So you call yourself a truther?

*JK = Jewish/Khazarian

Please note that the answers here have been deliberately kept brief and succinct so as to provide the reader with an idea of the subject for them to further research.


Also some of my answers are painfully crude and unscientific, but this should hopefully prompt anyone thirsty for the truth to again research these topics further. I have tried to provide suitable research areas where possible.



1. What does the term Khazar mean and what types of Khazar are there?

The word Khazar comes from the Khazarian Empire/people of 7th century. The location between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea (Georgia). These are people who run our world today. They artificially call themselves Jews, but they are not, they are European/Russian gentiles. There are two types of Khazars – the Ashkenazi (90% those of the North) and the Sephardic (10% pertaining to the South). The
Ashkenazi are the most dominant of the two.


Please see film ʻThe Khazarian Conspiracyʼ or read ʻThe Thirteenth Tribeʼ by Authur Koestler for more info.


Since writing this piece John Kaminski has informed me that this could well be another myth, just to confuse issues. I am not sure. John said Koester’s work has now been desputed. I feel at this stage in the game – does it really matter getting caught up in labels at this stage of the game when all we know throughout history the Jews have pretty much stolen everything they claim to pocess.



2. Define the history of the people in Gaza and what significance does it have in this whole agenda?

The people of Gaza today are predominantly displaced non JK people who have been mercilessly ejected from their homes and location of mainland Palestine since 1946.


There are 1.5 million people barely surviving in horrendous dangerous conditions in this tiny strip of land on the border of Egypt. It is often referred to as the worldʼs largest open-air prison camp and regime of apartheid. The people are isolated from the world behind huge imposing concrete walls and watch towers.


The Gazans are the direct victims from these JK. They are directly affected on a daily basis because these JK want a criminal base under the name of is-ra-el.




3. How does the Koran refer to Jesus?

Both Jesus and Mary are referred to with great respect in the Koran (Quʼran non-American spelling) and no Muslim can be a Muslim unless he or she believes in Jesus. In fact Jesus is referred to as a prophet and when his name is mentioned it is often followed by ʻon whom be peaceʼ in a mark of respect. Jesus has much more references in the Koran than Mohammed.




4. What is ‘The Babylonian Talmud’?

It is a book of filth, depravity and insane ramblings created by a group of sick psychopathic Babylonian satanic individuals many moons ago. It is held in great regard by all of the key players in this whole JK conspiracy. It is impossible to really have a grip on what is going on in this world and the whole conspiracy without first looking at this outrageous doctrine. Modern life is a Talmudic lie. Take a deep breath first prior to reading it though!




5. Define what ‘The Kabbalah’ is.

Sometimes this is spelt cabala and other variations. A body of mystical teachings of rabbinical origin, often based on esoteric interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures [Collins Dictionary]. Again another doctrine used by this JK cult to enhance their satanic evil methodologies and destruction on the world.


Sometimes there is a positive spin placed on the Kabbalah through the new age movement. This is just counterintelligence and a clever distraction from its real dark forces. It is the JKʼs conduit to evoke dark forces. It is intrinsically linked with freemasonry practices. And just a bit of digging shows that freemasonry has been totally usurped by this JK cult.




6. Describe what ‘The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion’ are.

Yet another significant doctrine within the JK criminal network. This is their master plan, a schedule of ʻhow toʼ set their Jew world order in place. This doctrine was leaked out into the gentile world in 1903 and there are claims of it being a forgery. What many scholars of this whole conspiracy say is that these protocols are far too accurate to be a fake. This doctrine ties in closely with the Communist Manifesto, the Talmud and the Kabbalah.




7. Describe ‘Operation Cast Lead’.

This is often referred to as ʻThe Gaza Warʼ but this term is an insult to the Palestinian people as at 11:30am on 27th December 2008 the people of Gaza were subjected to a three week onslaught by Israeli forces, where one and half thousand defenseless civilians were killed, including 400 children. The images and reports of this carnage were propagated around the world. This was one of Israelʼs biggest mistakes as it woke a huge amount of people up to the crimes of this nation and only highlighted the Palestinian cause.




8. Describe the technique of ‘Predictive Programming’ and give an example.

These JK have many techniques to carry out their consistent attack on the gentile world. PP is one of their most effective. We are all exposed to this harmful insidious mind control technique from cradle to grave. It is a method of implanting subtle subliminal messages into our psyche. It is done mainly through messages in music, fashion, cartoons, comedy and many of the arts. It usually is subtle but can sometimes be quite overt.


