Don’t quote me on that [ii]

More of my rants n reflections in quotational form



“For the risk of sounding like a new-ager – change will only happen from within, from us starting with small acts of kindness, self-discipline and coming from a place of love. This certainly does not mean being soft and fluffy, quite the reverse. We absolutely must take a hard line, but from a detached, intelligent, grounded and conscious position.” 

“These Serpents of Darkness can only deceive and lash out with emotive comments, false accusations and hiss venomous abuse when confronted with their crimes. They never respond with detached logic – because the truth is never on their side.”

“In effect we have accepted everything that has been thrown at us through many many acts of passive tacit agreements. Despite all our moaning and the occasional pathetic protests (which is ʻtheirʼ way of letting us throw our toys out the pram), we have never collectively outright said that little word “NO” – “Enough is enough” and meant it.” 

“It is essential for us to break through certain levels of fear and try to stop being so acquiescent to these self- appointed übermensch. To think our forefathers had to dodge the sword and bullets, yet we are scared of pieces of paper which come through our letterboxes. This is how well our overlords have trained us.” “Always remember, even if people donʼt like this ugly unvarnished truth, once having been exposed to it, they can never UNread, UNhear or UNsee it. The bottom line is that the truth is the truth is the truth.” 

“So I say to all these ‘good’ Jews ………as difficult as it may be and easy for me to say – they absolutely have to turn their backs 180 degrees on this insane ideology and become an X Jew, a former Jew. Just like some masons reject wholeheartedly free-masonic practices and identity. Just like some gypsies turn their back on some of the negative influences in their community and join society. The ‘good’ Jews need to join the human race and stop identifying with this destructive force on society. They have to make this moral stance as opposed to clinging to their identity no matter how tentative, for the sake of humanity, peace on earth and to save their souls. Thankfully many are now waking up to this reality and are rejecting judaism altogether.” 

“The classic sentence I keep hearing is “If we all did this and if we all did that”. But strangely the people saying this never seem to do ANYTHING. Itʼs well time now we stopped passively lying down to be castrated by these angels of Babylon.”

“If Jewish people are offended by the truth – well they’ll have to get over it. It’s like me talking about the crimes of the Italian mafia and someone saying to me “Excuse me my family are Italian and you are bringing up an emotive subject and I am offended” So we then just resort to talking about half truths or near truths but are limited to what we can openly discuss because a small percentage of the population (who’s tribe are the ones carrying out the crimes) are ‘offended’.”


“I urge people in the truth movement to immerse themselves in some of the old books written by eminent recognised authors on this important and fascinating subject of Jewish perfidy. One gains something very special from reading, which no video or seminar can ever reach. Reading quality well-researched books leaves one with a resonance of qualitative knowledge beyond that of any information source.”                                                                            

“Why why why can people not see this great big 800 pound gorilla in their living room? They can smell the gorilla shit, they are treading in gorilla shit all the time, the bananas keep going missing, but because of their politically correct programming they have been conditioned not to be anti-gorilla and remain in willful ignorance of the hairy beast ruining their lives.” 

“We must ʻtryʼ and avoid all their imposing procedures and practices whenever we can. Doing the opposite of what they want and moving in the opposite direction of where they want to lead the servile sheople.” “I have never been into hating anyone. I may hate some of the things they are doing to the world or to me personally, but I hopefully can make this distinction. Hate is a destructive force and eats away at us. I don’t want it in my life and it is counter- productive to the cause/message.”

If you had your house burgled and you had the police give you a report and they said Well we’ve found out some facts about the burglary and you say Oh great tell me all about it and the police say Well they were all wearing brown jackets. You say OK who was it? and then the police say Well we’ve found out they drove off in a blue BMW and you say Great but who was it? and the police say Well we think they headed off in the North London direction, and you then you frustratingly ask Yes but who the hell was it? and the police keep feeding you with facts, facts, facts, endless facts but never pinpointing who the hell did the burglary and never catching the criminals and putting them on trial – this is how the ‘controlled’ 9/11 movement avoids exposing the criminal Jews who carried out the attacks.”

“I feel our biggest problem is we are too damn trusting, far too charitable with people who have only distain for us and want nothing more than to enslave and destroy us. I understand the word ʻGentileʼ stems from gentle. Is that not the crux of our problem? – our very nature, our identity?”

