Responses to Truth


Here are my observations of character types and typical responses when you present people with the truth. Of course these are generalizations and people can sometimes blend and waver between these categories. Iʼm sure readers may have observed many other responses than these.




Those who take the time to visit the sites and/or view the material, but are just indifferent to the information and have no real interest in the subject. They would never pass the information on to others. They almost have forgotten the subject within a week. These people baffle me.




Those people unlike the Neutrals have some level of interest, but just find it interesting as far as an entertainment level. They never follow up with any other independent research on the topics and are soon on to the next type of amusement such as gaming, porn and trivia on line. They may by chance mention it to others, but only under the theme of ʻentertainmentʼ.



Nodding Dogs (like the nodding dog in the back of the car)

Weʼve all met them, these individuals who when you impart this information to them they seem genuinely interested through their whole body language, (nodding away). They give you their time, politely listen and even ask smart probing questions, then at the end of the conversation willingly take all your literature, dvds, etc. They enthusiastically engage in conversation with you, so much so you think you have a convert, yet …..the next time you meet up they havenʼt even bothered to check out any of the material – and never will despite every time showing great interest and promising to look at the info.

They never even mention the subject unless you bring it up. They have a thousand excuses why they havenʼt ʻgot around to checking out your information yetʼ. They tend to be busy bees, all of which is trivial in relative terms compared to this vital truth. These people tend to accept leaflets handed to them in the street, but as soon as they are some distance away they throw it in the bin. They just never like to appear uninterested.




Those who will never break through the matrix. Propagandised, comatised, hypnotised, programmed, anaesthetised, conditioned, institutionalised lemmings. They refuse to consider an alternative to the norm. They can be from all classes of society and all levels of intelligence. They just cannot handle the unvarnished truth. They chose not to even investigate the truth because of a whole host of reasons. Mainly that it may mean altering their cosy world view and fear of change in general. Some slam this truth as racist/anti-semitic or simply negative, yet conveniently donʼt bother to look into any of the material.

The so-called educated academic intellectuals are probably the hardest to convert to the truth. Their programming is almost irreversible. They incessantly read all the broad sheet propaganda papers and watch/listen to the political debates, from the main stream media. They politically debate between themselves and think they are forming their own intellectual well- thought-out opinions. Little do they know they are mere repeaters, rot learners and have been subtly and accumulatively conditioned over many many years to form ʻtheirʼ opinions.

Deep in their heart, these ‘double thinkers’ intuitively know they’ve been had for many years and refuse to accept it. They chose to be ignorant from cradle to grave. “If it’s not on the 10 o’clock news, then how can it be true?”



The Apathetics

These people are also in denial, but are just so switched off to anything outside their self-absorbed lives. They are products of an egosyntonic society. They have no curiosity of a reality outside their own self. They are wrapped up in their holidays, new cars, DIY, TV, football and immediate sensory pleasures. All quite content with their Pavlovian rewards in lala land.

Iʼm not saying thereʼs anything necessarily wrong with any of these individual activities, after all itʼs just the only way they know of momentary escape, but itʼs to the exclusion of everything and everyone else around which can be so destructive to society as a whole.

They have a ʻJust going along to get alongʼ attitude to life and will never question authority and wholeheartedly support the agenda. They are mere shells of people crushed and switched off by the weight of life. Their sense of curiosity has been eroded. So disheartening and so very sad.



Sound Biters

These types of people are in a half-way house where they are struggling with the enormity of these theories and donʼt really know how to respond and feel they have to say something but are only able to come up with nonsensical non committal sound bites such as “Well theyʼre not Gods you know”, or “Things are never black and white” or “Thatʼs how things have always been”. 

The most annoying sound bites are about ʻbeing positiveʼ  ”Positive thinking” or “Letʼs hope things get better”……ohh right good ol hope, thatʼs helped us out so far. Do sod all about things – carry on, but have hope and be positive. Fantastic solution.
All these comments are meaningless gap fillers to evade having to confront this deep subject.

Even when you point out to them the chemtrails in front of their eyes for example, they immediately switch to sound bite mode and respond with something like “Ohhh I wouldnʼt put it past the government” and carry on with their lives and wouldnʼt spend 10 minutes to even google chemtrails.