One example of this is where graphics of chemtrails are inserted into childrenʼs cartoons and the children absorb these images and then when they see these chemtrails in the sky, they have been conditioned to believe they are normal. PP is essentially a desensitizing tool.




9. What are ‘change agents’ and how do they operate in society?

These are groups of people at high level who are very much part of the NWO plan. They are directly associated with predictive programming through instigating artificial social trends (social engineering). They mould and change society to suit their agenda. For example think tanks such as ʻThe Club of Romeʼ would be responsible for setting up the global warming agenda. So as the populace get into a mindset that we will value a tree more than human (gentile) life. This all playing into their whole eugenicsdepopulation programme.


These change agents are placed in all high level positions in industry to constantly disrupt peopleʼs work and lifestyles. The purpose of this is part of their destabilizing template. They have to keep the herd moving, we mustnʼt have time to think and contemplate what on earth is going on. It also plays into keeping us all in fear of the latest rule andlegislation.




10. How is our modern day money created and describe the fiat banking system.

The paper money we all use today is now a totally artificial construct. Paper money is promissory and not backed by anything of any intrinsic value, only the value we all superficially place on it. It has replaced the precious metals used as currency. Also paper money is a debt-based currency. For a clear definition of money see the films: ʻMoney as Debtʼ and ʻThe Money Mastersʼ.




11. What is usury?
Tying in neatly with the previous question and answer.
Usury is described as “The lending of money at exorbitant interest rates” [Webster dictionary]. Usury is the python that slowly strangulates us all. It never ceases its grip around us and dominates our world consciously and subconsciously. Usury is prohibited in both the Koran and the Bible. By its nature it induces slavery and is referred to as ʻThe Evil of Usuryʼ.


The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender” — Proverbs 22:7




12. What is the difference between Common law and Maritime law?
Common law is the law of the land and the law of the people. It relates to no harm, loss or injury. It dates back to The Magna Carta of 1215. It is current today albeit supressed and overpowers all current modern day legislation and statues. Many people now claim to be ʻFreemanwoman-of-the-Landʼ under Common law rights.


Maritime law pertains to shipping laws and is also referred to as fleet or admiralty law. It is the law of the sea and not the land. Yet all our courts operate in this maritime law. Hence we stand in ʻthe dockʼ in court. Much of our language also stems from this law such as apprenticeSHIP, citizenSHIP, etc. As do the banks – that is why we refer to the currency and ʻwithdrawʼ and ʻdepositsʼ from the ʻbankʼ (river bank). The lists of these associated terms are endless. These are not mere coincidences. The highlighted words in this text are key research areas.




13. Define what ‘the person’ is and why does it have such an impact in all our lives?
One cannot research Common lawMaritime law and Freeman-on-the-Land without stumbling across the term ʻthe personʼ. This refers to the artificially created corporation which is formed when a child is registered. i.e JOE BLOGGS usually capitals or prefixed name with MrMrs Miss, etc. It is a fictional entity which transforms us all from natural beings of flesh and blood to the corporate world.


All our business transactions and corporate transactions are dealt with through this fictional entity ʻthe personʼ. Our driving licences, our house deeds, our college entries, our examinations, all our bills, our wedding certificates, ad infinitum. In fact try to find any documents in which your ʻpersonʼ is not involved. You are not a person – you have a person.
This is yet another entrapment we all have unknowingly become entangled in and which is so difficult to weave out of.




14. How does ‘HAARPscalar’ technology play a part in this whole NWO agenda?
[High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program]
This it is often referred to as high tech weaponry. This along with scalar technology is said to have been used in artificially creating earthquakes and tsunamis around the world by accurately transmitting massive levels of microwaves into the specific areas of the atmosphere. It cannot be explained in a couple of paragraphs, best independently research this subject.




15. Describe ‘Agenda 21’ program.
Linked in with the think tanks and predictive programming Agenda 21 is a eugenics programme under the guise of saving mother earth (Gaia). This is all the global warming nonsense and greenie environmentalism issues which so many well-intentional people have fallen for. After all why would anyone not want to save the planet?

