Don’t Quote Me On That [i]


A collection of my thoughts and ramblings, taken from my essays, notes and general correspondence. Collectively outlining my position on most subjects pertaining to the Judaic hegemony: its ultra-nationalism, extremism, aggression, supremacist ideology. Including my views on the New World Order agenda and our approach towards exposing truth and what this entails.



“It is those of us who support the truth, what is right and ethical that stand morally above all Jewish-created laws and legislation.”




“As we march towards this satanic Judaic New World Order agenda, it is going to be a case of who is gong to be able to hold it together and not crack completely, as things will exponentially worsen and become more and more insane. Not only the insanity of the acts themselves, but the insanity of the normalization and acceptance of these acts from most of the people around us.”




“These people were always known as “The Serpent People”. Their CV is only of bedlam, satanic/pagan practices, warmonger and anything pertaining to ʻthe dark sideʼ. Hence why they have been expelled from 84 countries 109 times in two thousand years. That is their unblemished history. On each occasion they were merely the victims of arbitrary unprovoked anti-semitism.”             




“The most appropriate word has to be RESPONSIBILITY. We have to accept to some degree we have allowed this nonsense to happen and still allow it – even though we are supposed to be awake. We only have ourselves to blame.” 



   “The nature of the Babylonian Talmudists (elite Jews) is of pilfering, deception, warmonger, satanic rituals and general destruction – all of which are interdependent.”




“The police are no longer there to ʻserveʼ us, hence they are no longer called a police SERVICE, but a police FORCE. These private corporations not only have county court convictions against them, but their role is to protect criminals who they should be locking up. Yet this dark force, these goons donned in black who are supposed to be our employees, arrest, beat up and detain peaceful dissidents who dare to highlight these social crimes.”




“It’s not so much that the elite Jews are running the world, it’s more a case of the elite Jews are ruining the world.”



“Exposure to honest open education, knowledge and information – ʻthe truthʼ is one of the keys to unlocking our shackles.” 




       “Every war is for the benefit of the Jewish elite – for three main reasons: 

   ritualistic mass slaughters, world dominance and pilfering of wealth and resources.”




“Criminals the lot of them! Courts today are just extended Judaified free-masonic lodges which put on an ʻactʼ to fleece people who are trying to survive in this cruel unjust society. THEFT! That is why their laws are referred to as ʻactsʼ. They are all actors ʻplaying a gameʼ in ʻcourtʼ. The whole modern day law society is one big club for special people of which the likes of us do not belong to. You and I do not belong to this ʻLaw Societyʼ. We are not in this big posh club.”             



“We have been snoring away and busy being distracted whilst the physical, psychological and technological traps have been set in place for our enslavement.” 



“Jews constantly feed off the term “Anti-semitism”. It gives them their imputes to continue the attack on the Gentile. It entrenches them in their victim mentality. It bonds the tribe like no other race on this planet. No matter what the crime of their brethren, they will always always defend the clan.”



“We have all got to stop waiting for someone else, some other force to come and save us. We will only get ourselves out of this mess through inertia, through action. Lots of small daily acts which collectively and accumulatively add up to positive change for ALL.”



“Swedish ʻsettlersʼ decided they would take up residence in Palestine and tear down ancient villages and cultures and replace it with Swedish culture and traditions…..under the guise that ʻtheir Viking God Thor told them toʼ and they had been ʻchosenʼ by Thor as superior beings.” 

                                                                          (in reference to the theme of ‘Could you Just Imagine if …..’)



“The question we have to ask ourselves is what are we going to do about all this deception and corruption? What are you personally going to do about this? Just go along to get along, see how things pan out, remain passive, scared, neutral? Or are you going to ʻdo your bitʼ to stand up for your freedom, sanity, goodness, what is right

– for truth?” 




“All the Jews have done is manipulate our greed, insecurities, attachment, lust and of course our good old egos (kudos). All of which the great mystics have warned us about throughout the ages.”                          



“For us to win this battle it is essential to get NEWBIES to migrate over to our side. Sufficient numbers of the police, soldiers, bureaucrats, bailiffs, etc need to wake up. Itʼs all about number crunching and getting enough people engaged and ACTIVE in fighting these criminals.”




“Everything in our lives has conveniently been transformed to the corporate commercialized world. Privately run corporations dealing in commerce – money-greed and ultimately to control and enslave Gentiles.” 