Conspiracy Hobbyists

These people take a bit more interest in this material than the Trivias and to an extent become ʻawakenedʼ but are non-specific/non-discerning about the overall subject matter. They suffer from what I term AID [All-Inclusive Disease] – it all comes under the banner of ʻconspiracy theoriesʼ to them. Just like Trivias they could easily sit and watch lots of dis-info on aliens/ufos, crop circles, big foot, shape-shifting reptilians – the list goes on.

They would definitely make a point of sharing the info, but unfortunately mix in all the other nonsense/dis-info with it, which of course is quite dangerous to the truth as it puts off people who would potentially take this ʻreal/accurateʼ information seriously.

These types of suggestible people just donʼt realise the damage they are doing to the overall credibility of the truth movement.



The Antagonists

Of all the responses, for me this is the most testing. Its when I have to watch my ego and try very very hard to not bite. These people are basic wind up merchants. They love needling you, and pressing emotional buttons, especially if they know you well enough to know what irritates you.

They can have a full spectrum of responses suited to any conversation on any topic. If you were talking about sport they would find a way to argue against you, even if you supported their team. They just love to be awkward and add spice to any conversation to create friction. If you said black they would say white, and visa versa, just to irritate you. If you spoke about protesting they would argue against it, if you were anti-protests they would tell outright the necessity of protesting, or whatever you were discussing.

My advice is to just walk away. Thatʼs not easy, but maybe just leave with a few finishing sarcastic remarks. Itʼs extremely difficult when its a close family member.



The Offloaders

These people recognise the Jewish agenda and even seem to be quite well researched on it. However they wrap it all up and hand it over to God, or their guru, or some universal spirit. Itʼs quite ridiculous how theyʼre happy to shed all responsibility onto an external source or entity. I find it so irresponsible, immature and dangerous that they refuse to take action with their knowledge.

Thatʼs one of the reasons weʼre in such a mess and in fact exactly how the Jewish elite want us to respond.




These people are very similar to the enthusiastic ʻNodding Dogsʼ, in that on a one-to-one they are fully in alignment with what you are saying, but then the moment a third person walks in the room they immediately switch off and slip back into a hive mentality – Groupthink. They are scared of being an individual, non-conformist or in any way controversial. If others in a group mock you, this person either doesnʼt defend your viewpoint, or laughs alongside the others in the group, yet only moments earlier was in fully agreement or seemingly engaged in what you were saying.



The Honest Cowards

This title pretty much explains it all. These people know all about the NWO/ judaic stranglehold on society, but they also know theyʼre locked in fear. It doesnʼt matter what label they give it, be it procrastination, apathy, reluctance, itʼs just plain old fear and cowardliness.

The point is these people will openly admit they are cowards or lazy. They will say outright “I know, I know youʼre right Iʼm pathetic, Iʼm doing nothing to stop this” or “Iʼm a perfect slave for the Jews – all I do is research it”.
Its so sad, as these same people usually have accumulated so much knowledge on these subjects and usually have so many skills to offer the movement. Theyʼve read all the books, watched all the video footage, read all the articles, listened to all the interviews, even been to many seminars, but yet because of fear they do almost zero to help the cause.
None of us are asking people to write anti-jewish books, set up anti-jewish websites, give talks, or even go to demonstrations, or things which will push the boundries. We just need lots and lots of small acts done on a daily basis.

A few stickers here, create and distribute a some flyers, burn some CDs/DVDs and leave them places here n there. Inexpensive, easy acts like these.



The Retreaters

Out of all the responses – I find this one the most disheartening but the most understandable!

These people go full steam ahead exposing the truth, but after a while burn out. After all itʼs a hard slog getting this brutal Truth across to the sheeple.

Some truthers just take a break from it, but others unfortunately give up the fight all together. It may be wise to build up to a level which one can sustain.



In The Now-ers

Another type of response you may receive often from new agers who will say to you “I donʼt want to know whatʼs going to happen. Iʼll cross that bridge when it comes to it.” They are obsessed about ʻliving in the nowʼ and have missed the whole interpretation of this spiritual concept. They are in fact really worrying about the future, but are locked into this NOW mode and donʼt understand about planning the future right now. Again this is exactly why the Jewish ruling elite set up the new age philosophies so as to dis-engage people from taking ACTION.“Weʼll see how things pan out”.