They use their old trick of predictive programming to subconsciously propagate a collective guilt trip on us all for ruining the planet and therefore we are almost feeling guilty for living, reproducing, using products, etc. That is why we have been flooded over the last couple of decades with nature ʻprogrammesʼ on the Talmudvision and main stream media. Worship nature/animals above all goy life.




16. What is ‘Project Bluebeam’ all about?

An intended false flag attack of aliens and ufos from outer space to artificially create all nations to unite, so as to form a new world army to dovetail neatly into ʻtheirʼ NWO agenda. The terrorist bogeyman man plot of ʻAl-qaeda moozlimsʼ can only work for so long before it begins to become transparent and dated and ʻtheyʼ will have to propagate a bigger more elaborate hoax.




17. What is ‘Codex Alimentarius’?

A nefarious destructive food control code which will ban all natural foods, products disciplines and practices. These of course will all be outlawed and replaced with their corporate ineffective and highly toxic allopathic medicine procedures. All playing into their eugenics agenda and control construct. It has already been introduced and they are using their ʻgradualismʼ technique to implement it.




18. Define ‘Chabad Lubavitch’ centres and the role they play in this conspiracy.

Pronounced ʻhabad lubervitchʼ. These are specifically Jewish network centres located across the globe (especially in Westernized countries). They been described as the bases for think tanks and training grounds for this agenda. They have been termed the new repackaged freemasonry, although in some ways these offices are less clandestine than masonic lodges.




19. Who were Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins and what was the connection between these two men?

Both these men were instrumental in getting the ʻrealʼ truth out, prior to the internet. Ezra was sectioned in a mental institution for 13 years because he was very forthright and vocal in exposing the Jewish plot. Eustace as a young budding journalist visited Ezra in the institution and Ezra asked Eustace to research the Federal Reserve. This meeting and his follow up research had a profound effect on Eustaceʼs life. Please read Eustace Mullins books.




20. What is the ADL?

The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 and was created by the J/K Bʼnai Bʼrith based in New York. It is a non-government organization aimed at preventing anti-semitism (surely if this cult just stopped their criminal activities and changed their attitudes towards gentiles that would immediately prevent anti-semitism).




21. What is AIPAC?

American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. Americaʼs pro-Israeli lobby working for half a century to strengthen the relationship between the US and Israel. Neocon Jewish Zionist organization with a budget of $65 billion and over 100,000 members. It sees to it that Israel’s 10 billion a year from the U.S. is not interrupted and that all foreign policy decisions end up benefiting the Jewish state.




22. What is the JDL?

Jewish Defense League formed in 1968. ʻNever againʼ is their motto. “Through our activism and web presence, JDL is committed to combating Jew-hatred in all of its multifarious manifestations.” Committed to ʻprotecting Jews from anti-Semitism by whatever means necessaryʼ. They are an offshoot of the terrorist organization Kach that has been banned in Israel and which is listed as one of the 10 most active terrorist organizations operating in the U.S. They have been responsible for many acts of terrorism on American soil, including beatings, stabbings, shootings, arsons and are suspected in the murder of Palestinian American Christian Alex Odeh. More recently, the #1 and #2 men of the JDL, Irving Rubin and Bernie Krugel were indicted on terrorism charges in the JDL: plot to blow up the office of California Congressman Darryl Issa. Both Rubin and Krugel were killed in prison to prevent them from telling what they knew concerning Israel’s role in 9/11.




23. What are ‘think tanks’ and how do they operate – give an example of one?

Think tanks are described as non-government organizations, but for us ʻin the knowʼ we are aware that our governments are controlled by JK bodies anyway. The purpose of think tanks are to create social engineering and design local and global trends to enhance the principles of ʻthe protocolsʼ and Talmudic teachings. Examples are Demos, The Club of Rome, RAND, etc.




24. What is the ‘Hegelian dialectic’ and how is it used against us?

The word Hegelian stems from Georg Hegel a German 18th century philosopher. He wrote about the master-slave dialectic. Mr Lizard (David Icke) claims to have coined the term ʻProblem-Reaction-Solutionʼ which explains this Hegelian principle. This technique is very effective and has been perpetrated against us again and again throughout history and us gullible goy keep falling for it to this day. They set the problem, we react and they have a predetermined solution in place. The classic is 911 to instigate a never ending ʻwar on terrorʼ and bring in their police big/brother state and WW3.



