180 Degrees

Those of us who have spent sufficient amount of time trawling through the darkness, filth and depravity of the Jewish perfidy throughout history tend to be whistling the same tune regarding the Jewish identity. Their insane disgusting doctrines, their ritualistic slaughters, their warmongory, enforced slavery, oppression of gentiles, their outlandish lies and deception. We’ve had our fill of it all.

There isn’t one day that we have a rest bite from this judaic onslaught on humanity. It is relentless. Murder, murder, murder. And this is just what’s on the surface. Behind the scenes is an equal if not more prolific covert slaughter of the masses via the so-called medical and pharmaceutical professions, chemtrails, food and water degradation.


Even mother nature is not immune to the judaic venomous attacks with the so-called ‘natural’ tsunamis, deforestation, pollution of the soils, rivers, seas, pilfering of oils and minerals for profit and greed.


How much more can this planet take?  How much more can we take?


Yet we dare even question or highlight one single crime or make any accusation against this tribe and Arhh vey, arhh vey the automatic relentless and faithful screech of “ANTI- SEMITE” can be heard from all sections of the Jewish society. How dare you even consider accusing the Chosen ones! We have an unblemished history, only a history of unwarranted persecution – we the eternal victim.


The ‘anti-semite’ slander of course is yet more Jewish deception (lies) as this tribe are not semites at all. They are predominantly  European causation Khazars. So even they’re whole identity which they verdantly cling to is build on a foundation of lies.


Out of all the Jews currently alive today, who are out there putting their heads above the parapet standing up against the Jewish mafia? – Morris from youtube108, Gilad Atzmon, ermmm help me out here, I’m struggling – there must be more.


What have these two guys got in common? Well they seem to have both turned their back on their Jewish identity. They are both X Jews, former Jews who are openly exposing the JCN Jewish Criminal Network. The only Jews I am aware of these days who have dared to even discuss the history, current affairs and direction of the whole Jewish identity. The only born Jews I am aware of who are willing to self reflect.


I know there are many Jews in the past such as Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein who helped expose the crimes of their tribe. Plus there are many Jews who protest about the Palestinian massacres, which is all good and well, but the Palestine issue is only one of the dots of the whole criminal Jewish hegemony.


                                 The only good Jew is an ‘authentic’ former Jew

This is where many of us who have been involved in exposing the Jewish new world order agenda are now at. We are exhausted of phrases such as It’s not ‘the Jews’ – it’s the Zionists. It’s not the God-fearing good Torah Jews, it’s those pesky Talmud-following Zionists. HAIRY BOLLOCKS! This is yet more clever Jewish deception (lies). Yet people (including myself at one time) not only fall for this BS, but then go on to parrot it.


Zionism has only really been kicking around for just over a hundred years, yet this Judaic virus has been on the block for thousands of years. There is no debate. The historical evidence proves again and again without any doubt that wherever these people lay their hats you can guarantee social depravity, destruction and slavery of the Goy will occur.


These people were always known as “The Serpent People”. Their CV is only of bedlam, satanic/pagan practices, warmongary and anything pertaining to ‘the dark side’*. Hence why they have been expelled from 84 countries 109 times in two thousand years. That is their unblemished history. Each time they were merely the victims of arbitrary unprovoked anti-semitism.


This is why the Jews constantly feed off the term “Anti-semitism”. It gives them their imputes to continue the attack on the Gentile. It entrenches them in their victim mentality. It bonds the tribe like no other race on this planet. No matter what the crime of their brethren, they will always always defend the clan.


Their identity is engrained into many of them from birth with their circumcision to their schooling and their whole family environments. You are a Jew – You are different, you are God’s chosen one, you are special, you are superior to the goy cattle. The goy hates you and is out to get you.


Then this mindset is unleashed onto society. How on earth could these people act in a sane, empathetic, compassionate and tolerant way towards fellow sentient beings (?)


Of course there are many Jews who are fortunate enough not to be isolated into Jewish-only environments, yet they still feel somehow in their heart they are different. Perhaps a resonance of being the victim or somehow superior.


I mentioned ‘authentic’ former Jew as so many Jews conveniently switch sides to other faiths, but then turn out to be infiltrators within these faiths. These are termed as “Cypto-Jews”. Their purpose is to corrupt and destroy other religions. In the Christian movement there are Christian Zionists and in Islam there are groups such as “The Muslim Brotherhood”. Christianity is almost destroyed in the West and many parts of the world and they have struggled to attack Islam, but they are relentlessly working on it through the insidious introduction of their talmudic perversion, seeping into the youth. In Iraq now for example pornography and Westernized (talmudic) culture is becoming more readily available.


The Jews whom I have known and had some great times with before knowing about the JCN were all really nice people. However …….. whenever one brings up any of these issues then they immediately go into ‘protect the tribe’ mode. They never ever self reflect and allow the truth to be even heard. Because the truth is not on their side.


They can never have a restrained, logical discussion. All they feel they can ever do is hiss, spit out accusations and hurl emotive rants. Or at the very least turn the discussion into a confused distracted off-the-point commentary. Jewish diversion, Jewish deception, Jewish lies. Which Mark Glenn describes as Jew-jitsu. Within a couple of sentences you will be thrown off balance and struggling to get focused on the original point. Black belts in any argument. Kings of deception.


“Once we perceive that it is Judaism which is the root cause of anti-Semitism, otherwise irrational or inexplicable aspects of anti-Semitism become rationally explicable…Only something representing a threat to the core values, allegiances and beliefs of others could cause such universal, deep and lasting hatred. This Judaism has done…”                                                               – Why the Jews: by Denis Prager and Joseph Telushkin, 1985


Yet in reflection all they have to do is turn their back on this whole Jewish identity and the problem would begin to be solved. The Jews in particular have to stop this “I AM” business. I am a Jew. I find that offensive because …..I AM A JEW. 


Well stop bloody well being A JEW!! That’s it. Problem solved. Stop this identification with this satanic tribe and as John Kaminski says JOIN THE HUMAN RACE. If I were talking about Hindus, or Catholics in this light they wouldn’t be offended, but because of their egos and attachment to their precious Jew identity it sets off fireworks.


It matters not so much that someone has been born Jewish, or they have Jewish blood, but that they lean towards the light, they do not remain passive, neutral regarding the crimes of Jewish identity. It matters only that they become conscious.


It is a moral crime against humanity to defend judaism, Jews or Jewishness”
                                                                                                                                                         – John Kaminski


I know my suggested solution is somewhat simplistic and idealistic, but it is the only way we are going to begin to resolve this mess. The so-called good Jews have got to stop supporting this Jewish compartmentalized criminal matrix. It’s all these millions of good Jews who are propping up the JCN. Of course along with us gullible goys.


Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil” 
                                                                                                          – Thomas Mann


Until the Jews turn their backs 180 degrees on this destructive cult and realize they are no more special than any other race of people on this planet and start to act in a cohesive way within society, without any labeling, then we ALL will never cease to have compromised lives and collective suffering.


“The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsy and revengeful people than the Jews, who imagine themselves to be the people of God, and who believe that they should murder and crush the Gentiles.” 
                                                                                   – Martin Luther


* Please note in reference to ‘dark’ forces. This was a spiritual term and in no way a reflection on our dark-skinned brothers.
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  1. More ritual murder in their latest attempts to smear their victim/target: WHITE PEOPLE: Charleston Menorah Massacre


  2. Zionism Exposed along with Italians ARE JEWS! (sAyinist branch)

    Zionism is zAyin ism! “Ayin 26 qabala”


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