When our heads hit the pillow



Hands up Iʼm guilty of putting all the blame on ʻthe Jewsʼ for the mess we now find ourselves in and all the carnage throughout the centuries. I want to believe that if this Khazarian/Babylonian cult was contained, we all would have a sweeter life.



However I know in my heart if we lived within a purely gentile world we would have our own set of tyrants and enough evil to go round. We only have to look at the way we treat each other on a daily basis to see this.



All the Jews have done is manipulate our greed, insecurities, attachment, lust and of course our good old egos (kudos). All of which the great mystics have warned us about throughout the ages.



The most appropriate word has to be RESPONSIBILITY. We have to accept to some degree we have allowed this nonsense to happen and still allow it – even though we are supposed to be awake. We only have ourselves to blame.



We have allowed the bully to bully us, again and again and again. Even though we know the consequences of not standing up to the bully far outreach the consequences of confronting the bully NOW.



We have been snoring away and busy being distracted whilst the physical, psychological and technological traps have been set in place for our enslavement.



We have been attacked in a multi dimensional way, through lots  of accumulative actions which we all to an extent have ACCEPTED. In effect we have accepted everything that has been thrown at us through many many acts of passive tacit agreements.



Despite all our moaning and the occasional pathetic protests, (which is ʻtheirʼ way of letting us throw our toys out the pram), we have never collectively outright said that little word “NO” – “Enough is enough” and meant it. Like you would address a spoilt child. No means no!. If you are not assertive with a spoilt child and donʼt clearly communicate to the child that you mean it, then it will not only keep on, but it will push and push boundaries as much as it can. Until things just escalate until theyʼre almost beyond control. The exact position we now find ourselves in. We are the disempowered parent lumbered with this ferrule disrespectful teenager ruining our lives.



Of course adults also push boundaries, in all sorts of relationships. Spouses, business colleagues, friendships. There will always be people who take the p**s. Itʼs just that some people and especially this chosen tribe do not seem to have any limits with their hubris and arrogance.

Why have we allowed ourselves to become so submissive? 

There are probably hundreds of reasons and thousands of ways to explain this vital question. I feel our biggest problem is we are too damn trusting, far too charitable with people who have only distain for us and want nothing more than to enslave and destroy us. I understand the word ʻgentileʼ stems from gentle. Is that not the crux of our problem? -our very nature, our identity.


Due to trust, we have been usurped by ʻexpertsʼ within these ten interdependent judaic control constructs. There are millions of subservient gentiles, all of whom would say “Iʼm just doing my job”. All serving the judaic matrix within compartmentalized roles. Many of them quite content – you will always get happy slaves. There are of course many good souls within these careers, but unfortunately they often get sucked up into this satanic system.

1/. Law – lawyers, solicitors, barristers, judges, magistrates, police, bailiffs, etc.

2/. Media – both msm and alternative talking heads and so- called journalists.

3/. Academia – college & university tutors, teachers, etc.

4/. Finance – bankers, brokers, hedge fund managers, etc.

5/. Entertainment – comedians, authors, actors, music agents, computer games, etc.

6/. Exoteric religion – priests, imams, rabbis, gurus, etc.

7/. Medical – doctors, specialist physicians, pharmaceutical agents, etc.

8/. Military – sergeants, officers, military personnel.

9/. Technology – all the so-called experts in this field as well as all the sciences.

10/. Chemical – all the agents blending in neatly with the pharmaceutical industries.



How do we get ourselves out of this mess? 

As I see it we have allowed ourselves to become trapped within what I term ʻthe three hinges of oppressionʼ ignorance, apathy and compliance (of which are all interdependant). Therefore we need to reverse this process and see this as a golden opportunity. Erode the Ignorance – break down this mass hypnosis, the social unconsciousness. Spread the light. Just researching and holding onto this knowledge alone is not going to resolve this situation, we absolutely have to share it. Itʼs our ethical and spiritual duty. May I suggest you brainstorm say 50 ways you can spread the truth (outside the choir to newbies), then take ACTION on some of them (flyers, stickers, threads on non-truth forums, CDs/DVDs, etc).


Always remember, even if people donʼt like this ugly material, once having been exposed to it, they can never UNREAD, UNHEAR or UNSEE it. The bottom line is that the truth is the truth is the truth.


Non-Compliance – It is essential for us to break through certain levels of fear and try to stop being so acquiescent to these self- appointed übermensch. To think our forefathers had to dodge the sword and bullets, yet we are scared of pieces of paper which come through our letter boxes. This is how well our overlords have trained us.



We now have to stop giving them our tacit agreement. Make a stand, fight back, become a dissident. Start being naughty with lots of ʻsmallʼ acts of defiance. Again the word accumulative comes up. We donʼt have to do anything necessarily dramatic or emotive and end up getting arrested. Often these types of people doing outlandish things are coming from a place of ego.


