Could you just imagine if ……

Could you just imagine if ……
israel had all the focus of the press on them concerning their nuclear arsenal.


the Palestinians had the exact same sympathy and attention of the ‘poor suppressed people’ that we are supposed to believe about the people of Libya and Syria.


the Mari Marvera ship had been an Israeli ship or ship taking aid to israel attacked in the exact same way by Iran.


the Lebanese had somehow carried out the atrocities of ‘Operation Cast Lead’ on the israelis.


there was an African slave ‘industry’ which exposed the black holocaust of 100 million deaths which somehow proved it was funded and operated by those evil Buddhists.


those moozleems really had been responsible for 9/11.


for some quirky reason America funded New Zealand 3 Billion dollars a year to maintain it’s ‘right to exist’.


those muzleems had actually carried out the Madrid and 7/7 bombings.


it was discovered that the Mormon religion had the most dominant position in the sex slave industry.


we had found out it was Islam who were funding the chemtrails, fluoridation of the water supply, poisoning the seas and genetically altering our food.


the Arabs really did run Hollywood.


Egypt really had been responsible for the attack on The USS Liberty.


the Presbyterian Christians has plundered the mineral resources of South Africa.


the interracial marriages and multiculturalism was enforced onto the land of the chosen ones as now is on Europe and America.


the Star and Crescent was paraded every year on the White house lawn and across governmental buildings throughout the world.


Swedish ‘settlers’ decided they would take up residence in Palestine and tear down ancient villages and cultures and replace it with Swedish culture and traditions…..under the guise that ‘their Viking God Thor told them to’ and they had been ‘chosen’ by Thor as superior beings.


the amount of Imams had been found dealing in child pornography (or any pornography), ritual murders, and blood letting that the rabbis have been involved with over the centuries.


the exact same gun laws were enforced on ‘the land of the khazars’ (israel) as is in UK or even America.


it was the Italians who were responsible for the security systems in the Fukushima nuclei power plant.


it had been the Catholic church behind the 60 million Chinese who starved to death due to the enforced opium trading.


it was the zulus who were accountable for the assassinations of JFK, Princess Diana, president Lincoln, Gandhi, etc.


the Jamaicans were funding the promotion of the homosexual, lesbian and  transgender culture on society.


the aboriginals who had funded, and instigated the Armenian, Cambodian, Vietnam and Korean genocides.


we now had discovered that it was those Icelanders who had created the AIDs epidemic throughout the African continent via the vaccine programs.


all the breweries and alcohol industries were dominated by the Somalis.


there was a Dresden Holocaust memorial held every year throughout the entire world with millions upon millions of dollars pumped into it so the world  would ‘never forget’.


it turned out that it was the Jains who funded and instigated both sides of WW1 and WW2, the French revolution, the Spanish War, for the whole benefit of Jainism.


It was the Welsh who were behind the whole Lavon affair.


the world found out it was the Sikhs who were behind the communist’s slaughter of 66+ million Christians in Russia.


the Greek orthodox church had a track record of ritual bloodletting.


it had been the Aussies who had been caught poisoning the wells of Europe which created The Black Death killing 75 million Europeans.


history learnt that it was in fact the Indian Hindis who were behind the London fires of 1666 which destroyed over 13’000 houses.


the world learnt that the whole drug industry always ended up stemming from the Scots.


there were the same amount of Irish holocaust museums around the globe depicting the horrors of the artificially imposed potato famine. With Irish holocaust school education programs and Irish potato famine days, where the children had to each bring a potato into school and wear potato badges. It was put on the history channel every other day and mentioned in every film, play and documentary. And that nobody even dare mention the IRA as this would be “anti-celtic”. Anyone publicly denying the potato holocaust would automatically be imprisoned.


Ad infinitum ………..

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