Q: Is using the sound bite “You need balance in life” just a convenient excuse to carry on as normal, do nothing and just put your head in the sand (?)

The sailors in this image (yet to be uploaded) are extending out as far as they can to adapt and create balance between the different elements. If they donʼt they will simply capsize.


However most of the people who parrot the magic word ʻbalanceʼ would probably think they just need to sit in a normal position in the boat and expect everything to be OK.


Itʼs like people who should be watching their diet/nutrition using the excuse of ʻhaving a balanceʼ so as they can carry on comfort eating.


The world is seriously out of kilter and for us to have balance we need to collectively go out of our way – beyond our normals to address these imbalances.


Iʼm not suggesting we radically change our lifestyles like Ken O Kieth and risk our lives in Gaza or start up a radio station or write books whatever. However I just feel we should make an effort every day to do our bit to be proactive in fighting this nonsense.


In reality is it not the case that most truthers put 99.99% of their energy into their careers/work, hobbies, sports, socializing, pleasure seeking and only a mere .01% into actually fighting this new world order tyranny (?)


If all we are doing is infighting on forums, perhaps mentioning it to John up the pub, or Sandra in the office, we cannot possibly expect to beat this new world order. We really have to roll up our sleeves now and ʻget this job doneʼ.


“There is no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves”                                                                                                                                   – Frank Herbert

Further Meaningless programmed Sound Bites     (excuses so as to not take action)


There will be a divine intervention – Thatʼs handy. We may as well carry on watching the ball game then.
Love is the great healer – And??
Weʼll just have to see how things pan out – Ohh right OK.
Lets just hope and pray things will get better – Arhh thatʼs a good idea.
Ohh well itʼll all turn out right in the end – Will it???
Thereʼs always been tyrants and problems in the world and there always will be – Yep, there always will be with apathetic cowards like yourself who do sod all about it 🙂.
Youʼre not going to save the world – Not on my own I wonʼt, and certainly not with a ball and chain like yourself around my ankle.
Leave it all up to God/Allah – Makes perfect sense, lets do nothing about it and all just suffer in the mean time.
I donʼt want the hassle – No comment.
Think Positive – OMG the most annoying sound bite ever.


“Shame on the man who knows and does not do”                                                                                                                                                 – Tato Pedro Cruz (Mayan Elder)
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