Don’t quote me on that [iii]

More of my rants n reflections in quotational form 


“Todays legal system is all commerce, every building, the police, the courts, the bailiffs, and anything pertaining to the law society has been sold out to privately run Jewish corporations. All filtering even more money to these cabalistic families. To say itʼs a sham is just being polite.”

I promise you my friend, if it were the Swedes I’d say it was the Swedes, if it were the Hindus I’d say it was the Hindus, if it were the Aboriginals I promise you I would say it was the Aboriginals. BUT IT AIN’T it’s the elite Jews who are behind everything. I mean everything. Judaic ideology is the New World Order.”  

“We now have to stop giving them our tacit agreement. Make a stand, fight back, become a dissident. Start being naughty with lots of ʻsmallʼ acts of defiance. Again the word accumulative comes up. We donʼt have to do anything necessarily dramatic or emotive and end up getting arrested. Often these types of people doing outlandish things are coming from a place of ego.                                                                                                                                  We just need to do ʻsomethingʼ NOW!” 

“Weʼre all guilty of being thoughtless at times, my point with all this is – Are we really in any position to point the finger wholeheartedly at the elite Jews ʻifʼ we ourselves are not being conscious and showing consideration to others at every level(?)“ 

“I would say the range of Jews are compartmentalized, however arguably there are three types of Jews:   (i) The elite Jews – Rothschild’s, Goldman Sachs, etc. These are the current architects of this whole agenda (ii) The mid range Jews – the henchmen, the CEOs, heads of departments, those who are in management positions keeping the agenda on track (iii) the average Jew – they may not necessarily be aware of the truth, but are still indirectly complicit in Judaic crimes as they are very tribal and will wholeheartedly support the whole Jewish ideology and mindset of both victim and to a degree superiority”

“I would advice all Christians who want to gain the true spirit of Jesus’s message to attend mosques services. In addition I would suggest they stop attending these selective pacified services in modern day judaified churches and gather groups of Christians to attend private bible study meet ups and pray amongst themselves.” 


“There are two deadly viruses which have infected this planet: the judaic virus and the “I am” virus. Both equally destructive to world peace, harmony, human development and consciousness.” 



“It is near on impossible to converse with most people about this whole Jewish hegemony, as most people have been judaified. All of us to some degree have been effected by this judaic virus.” 

“So switched off to anything outside their self-absorbed lives. They are products of an egosyntonic society. They have no curiosity of a reality outside their own self. They are wrapped up in their holidays, new cars, DIY, TV, football and immediate sensory pleasures. All quite content with these Pavlovian rewards in lala land.” 

                                      (in reference to ʻApatheticsʼ how they respond to truth)

“I’m saddened to see so many people who claim to be proponents for the truth, chose to remain in the background allowing fear and apathy to engulf them. They just cannot grasp the concept and obvious logic that remaining silent, passive and neutral they are opening their lives up for these tyrants to march right in.” 

“Nobody in their right mind would be pro-israeli, or be in alignment with Judaic ideology and any Jewish policies.”

“I’m desperately trying to nudge the truthers away from focusing their energy on amorphous labels such as the Illuminati, masons, NWO, etc. These titles are distractive ghost chasing. Not to mention the constant attention on all the symptoms of this agenda, which also act as distraction from us focusing WHO is behind all of this.” 

                                      (in reference to ʻApatheticsʼ how they respond to truth) 

“I flip flop with my levels of optimism in beating this Jewish infliction, from complete despondency to glimpses of real hope; sometimes my feelings altering from hour to hour. This subject sure does bring up the emotions. One just has to be careful with exposure to all this negativity – it can easily take you over to the dark side.”  

 (In an e-mail to a friend. The term dark side is meant in reference to depression)  

“I just don’t know how to respond sometimes when I hear all the various excuses for not doing anything about this onslaught, from people who have woken up to the agenda. They really are quite creative with some of their justifications.” 


“I have two words to describe judaism – insane and cruel” “When discussing the truth with ‘a denier’ and explaining how the main stream media are full of lies, deception and propaganda, they immediately respond in defense with direct references from the main stream media. That’s equivalent of reminding someone of a particular dodgy car dealer, who has ripped them off many times before, yet they continue to buy a car from that dealer; assuring you the car will be fine because that exact same dodgy car dealer informed them it would be fine. – if it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.” 

“The world most definitely needs some TLC – Truth, Light and Consciousness.” If this judaic system needs slaves these higher achievers who are able to regurgitate this nonsense are rewarded with better slave lifestyles to earn more judaic slave vouchers. Their jobs and careers are generally not ethical – like helping to repair, enhance humanity and mother nature, but quite the opposite. Yet society is conditioned to look up to these better people.”