“Psychology is yet another band aid solution, an invention by elite Jews to smooth over social issues which have been caused by elite Jews.” 

“There were the same amount of Irish holocaust museums around the globe depicting the horrors of the potato famine. With Irish holocaust school education programs and Irish potato famine days, where the children had to each bring a potato into school and wear potato badges. It was put on the history channel every other day and mentioned in every film, play and documentary. And that nobody even dare mention the IRA as this would be “anti-gaelic”. Anyone publicly denying the potato holocaust narrative would automatically be imprisoned.” 

(in reference to theme of ‘Could you Just Imagine if …..’)

“Whenever we take action against this judiac tyranny I feel it is important it is done from a place of what is right. Rather than just “Iʼm going to fight and get my own back on these scum”. It is good to be engaged and take action, but only when our intent is coming from what is moral and ethical will it have any sustained effect. I’d say thatʼs the difference between just being awake and being conscious.” 


“With their shattered dreams and fading hopes, these cyclical expendable workforces are mere shells of their former selves, worn down by their relentless physical strains; crushed by the weight of life.”

                 (in reference to the results of how this cruel system grinds manual labour down)

“These people realise there is a problem, but have been programmed to belief we ought to just ADAPT to our new found condition. ”Adjust, adapt and be flexible” are their mantras. This is their solution to the mess we now find ourselves in. They will keep altering their lives accordingly to any amount of Orwelian new normals.” 

                                             (in reference to ʻAdaptersʼ and how they respond to truth)



“It is because these people have limited inner connection that they are unconscious souls. As all our security ultimately comes from ʻwithinʼ. Those that canʼt remain in this darkness, have tapped into this inner connection, they therefore become more conscious and can no longer continue with these immoral actions. They have been drawn to the light.” 

 (in reference to all those unconscious souls carrying out the distasteful careers directly serving the 

judaic new world order)  

“The unconscious are unconscious they are unconscious.”

“Colleges, universities and graduate schools are just extended mind control centers. Extensions of the programming. To fine tune the better slaves who have been through the foundational conditioning and spat out the other side having proved that they are good little repeaters. Rot learners to serve their Jew overlords.” 

“Like you would address a spoilt child. No means no! If you are not assertive with a spoilt child and donʼt clearly communicate to the child that you mean it, then it will not only keep on, but it will push and push boundaries as much as it can. Until things just escalate until theyʼre almost beyond control. The exact position we now find ourselves in. We are the disempowered parent lumbered with this ferrule disrespectful teenager ruining our lives.” 

We all have been hoodwinked into believing that judaism is just one of the major religions of the world – IT’S NOT! It is a death cult. A deadly virus, a psychotic ideology, an insane disease on society which should be eliminated. Get this straight – the ideology should be wiped out, NOT the people. This is the constant ‘Jewish question’ which has plagued society for 3000+ years.” 

         “All of us ‘in the know’, those of us who claim to be awake, us so-called ‘truthers’ get so frustrated with family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers. We try in vein with every trick in the book to awake the sleeping, anesthetized masses, and we are met with confusion, aggression, ridicule, pity and down right stupidity.”                                                      

Here in the West we are being exposed to the ever-increasing Orwelian control grid – the police state, government officials breathing down our necks, covert corruption within local and national government, never-ending fines, penalties and legislation, poorly paid meaningless jobs (slave positions), political correctness, doublethink, doublespeak, talmudic perversion, property foreclosures, mind control and on and on we could go. All adding up to a very slow strangulation from this talmudic python.”  


“It’s not a case of ‘when’ are they going to wake up, but ‘What is it going to take’ for them to wake up??? How far do they need to be squeezed, pushed, bullied and subjected to misery by these despots, before they realise they are slaves and more importantly WHO their slave masters actually are?”


“On a one-to-one they are fully in alignment with what you are saying, but then the moment a third person walks in the room they immediately switch off and slip back into a hive mentality – Groupthink. They are scared of being an individual, non-conformist or in any way controversial. If others in a group mock you, this person either does not defend your viewpoint, or laughs alongside the others in the group, yet only moments earlier were in full agreement, or seemingly engaged in what you were saying.” 

                                                       (in reference to ʻGroupthinkersʼ responding to the truth) 


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