Just Doing My Job

Highlighting two major players directly assisting this Judaic matrix

Dark Forces                                                                                                                                                                                                       These days there is a new breed of very very UNconscious psychologically-profiled character recruited into the police. These insecure control freak personality types magnetize to these types of jobs (bailiffs, traffic wardens, government inspectors, social services, etc). Once recruited they are further conditioned to become almost paranoid of the public.


In fact when these income whores donned in black (occult forces) begin to represent serving the people and not criminals, this will be an awakening. At present they are private corporations, ʻactingʼ as no more than private security guards and money collectors for these elite Jews – thatʼs why they don the Jewish cabalistic checkerboard on their uniform and cars. If you also look close enough you can see the a star of David hidden within the police insignia.


It is painfully ironic that these people who are not only supposed to be our servants, but our employees beat us, tazar us, maze us, pepper spray us, spy on us, deceive us, gas us, kettle us, incarcerate us in human kennels and even shoot us. All of which we pay for though the unlawful taxes which we are deceived into submitting. We literally have to pay for our own shackles.


It is equally ironic that their job is to be protecting us from criminals, yet they are arresting peace-loving people in order to protect the criminals. The same criminals who are destroying these police officerʼs world. These myopic fools cannot see that when this ʻsystemʼ which they are so gallantly shoring up will implode on them and they will be simply chewed up and spat out. These officers should be arrested for treason. What on earth would Orwell say?


You just couldnʼt make it up.
At present the public are fearful of the police. Anyone half awake knows these paid-to-bully officers cannot be trusted, and even minor incidents of social injustice are not worth reporting and getting these characters involved in, not only because they are useless at helping us, the system isnʼt designed to help us, itʼs designed to screw us, but this dark force is not on the side of good or justice and definitely not on your side. As things stand at present it is them and us.


They are now referred to as ʻofficersʼ and not constables as an officer works under maritime juristrisction which is contract law and not common law. Notice how they have also switched from being a police service to a police FORCE. Literally a force for evil. Clearly we know who weʼre dealing with. So itʼs all about contracts to FORCE more revenue (fines) out of us for Jewish private family cabals. The word for this is simply called THEFT. When the public are in fear of their government and itʼs agents this is tyranny and fascism. The word government by the way really means govern ʻcontrolʼ of the ment ʻmindʼ – “mind control”!


These are clear indicators that things are upside down and we have a long way to go before any global awakening. The more people wake up the more there will begin to be a social stigma towards the role of the modern-day thuggish police ʻofficerʼ. God help the more conscious police officers who have some resonance of ethics who have to work alongside these goons.


Did you hear about the guy who applied for a job as a traffic warden, but was told he wasnʼt intelligent enough. Then he applied for a job as a hospital porter and was told he didnʼt have sufficient people skills, then went for a veterinary job, but clearly had no real empathy and compassion for the animals, so he went for an interview for a riot control police officer and passed with flying colours.
The law society states that there is no excuse for ignorance of the law (even though there are millions of new laws being enFORCED upon us). I say to all these people who are helping to bring in this New World Order agenda, there is no excuse for ignorance of the truth. “Well I didnʼt know” will be a pitiful excuse down the line, especially when there hasnʼt been a time in history when the truth has been so easy available. Exposure to honest open education, knowledge and information – ʻthe truthʼ is the key to unlocking our shackles.


                                  “Ignorance and liberty cannot coexist” – Lincoln American President



Drone Operators 
Sitting comfortably in their air-con stations thousands of miles from their targets with their trusty JOYsticks. Totally detached from the reality and suffering of the people being ʻdisbursed offʼ on their computer screens. The screaming, crying, fear, shock, the utter horror of the blasts, carnage, destruction on every level. Immediate and long term bedlam. Irreparable damage to all concerned.
Immediately creating death, disabilities, orphans, widows – suffering suffering suffering.
What do these so-called ʻsoldiersʼ think when they set off to work in the morning? What goes through their minds when their shift is over – a good days work perhaps? What happens if theyʼre meeting a friend for lunch, do they finish off with annihilating ʻjust one more villageʼ before popping out for soup?
I have to know how they function in society. What do they chit chat about? How do they justify what they do when asked by their friends and families? Do their friends and families condone their ʻcareerʼ? Do their friends and families know what they actually do for ʻa livingʼ (a sick irony in this term)!?


Do these people ever contemplate there possibly could be an alternative? Do they ever see the aftermath of these poor peopleʼs lives, the personal tragedies, the anecdotes of the orphans? Do these people have the capacity to ever reflect on what they are doing to others? What I would give to be a fly on the wall to listen in on the conversations between these brave men in their tea breaks.


Of course these questions could be equally directed towards many individuals playing their part in this agenda. And I am playing naive here, because I am well aware how the programming and conditioning works. I fully understand the implications of cognitive dissonance. These people have been utterly mind controlled. They surely have to have been.


How I would love to interview one of these people. I just donʼt know if I would I be able to restrain my anger towards them though??


Of course these people are just the last in the line in the process of this whole operation. For this drone to be operated it of course had to be first conceived then funded, designed, built, tested, regulated and maintained by teams and teams of people, all whom are playing their compartmental roles, all incrementally doing their bit to get this concept up n running. Conception to completion, lots n lots of accumulative actions by sentient beings to destroy other sentient beings.


As we march towards this satanic Judaic New World Order agenda, it is going to be a case of who is gong to be able to hold it together and not crack completely, as things will exponentially worsen and become more and more insane. Not only the insanity of the acts themselves, but the insanity of the normalization and acceptance of these acts from most of the people around us.


The question then begs – Will it be moral to remain in any level of sane mind, for will that not mean to some degree we have partially accepted this sick nightmare?


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  1. Halo1

     /  May 30, 2012

    Total dehumanization, and to just to think, people are also conditioned via violent video games that disconnect them from any empathy. It’s all okay whilst they are blasting away at the next “zombie”, or german…

    • Halo1,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Interesting you say “Zombie” – they have got a zombie transhuman thing going on. I agree with your words.

      Thank you for contributing.



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