SOLUTIONs to beat the Khazars


Some suggestions to ‘try’ and combat this disease on humanity. These of course are not conclusive, but aimed at engaging and stimulating us all to keep up the fight the best ways we can.


Ultimately whatever happens in the long run we will be left with our conscience and the nagging question “Did I do enough?”


[k/J = Khazar Jews]



Research the fundamentals of zionism, judaism, the babylonian talmud, the protocols of the learned elders of zion, khazars, the kabbalah as well as the basic principles of Freeman-on-the-Land/Common Law/Lawful Rebellion. 


However we mustn’t just become merely conspiracy hobyists. All the research, knowledge and understanding of a problem alone will not resolve it. There comes a point when we must ACT on all this information. We don’t have time now for just researching researching researching, we have to be PROACTIVE in getting this stuff out there and waking the masses up. Feet to the streets people.




Off the Grid 

Try to be as self-sufficient as possible – victory garden (share a garden), fuel/energy (generators), alternative incomes (bartering), CB radios, buy some silver coins if you can, water and food storage and sourcing. There are copious youtube videos out there on food storage and becoming as self-sufficient as one can. Check out ‘prepping’ sites/videos.


Consider learning the basics in bushcraft/survival skills. The four basics of survival: (i) natural shelters, (ii) friction fire starting, (iii) water sourcing/purifying and (iv) food sourcing (foraging, trapping, fishing, shooting game). I’ve been a veggie for 30 years, but I am well aware to survive in the wilderness we need to kill. This is not cruel like factory farming, it is a harsh reality.




Lawful Rebellion 

Resistance against this criminal gang in lots of little ways with non compliance. Reclaim your sovereignty through ‘Freeman-on-the-Land/Common Law’. Try and say “NO” as much as you can – enough is enough. Do not CONTRACT with these maniacs. Do not give your CONSENT to their Orwellian despotic nonsense. 


We are only governed by consent. We have to stop acquiescing to their talmudic control. We are all natural men and women born free with God given inalienable rights. There is not one person on this planet who has authority over us (unless we consent to their authority). It doesn’t matter if they have a title, silly wig, black uniform, badge and clip board. We are all born equal – and ‘they’ are not more equal than us.





Strength in numbers, network, become organized and form ‘physical’ support groups for both practical and emotional support. Be super sharp for infiltrators in your group, even if it means almost being paranoid – you just have to be. 


It’s all very well having virtual friends, but when the internet crashes it will be local physical friends and groups you will have to rely on.




Time Out 

Try to make time for a spiritual connection – try to make that connection in everything you do. I believe we are not fighting this spiritual war alone. Pray/meditate for strength, guidance and assistance. I feel we need to make the first small steps with courage before we get help from any divine intervention. 


I feel we have been given a golden opportunity to prove how much we really want our freedom and to live in a beautiful world full of abundance for all.


We must also accept responsibility that it is partly our fault that we are in this mess – we have allowed the bully to bully us and trick us through years of our selfishness and obsequious attitude to authority. 



Inform Others 

We are running out of time to be spending endless hours bickering and infighting on forums. That’s also where these k/j want us -distracted for hours online. We have to force ourselves to become aggressive with getting this info out there. 


For us to win this battle it is essential to get NEWBIES to migrate over to our side. Sufficient numbers of the police, soldiers, beurecrates, bailiffs, etc need to wake up. It’s all about number crunching and getting enough people engaged and ACTIVE in fighting these criminals.


Maybe make it your task to wake up at least 5 people a day. Distribute leaflets, stickers, CDs/DVDs, posters, poetry, art, write websites in chalk on the pavement/walls, even write websites in the snow or sand, car bumper stickers, create music on these themes. Write blogs. Design T-shirts with one/two websites on both front and back. Print out articles and write websites on them and leave them in public places. 


Some people even graffiti websites on toilet doors and places – but of course this is illegal. I have even seen websites scribbled onto money/notes – of course this too is illegal (and of course I would not encourage this).Try and invent creative ‘effective’ ways to get the message out there. 


Talk talk talk – subtly instigate a conversation with newbies and artificially engineer the conversation around to this subject – plant the wake up seeds. Start up some small talk with people at bus stops, waiting rooms, etc (even if they think your a nutter – time is running out, we must not let our pride/ego interfere with saving the planet) then surreptitiously steer the subject around to neutral areas of this conspiracy such as flouridated water or chemtrails, whatever, then leave them with some ‘real’ truth websites and documentaries. 


If you are talking to people you probably will never meet again, just hand them information, however if you are with people you probably will see for weeks/months then slowly drip feed them info. Build a bond, create some trust and respect for you first. Then gently impart this info. Drip drip drip. But be mindful time is against us.


If they come at you with their conditioned response NEVER get into an ego argument with them. In fact almost agree with them, then come back another time with alternative material. Short youtube clips are a good starting point to engage people in these matters.


If you are anxious about sharing this ‘ugly’ truth, then just hand a leaflet to someone and say “Someone gave me this and I haven’t had a chance yet to look at myself, but you may find it interesting”. Or just say “I don’t agree with everything on these sites, but they’re an alternative to the media”.


Visit NON-truth websites and propagate this truth by leaving threads/links to appropriate websites and films on forums, such as cycling clubs, hiking groups, vegetarian groups, dating sites ……ad infinitum.


Respond to youtube videos and leave comments with threads. Again venture outside our world and leave threads with comments on non-truth type videos.


Never leave the house without a notepad and pen so you can write websites and films down for newbies you happen to engage in conversation with.



Out the Addictions 

Clean up our act. We cannot even think about taking on these criminals if we have dependencies such as gambling, excessive drinking, junk food, pornography, drugs (recreational and medicinal) and any addictive traits. 


Even our obsessions with seemingly innocuous activities such as gardening, DIY, our sports, hobbies, etc. They too can become obsessive and are all imposed meaningless distractions to take us away from the harsh reality and again exactly where the k/j want us. 


Although if spending a few hours a week on a hobby/pastime keeps you recharged and prevents you from going insane, then that’s great. However those of us ‘in the know’ have a moral spiritual obligation to inform others and try and prevent the worst happening.


Remember the k/j are pushing all of these dependencies/addictions on society. They want us totally judaified and we’re not far off it. Try to do the exact opposite of what these maniacs want us to do.






These k/j are constantly pulling us away from our connection to spirituality and nature. Mother nature is the great healer. We must try not to reject natural foods, medicine and natural lifestyles. We must not allow them to force us to abandon our fundamental connection with nature. 


Spend some quality time in nature in the woods, a walk in some fields or even a park. Mother nature naturally heals, balances and restores. It is a place for natural meditation and reflection. It is free – don’t waste your precious money in expensive gyms or retreats. Instead invest in some quality foraging books and discover wild foods. 


Again we must ‘try’ and avoid all their imposing procedures and practices whenever we can. Doing the opposite of what they want and moving in the opposite direction of where they want to lead us servile sheople.



Off the Grid

Lawful Rebellion


Time Out

Inform Others

Out the Addictions




When your head hits that pillow each night ask yourself 

“What did I do today to stop this Jew world order coming into place?”



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  1. The Khazar Hunter

     /  May 8, 2012

    Solution to beat these impostors. For the time being castration and ovary removal would do just fine. No need to get into the Roman Empire soldiers military chop head and take no prisoners only mentality. Just look at what happened to the group they have impersonated for all these centuries. In 2032 we are gonna celebrate nineteen hundred years of that campaign. Most inform that no Ashkenazi ancestor was harmed during that event. Right now, I feel we don’t need a new Sextus Julius Severus. The aforementioned measure will suffice.


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