We just need to do ʻsomethingʼ NOW!


The classic sentence I keep hearing is “If we all did this and if we all did that”. But strangely the people saying this never seem to do ANYTHING. Itʼs well time now we stopped passively lying down to be castrated by these angels of Babylon.


Conscious Awakening 

Those of us who share the truth often talk about getting people to wake up and how awake we are. But now Iʼm not sure if just being ʻawakeʼ is enough – on two levels. Firstly even if we all were wake, this wouldn’t necessarily ‘fix’ the situation, it would simply mean we were aware we were slaves. Knowing and doing something about any situation are completely seperate issues.


Secondly I see many truthers who on one level are awake, but are not necessarily very CONSCIOUS. This shows not only in their level of fear, but how they respect themselves and in turn others around them.



I feel being conscious is beyond just knowing that 9/11 was an israel job. It goes much deeper than this. I sense that we have to tap into our spiritually by looking within ourselves. Again as all the great mystical scholars and scriptures have expressed to us throughout the ages ʻThe root of everything we seek comes from withinʼ. Our strength, peace, courage, direction and ultimately our freedom.



Whenever we take action against this judiac tyranny I feel it is important it is done from a place of what is right. Rather than just “Iʼm going to fight and get my own back on these scum”. It is good to be engaged and take action, but only when our intent is coming from what is moral and ethical will it have any sustained effect. Thatʼs the difference between just being awake and being conscious.



Itʼs sometimes just subtle things that reinforces that we are still  unconscious, like having to be asked to be quiet in a library and similar places, swearing in front of elderly people, throwing litter around the place, taking advantage of someoneʼs vulnerabilities, not being aware of oneʼs extreme body odour, asking inappropriate insensitive questions, wolfing down food without appreciate for the meal, phoning people at very unsocial hours, having hardly any spacial awareness – not being aware people are trying to get past you, not offering a cup of tea to a tradesman whoʼs working in your house all day, bragging about a holiday or material wealth to someone you know doesnʼt have two pennies to rub together, constantly interrupting and not listening in conversations, eating lots of junk food, not sharing a little, being unreliable and many other small acts of unconsciousness.


One theyʼre unconscious and two they are unaware they are unconsciousness.

  “The unaware are unaware that they are unaware” 

                                                  – Merril M. E. Jenkins Sr



There are of course those who are more engrained in their unconsciousness, who carry out more distasteful unconscious acts, such as blood sports, bullying, sexual perversion, violent when drinking, etc. These people tend to be drawn to immoral livelihoods, or act immorally within their career roles. Many of whom magnetize towards control-type careers such as bailiffs, specific roles within the police force, snatching children from loving families within social services, wheel clamp people, ticket inspectors, traffic wardens, and on and on. Any area where they can assert power over others to fulfill their deep-rooted insecurities. Often defined as control freaks.



It is because these people have limited inner connection that they are unconscious souls. As all our security ultimately comes from ʻwithinʼ. Those that canʼt remain in this darkness, have tapped into this inner connection, they therefore become more conscious and can no longer continue with these immoral actions. They have been drawn to the light.



The old-fashioned or spiritual qualities such as consideration, modesty/being reserved, patience, sensitivity to oneʼs environment, understanding, putting others first, having compassion (also to animals), empathy, balance, self-discipline, being mindful of otherʼs feelings, integrity, charity, benevolence, camaraderie, courage and fitting in with all of this, is to ʻtryʼ to have an ethical livelihood.




Weʼre all guilty of being thoughtless at times, my point with all this is – Are we in any position to point the finger at the elite Jews ʻifʼ we are not showing consideration to others at every level(?)



For the risk of sounding like a new-ager, change will only happen from within, from us starting with small acts of kindness, self-discipline and coming from a place of love. This certainly does not mean being soft and fluffy, quite the reverse. We absolutely must take a hard line, but from a detached, intelligent, grounded and conscious position.


Perhaps our approach should be acting as mini-ambassadors for the truth, by showing example. A simple example could be …. To make the effort to introduce yourself to the old man living on his own a few doors down from you. Offer to help him with shopping, gardening whatever. At least ensure heʼs got your phone numbers in case heʼs in need of help. Perhaps offer to call him from time to time to check heʼs OK, especially in the winter months!



Thank the bus driver before you get off the bus. When meeting up with people, allow plenty of time so theyʼre not hanging around for you. When driving always acknowledge drivers who have let you pass. Lots and lots of little conscious acts which all accumulatively add to the bigger picture.



Each night when our head hits the pillow perhaps we should ask ourselves a couple of very important questions “Have I been a good example for the truth movement?” and “What actions have I taken today to prevent this new world order nightmare coming into place?”.



How will you answer these tonight? Today were you simply serving the matrix or a neutral passive observer, or will you have done your little bit to fight this endemic ignorance and compliance?


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