(in reference to churning out repeaters within the various educational institutes) 

“When people in the truth movement prattle on about symptoms symptoms symptoms of this whole conspiracy, I think it’s equivalent of someone with a skin rash who puts all their attention on applying creams, lotions and topical remedies for the rash, but never thinks to address WHY they have a rash in the first place. Symptom verses root cause.”

“Whenever I’m around people who continually make quotations such as – Jesus said this, Mohammed said that, Gandhi said this, The Buddha said that, I say “What do YOU say? What are your own independent thoughts?” 

(In think it is perfectly fine to quote other peopleʼs thoughts and to have positive influences. Just so long as one is able to apply their own intuitive ideas and take on life) 

“If anyone ever accuses me of being ‘one of those conspiracy theorists’, I accuse them of being ‘one of those coincidence theorists’.”

       “Did you hear about the guy who applied for a job as a traffic warden, but was told he wasnʼt intelligent enough. Then he applied for a job as a hospital porter and was told he didnʼt have sufficient people skills, then went for a veterinary job, but clearly had no real empathy and compassion for the animals, so he went for an interview for a riot-control police officer and passed with flying colours.” 

“I often think what would happen to Jesus if he was preaching in this society today. He would probably be tazared, and beaten up by one of these corporate henchmen in black, arrested and charged under anti-social behaviour. Or criminalized for healing the sick because he didn’t have a license to practice alternative medicine and comply to health and safety regulations. He would then be made to wear an electronic ankle tag and given community service where he would have to don a neon jacket and pick up litter at the sides of motorways – that’s how insane and degraded this society has become.”

“I think we underestimate how dangerous and pernicious dis-info agents (shills) are to the truth. When the day comes when the truth is fully exposed, the likes of Mr Lizard (David Icke) and Alex mighty mouth Jones should be lynched for the damage and suffering they have helped contribute towards.” 

“I compare disinformation to orienteering. One only needs to be one or two degrees off course and you can miss your destination completely, even permanently. We absolutely have to be accurate in sourcing the truth. Not only for our own sakes, but so that we don’t then go on to misinform others.”

“Believe it or not, I don’t actually hate Jewish people! I just hate their whole judaic identity and insane ideology”

“How I ponder what a wonderful world we would all have without this destructive parasitic cult ruining it. – Abundance, true peace, collective kindness, compassion, unity and respect for each other. Minimal crimes, if at all. Premier free health care for all. Natural foods and remedies would be normal and available to everyone, Rivers, seas lakes, soils and the air all unpolluted, unrestricted true education, information and opportunities made available to all, free clean abundant energy, no more wars, slavery and unnecessary suffering. People would live long healthy, forfilling, purposeful and happy lives. Surely these qualities are worth fighting for.”

“What I find the most disturbing and distasteful about people’s attitude to the truth, is not only have they ‘chosen’ to be totally unaware of the reality behind global events, but that they don’t atually care, they are so detached from the suffering of others. This is how well people have been conditioned – to be selfish, in an artificial reality, in their egosyntonic world.”

“It could be argued that if these tyrants were not ruining the world we would still treat each other as bad, this evil system would still be in place. Just look at how we treat each other from day to day. However I know in my heart this is not our natural state, we have all been conditioned from the top down to act in this unnatural manner towards one another. We have all been judaified. Our overlords have trained us to be equally oppressive and cruel to each other. If we remove the evil source of our ills, this insane ideology, then our natural healthy state would soon be restored.”

“The awake animals overheard some humans talking in terms of meat practices via their humasonic language such as ‘pork’, ‘beef’, ‘steak’ and even the word ‘abattoir’! They knew what these terms meant. They had worked it out. These conscious souls had heard about the specially designed cattle lorries with high level open windows which took them off to the slaughtered houses. They knew not to trust the farmer and their inspectors. They frustratedly asked themselves Why oh why could the other animals not see this obvious conspiracy, especially when they themselves often complained about how cruel the farmer treated them.” 

(from ʻWaking of the Beastsʼ essay using the analogy of us as animals (goyim) on a farm) 

“I find it a bit disturbing that there are many of us in the West sitting comfortably with our cup of coco watching all the world’s atrocities behind our computer screens, almost like detached observers of the drama, spectators of the real horrors others are being subjected to in the Middle East and elsewhere. Likewise I feel uneasy just scribbling about all of this madness – I have to ask myself; How much good are we really doing with all these articles, essays, reports, and blogs, when the situation seems to be only worsening? Are we just appeasing our cathartic needs? It’s almost as if we’re doctors looking down on the patient with our clean white gowns, diligently making notes on our clipboards whilst the patient helplessly dies in front of us.”


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