Wake up stages



Stage 1  Mad as hell

People in the street know the banks, governments, multi-national corporations and the ‘establishment’ are corrupt as hell, but haven’t worked out the ‘agenda’. They still try to make sense of this illusion through the main stream media.


Many of these people are very angry and try to vent their anger at the government and local MPs. They attend futile protests/demos and fill out petitions in the hope it will make a difference to their lives and the world in general.



Stage 2  The New World Orders

Oh my God – there’s an agenda. The New World dis-Order, Illuminati, Freemasons, and many amorphous entities like these, not to mention all the dis-info out there. This is the first wake up call in which unfortunately most ‘truthers’ stay at.


Some refuse to go beyond this stage, because after a while being a truther becomes part of their identity. These truthers go around telling the sheople to wake up, yet don’t realise they are pretty much contained inside a little box themselves. They have got up out of bed, but are just sleepwalking. They don’t realise they are the controlled opposition/dissent.




Stage 3  The ZIMs 

The ‘second awakening’ or second OMG when they begin to see material on Zionism Israel and Mossad. There are stacks of youtube videos and sites now highlighting these topics. The term zionism again is a very clever tactic to create a non-specific target and a subtle distraction from the true culprits behind those whom have plagued humanity for the last 4000 years.



Stage 4  The Jew-wise

This next stage could really be described as just an extension of stage 3 in that the ones that progress to this stage tend to just blend into after a while.


Although many people stay at stage 3 and don’t ever feel comfortable saying “It’s the jooos”. It is part of our Pavlovian conditioning never to say the ‘J’ word in a negative tone.


I think we all hover in stage 3 for a while until we realise that Zionism, Israel and Mossad are all relative recent history, yet this same criminal gang have been perpetrating their criminal network for thousands of years. It’s not a new world order but a Jew world odour.


So it’s really a nonsense to say it’s just those naughty zionists, because all these khazars/Jews are all in it to some degree. Yes even the so-called good Jews, as they all clan together to protect their tribe. Just try and engage with a so-called ‘good Jew’ (who for example may be pro-Palestine). Try to expand on the whole JCN (Jewish Criminal Network) and watch how they clam up and won’t admit to the plethora of criminal activities their tribe is guilty of.


Therefore they are indirectly supporting this network. How many jewish labourers do you know? Or painters, carpenters or mechanics who actually get some dirt behind their nails and do an honest days hard graft -zero. That’s because they don’t do hard labour and ALL these ‘good jews’ milk off us gullible goyim.




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