“These roles will come more and more unsavory as we head towards the peak of this global oppression. The concept of the sheep controlling the sheep will soon become very distasteful. There will be many people in these roles whoʼs conscience will eat away at them, and as they gradually wake up they will no longer be able or want to hold their positions.”

                     (in reference to Gentiles who are directly serving the beast – police, bailiffs, social services, etc)




“We are only governed by consent. We have to stop acquiescing to their talmudic control. We are all natural men and women born free with God given inalienable rights. There is not one person on this planet who has authority over us (unless we consent to their authority). It matters not if they have a title, silly wig, black uniform, badge and clip board. We are all born equal – and ʻtheyʼ are not more equal than us.”




“We must not just become merely conspiracy hobbyists. All the research, knowledge and understanding of a problem alone will not resolve it. There comes a point when we must ACT on all this information. We donʼt have time now for just researching researching researching, we have to be PROACTIVE in getting this stuff out there and waking the masses up. Feet to the streets people.”     




“I feel we have been given a golden opportunity to prove how much we really want our freedom and to live in a beautiful world full of abundance for all.” 



“Each night when our head hits the pillow perhaps we should ask ourselves a couple of very important questions “Have I been a good example for the truth movement?” and “What actions have I taken today to prevent this New World Order nightmare coming into place?”.



“The reason we remain in this mess, is because people are side-stepping the obvious truth, so as not to offend a small minority of society –  the same minority who are in fact responsible for ALL our problems.”




“Zionism has only really been kicking around for just over a hundred years, yet this Judaic virus has been on the block for thousands of years. There is no debate. The historical evidence proves again and again without any doubt that wherever these people lay their hats you can guarantee social depravity, destruction and slavery of the goy will occur.”




“Nobody likes the cockerel – it wakes people up to reality in a disturbing manner.”




“I personally am not a fan of exoteric (external) religion. I now finally see how all religions play into the mass mind control and I refuse to allow another human being no matter what label they have to play middle man/woman in my personal connection with a higher source. For me I now realise any spirituality will be gained from stillness and silence from within. In fact probably what all the great mystics, prophets have told us to do in the first place. “Be still and know thy God”. “




“Until the Jews turn their backs 180 degrees on this destructive cult and realize they are no more special than any other race of people on this planet and start to act in a cohesive way within society, without any labeling, then we ALL will never cease to have compromised lives and collective suffering.”




“….when people will be able to see through the illusion that all entertainment, alcohol, computer games, gambling and activities such as competitive sports are just distractions and mind control techniques handed down to us, keeping us unconscious to play into the judaic agenda.”

                                                                                          (in reference to signs of global awakening)


I feel being conscious is beyond just knowing that 9/11 was an israel job. It goes much deeper than this. I sense that we have to tap into our spiritually by looking within ourselves. Again as all the great mystical scholars and scriptures have expressed to us throughout the ages ʻThe root of everything we seek comes from withinʼ. Our strength, peace, courage, direction and ultimately our freedom.” 



“I have nothing whatsoever against love n peace. I’m well up for all of that and positive thinking too. But as long as we’re being big boys n girls and actually address the root causes of what is preventing ALL of us from having this wonderful love n peace. If someone is attacking me or someone else with a hammer, I’m not going to just stand there passively and retort “love n peace man”. I’m not a pacifist – I’m up for standing up for what is right, and exposing the truth. I am claiming to be a truther after all. All or nothing. I refuse to stand in half truth land just so I won’t offend anyone or don’t ‘appear’ to be loving.” 




Deep in our hearts and psyche we know that the monster that is going around munching up other peopleʼs lives, is the exact same monster that will eventually chew up our lives – and currently is.” 



“I see the differences between what is going on in Islamic countries (or countries which are not yet under the grasp of the IMF) and Western countries is just the velocity of attack. The tap is gushing out onto the Islamic world, where as we in the West have this constant drip drip drip effect, which is increasing becoming more rapid. – The washer definitely needs changing.”




The purpose of the Jewish pharmaceutical and health care industry is to murder Gentiles through their eugenics plan, whilst making vast profits in the process; as well as condition us into becoming dependent on the state and therefore rejecting traditional healing methods and natural medicine.”




“The elite Jews are constantly pulling us away from our connection to spirituality and nature. Mother nature is the great healer. We must try not to reject natural foods, medicine and natural lifestyles. We must not allow them to force us to abandon our fundamental connection with nature.”




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