Those that take the time to properly analyze the material and then go on to do their research and confirm the information. However they then are not particularly vocal or proactive in sharing the information. They generally keep it to themselves or share it only between friends or colleagues if the subject happens to come into conversation. Otherwise they tend not to bother through laziness, apathy, fear of ridicule or a combination of.

They may attend the odd seminar if it doesnʼt put them out too much. They are hardly any threat to this Jewish New World Order and therefore no real help to the movement.



The Adapters

Closely connected to the ʻIn The Now-ersʼ and ʻThe Offloadersʼ, in that these people realise there is a problem, but have been programmed to belief we ought to just ADAPT to our new found condition. ”Adjust, adapt and be flexible” are their mantras. This is their solution to the mess we now find ourselves in. They will keep altering their lives accordingly to any amount of Owellian new normals.

These are the people who have pretty much passively accepted their plight and what is to come, just as they would a body disease. They naively accept the allopathic medicine and procedures the doctors prescribe and adapt their lives accordingly. Perfect goy slaves – again the exact response the JCN require to bring about their WW3/eugenics plan.





These are the only type of people who we want and need in this movement. The type of individuals who take on board the information and verify the material to be correct but in contrast to the Passives they get out there and share it in any way they can.


Here are some varying levels of Proactives. Individuals may morph in between levels depending on their circumstances.


Level 1

Those that talk to people about this stuff and send lots of links/threads out, but thatʼs their limit of activity. They never get out on the street and hand out leaflets. They tend only to spread the Truth within the choir. These people are of some use, but we will never make progress with this level of effort. They are only really a tad above the Passives.


Level 2

These are people who go out of their way to spread the Truth but are limited in their resources, time and creative skills. They tend to go along with other peopleʼs plans and are helpful in distributing leaflets/stickers, etc which others have produced, but they just donʼt have much initiative and arenʼt very dynamic in their approach. They do however play a positive part in getting the Truth out.


Level 3

Those that do everything within their capacity when they can to get the word out even if they may well be maxed out just trying to survive. They are much more proactive than Level 2s. They tend to make that much more of an effort and use up much of their creative skills and energy in ways to propagate the truth. They attend fringe political meetings and demos purely to distribute leaflets. They tend to instigate activities. They send out links/ threads to people beyond their social networking. They create various leaflets and stickers, write blogs, write graffiti, provide info on forums. They tell almost everyone they meet about the agenda. They are always coming up with new ideas to help the cause.

Propagating the Truth is a big part of their lives and most definitely more than just an interest. They can be a bit of a pain to family and friends, and may come across as paranoid, deluded, heavy or ʻaffectedʼ, but they donʼt really care as long as they are spreading the message.
They are active in trying to wake up not only the sleepers but those people in the Truth movement who are trapped in the dis-info and half Truths (Illuminati/ NWO type of material).

These people put in as much effort and time as Level 4s, sometimes more, but itʼs just they are not taking such a brave step as Level 4s by putting their heads above the parapet. They are a great asset to this movement and are necessary as far as reaching out to people on the ground on a personal level.


Level 4

These people have really upped the stakes to get the message out. They are generally less fearful and tend to take more of a leader position within the movement. They fully recognise the importance of committing themselves to exposing this agenda – and they do. Many of them devoting much of their lives to the truth. They set up blogs/web sites, do talks, arrange demonstrations, make films, write books and regular articles, carry out interviews, and generally devote a lot of time, and effort to the cause.

Many have spoken up and have deliberately chosen to sacrifice their prominent secure careers for the Truth….i.e. scientists who have written and exposed the global warming scam, or free energy. Some having sacrificed their lives (assassinated).

The Truth movement owes an enormous amount of gratitude to these people as we would surely all be in an Owellian hellhole had it not been for their sterling efforts.


“A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship its going to get” 
                                                                                                               ~Ian Williams Goddard (Philosopher)
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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  May 7, 2012

    Such a dynamic summary, Digger and thank goodness for the level 4 people. Here are a handful of my favorites! Almost all these people (in the video) have been jailed, beaten or assassinated.

  2. Guitar Man

     /  January 23, 2013

    There is The Last Level 5, believe it or not, and it is us !!!

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