And I’m Supposed to be a Conspiracy Theorist?

Yet you believe ………….

Human beings have been to the moon.

The mainstream narrative of ‘The Holocaust’.

That 9/11 was carried out by 19 Muslim extremists.

That money exists in the conventional sense and is backed by something of any real value.

The media is where we all can gain information on what is going on in the world and the news presents the truth from honest impartial journalism.

The doctors and mainstream allopathic medicine is there to improve the well being of people.

That the courts are where we can get justice and lawful acts are carried out.

That the police generally are there to serve and protect the people.

In the principle of voting and through voting we have our say in which politicians are elected.

Democracy generally is a positive construct for society.

That politicians and our governments our working for us for the benefit of us.

That the taxes we pay go towards the benefits of each individual country for the collective interests of the people.

That vaccines are good for you.

That it was a coincidence that all the cameras just happened to be not working on the route Princes Diana died. Same for vital areas around the twin towers of NY on 9th September 2001.

That both the 7/7 London bombing and the Madrid train bombing were carried out by Islamic terrorists.

That schools, colleges and universities are learning centers providing independent up-to-date world knowledge for the benefit of the students.

That popular music artists we see on main stream TV stem from grass root individuals organically making their way up to the top through talent and hard work and becoming successful due to popular demand.

That the mainstream charities are authentic and the money raised goes predominately towards the their stated beneficiaries.

That mainstream films both TV and cinema are purely for the sake of ‘entertainment’.

Likewise, the gaming industry is innocuous fun aimed at kids and teenagers.

That the food sold in our supermarkets is quality and nutritious.

Local councils are serving the local community with our best interests at heart.

That although we’re going through a recession now, we’ll pull through like we’ve done in the past and in a couple years things will be hunky dory again….back to ‘normal’.

That those dreadful anarchists donned with their balaclavas we’ve all seen on the news reports smashing up corporate buildings are just individuals with a chip on their shoulder and represent most protesters.

Our boys fighting out in the middle east are heros and their fighting on our behalf for all our benefits with aims to bring about world peace.

That little ol Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and is constantly having to defend herself against the those aggressive Arabs.

That we need the amount of cctv cameras in public places ‘for our safety’.

That parking tickets, penalties, legislation and fines are all perfectly lawful.

Well don’t worry you’re not alone.



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