It’s tough seeking the truth. It’s more than strenuous at times. There are endless hurdles, relentless traps, personal sacrifices; not to mention the strain of having to endue the conditioned mindset of those around us. It’s definitely tough.



Fagin’s antics


Young Fagin Finklelstein is dating a Catholic girl. “I’m sorry I could not see you last night,” she says “but I had to go to confession.”



THE 10 DEADLY truthing SINS


Source of Our Existence

O Thou Compassionate, All-loving Spirit! 

Thou art the sustaining power of our life.

Thou art the unalterable source of our existence.

Thou art eternally abiding within us.

Thou art above us and below us; 

Thou art before us and behind us;

Thou art all about us.

Unfold our understanding that we may comprehend 

Thy vastness.

Reveal unto us Thy Divine Grace that we may be sustained by the knowledge of Thy Presence within us.

Fill our hearts with Thy holy inspiration that we may follow Thy path with unwavering faith and undaunted courage.

Consecrate and sanctify our life.

Make us like little children, gentle, sweet and free from all blemish.

Fill our whole being with Thy Divine Light that we may know all things in that Light.

Bestow upon us the gift of true vision that we may love in Thy Love and live in Thy Life.

Teach us how we may partake of Thy blessedness.

We come to Thee with humility and devotion.

Grant unto us Thy abiding protection and surround us with Thine all-enfolding peace.

~ Swami Paramananda

Kosher Traps


Dimmel meets mum


Dimmel Himmel, ‘nice’ Jewish boy from Berlin, goes to live in America to make his fortune, and ends up in California.