25. What/who is a semite?

Also pronounced “Shemitic” stemming from The Tent of Shem. Shem being Noahʼs son. Branch or subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Amharic, and such ancient languages as Akkadian and Phoenician. – [Collins dictionary].


The chosen ones steal everything off us non-Khazars and they have even the hubris to steal the identity of the true Semites. This Khazar tribe (both Ashkenazi and Sephadic) do not have a drop of Semite blood in them. They have absolutely no right whatsoever to claim any affiliation with a Semite and therefore their “anti-Semite” club card they pull out in any dispute (when we expose their ubiquitous crimes) is spurious.




26. Who was Theodor Herzl and what role has he played in this whole NWO?

Hertz was a key player in founding Zionism. I feel it is important to note that when many people in this area of the truth movement refer to the key problem being Zionism and not the Jews, we have to remind ourselves that Zionism has only been around for such a relatively small period time (since approxʼ 1897) and the crimes of this JK tribe have been going on for thousands of years.




27. What does the term ‘Goy’ mean?

Goy is a shortened way of saying Goyim. A derogative term for a gentile. It means two-legged animal to serve these cult members as slaves. Goy is often found in their doctrines and is often used in their day-to-day talk about us. Sometimes even slipped in on the Talmudvision (TV).




28. Who are David Cole and Ernst Zündel and what is their connection?

I can count on one hand the ʻgood Jewsʼ and David Cole is definitely one of the good Jews. He is a remarkable brave moral human being to be lorded. He helped expose the holohoax along with Ernst Zündel. Unfortunately David has since refuted his claims (most definitely threatened by his cult members). Ernst served seven years in Germany for highlighting the lies of the holohoax.




29. What was the ‘Leuchter report’ about?

Fredrick Leuchter was the American who acted as an independent non-partial scientific investigator on Zündelʼs court case. He was a qualified expert in execution technology and author of forensic Holocaust denial. His conclusion scientificly proved that no deaths due to gassing took place in any of the camps. He also reinforced Zündelʼs claim that the camps were work camps and not death camps as claimed by this cult.




30. What are the four stages of a new idea?

(i) Denial
(ii) Ridicule
(iii) Violent opposition
(iv) Intuitively obvious




31. What does the term diaspora mean?

‘The scatteringʼ of people of any culture. Again the JK have highjacked and dominated this word for themselves. This is often used by them in reference to their supposed suffering and hardship being displaced across the globe. When in reality by their parasitic nature they could not survive without feeding off non-Khazars (Gentiles) and therefore have to live amongst us – we are always their hosts.




32. How many countries have deported Jews and how many times in history have they been booted out of countries?

84 countries 109 times over a period of 2000 years. If you were a school teacher and there was one pupil constantly disrupting the lesson and bullying the other
children and you found out later that this one disruptive pupil had a history of being expelled from 84 schools 109 times throughout his or her schooling, you who suspect that it was this pupilʼs fault and not the various schools or other pupils.





33. What is a psy-op?

Means ʻPsychological Operation warfareʼ It is simply learning everything about your target enemy – their beliefs, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.
Once you know what motivates your target, you are ready to begin psychological operations.





34. What is a cypto-Jew?

A JK who hides behind an alternative religion in order to infiltrate and spy on the members of the particular religion. They have heavily infiltrated the Christians creating Christian Zionism in America. In addition many of the Islamic terrorist attacks have been carried out by cypto Jews.




35. What is ʻcognitive dissonanceʼ and why is it relevant in this whole Talmudic global agenda?

This can be described as holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. The only way of dealing with this condition is to act in one of the following ways:

Change oneʼs behavior
Justify oneʼs behavior no matter how absurd the justification is
Oppress any criticism of oneʼs actions or thoughts CD is absolutely relevant in this agenda as it defines explains the reasons why a police officer carries out unlawful actions to protect these criminals, why a soldier can throw a bomb into a school knowing she will kill innocent children, why a doctor believes giving children harmful vaccinations is a positive thing – infinitum.





36. What does the term ʻpogromʼ mean?

This is a Russian term, originally meaning “riot”, that came to be applied to a series of violent attacks on JK in Russia in the late 19th and early 20th cent. Pogroms against these JK have been perpetrated on and off throughout history alongside their expulsion from countries. Again the question begs – “Why does history repeat itself against the same people again and again?”. [see Q32]


” I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do”
-Edward Everett Hale American author and Unitarian clergyman 1822-1909


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