The 5 points of Frustration

Highlighting the main areas of frustration for those of us awake and desperately trying to get the truth out there.

1/. In the big wide world

We’re all fixated on latest events in this insane cruel drama. We almost find it impossible to allow a week to go by without tuning in to the www of alternative press to find out ‘their’ next move on the grand chess board. Yet after viewing and reading about the horrors of other people’s suffering, we then have go back out into the matrix and somehow function ‘normally’.


We have to carry this information like a sack of old rotten apples everywhere we go. Most of us deep down are hurting with empathy for these innocent people’s torment. We feel so impotent, disempowered with it all. “What can little ol me do to help?”


Especially when deep in our heart and psyche we know that the monster that is going around munching up other people’s lives, is the exact same monster that will eventually chew up our lives – and currently is.



2/. In our own lives

I see the differences between what is going on in Islamic countries (or countries which are not yet under the grasp of the IMF) and Western countries is just the velocity of attack. The tap is gushing out onto the Islamic world, where as we in the West have this constant drip drip drip effect, which is increasing becoming more rapid. The washer definitely needs changing.


The slow Orwelian control grid, the ever-increasing police state, government officials breathing down our necks, covert corruption within local and national government, never-ending fines, penalties and legislation, poorly paid meaningless jobs (slave positions), political correctness, doublethink/speak, talmudic perversion, property foreclosures, mind control and on and on we could go. All adding up to a very slow strangulation from this talmudic python.



3/. The Flat-earthers

All of us ‘in the know’, those of us who claim to be awake, us so-called ‘truthers’ get so frustrated with family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers. We try in vein with every trick in the book to awake the sleeping, anesthetised masses, and we are met with confusion, aggression, ridicule, pity and down right stupidity.


It’s not a case of ‘when’ are they going to wake up, but ‘What is it going to take’ for them to wake up??? How far do they need to be squeezed, pushed, bullied and subjected to misery before they realise they are slaves and more importantly WHO are their slave masters?



4/. The half truthers

Those who are almost there, but not there. I was in this place once, and I need to constantly remind myself of that fact. However it’s more the long term truthers who will not accept this unvarnished truth. Especially these days when you cannot avoid even the word zionism.


It perhaps is not entertaining enough, or too risque, it maybe  doesn’t fit in with their political correctness.


Talking about the problems of ‘the globalist’ offers so much more excitement. Just look at those DVDs and books you can now buy.


After all you can go to meet ups, festivals, seminars and even truther speed dating now. Why would I want to give up all of that for the ugly truth? The ugly truth means I’ll be on my lonesome. The ugly truth means I won’t be with my new group of truther friends. It means I will have to re-look at my identity. Ohh no – I’ll stick with being a New World Order, it’s nice to make compromises sometimes.



5/. Truth Spectators 

Then if these areas were not enough to contend with, we then have to deal with the people who know all about this agenda doing didly squat about it.


They ring you up and moan about how their lives are being affected by this judaic monster – which is understandable and something I also do. However they will not lift a finger to do ANYTHING about stopping it. They will give you a run down on the latest exploits of this criminal cabal. They send each other lots of links on all the issues, including entertaining links.


“Ohhww look what their doing to us now” Yet behind all their excuses for being cowards, they remain somehow comfortable as mere observers of the drama.


We all succumb to fear and apathy at different levels, different circumstances and depending on how we are feeling at the time. Fear is relatively natural and a protective mechanism, but it can also work against us, especially as a group.


I’m not suggesting we do anything dramatic, outrageous, dangerous or dynamic, but instead do lots of little accumulative acts each day or over a few days.


As I see it we are essentially being subjected to what I term ‘the three hinges of oppression’, which are Ignorance, apathy and compliance (of which are all interdependent). Therefore we have to reverse these by a/. spreading the truth, and b/. be defiant with their corrupt Orwelian legislation.

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