A Letter to a Sleepy Acquaintance

Dear ……………….. I have tried many times in the past to communicate politely to you about these pressing issues and I no longer have the patience to be polite – with you, or people like you who ʻchooseʼ not to see this Jewish ʻnew world orderʼ monster leaning down upon us. We have no more time to be polite about this situation we find ourselves in.

I am saddened to see you in the mental state you are in. I donʼt say that in jest. What I mean by that is you like all the other sheople have been totally and absolutely usurped by the judaic talmudic mind-lock.


You have had a successful accumulative psychological operation done on you. You are in a Jewish trance, hypnotized/comatized by the jewish psychological warfare.


In a way I should be more understanding – after all “Why would you not be propagandized?ʼ, when you read the Jewish-owned newspapers (Jewpapers), watch the Jewish controlled TV (talmudvision), listen to the judaic radio, having absorbed all the rabbinical predictive programming through courses and education (indoctrination) system to gain all your opinions and outlook on life.


You undoubtably have swallowed up all the main stream propaganda and therefore can only operate and regurgitate what you have been programmed to think and say – just like an organic computer. Your thoughts are not your thoughts.


You believe lock stock and barrel in the holocaust and empathize with the poor eternal victim Jews.


You most definitely have fallen for all the Islamaphobia.


You have conveniently justified us going into Iraq and slaughtering two million plus innocent people under the pretext that there may have been WMDs. A jewish media controlled lie.


You probably havenʼt even questioned the ʻofficialʼ story of ʻthose crazy 19 mooozlimsʼ highjacking planes to crash into the twin towers on September 11 2001. surprise surprise it wasnʼt the Muslims – IT WAS THE JEWS. As was the 7/7 London bombings.


But hey – why should you question it? The main steam media would never lie to us. Especially the kosher BBC .


Everything is OK 


Or is it that deep down you donʼt even care. You donʼt care about the 1.5 million Palestinians barely surviving cramped up in an open-air prison camp under horrific dangerous conditions.


My guess is you donʼt care that the UK/US tax payers have funded the illegal wars in across the middle east and now Syria to implement their WW3.


Yes WW3, another Jewish war which the jews have openly boasted about instigating in their doctrines [The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion]. But as you say “Thatʼs nonsense”.


Of course the intense independent impartial research Iʼve done over the last 5 years must be nonsense too. Along with the millions of independent eminent political analysts also whistling this same tune must also be talking nonsense.


But then again why should you care when you can pop along to your art class and go swimming and do your various hobbies and pastimes.


You said on the phone “Itʼs a good time to be alive” Yes for you in your cozy little middle class bubble in Lala land. Well HELLO thereʼs another world out there. A world of reality. A harsh reality you canʼt dare to face. Not only in this country but in other parts of the world.


Can you not see this Orwellian police state creeping upon us?
Do you trust in these nefarious flue jabs?
Do you believe we have honest courts where people can get justice?
Do you believe what the politicians tell you?
The cognitive dissonance must be unbearable.


“A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts who refuse to believe that government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the police state dictatorship its going to get”                                                                                                                                    – Ian Williams Goddard


You are munching away at a potato (personʼs name)…………. and you think you are eating an apple. All the people you mix with are also eating potatoes thinking they are eating apples and so are the characters on your goggle box (tv) and this your normality and reality. This is mass hypnosis and what Orwell described as ʻthe new normalsʼ.


Sleep sleep sleep – do not think – obey authority – watch tv – trust big brother – war is peace – focus on your hobbies – slavery is freedom – everything is OK – sleep sleep sleep. 


This is why trying to engage in a logical conversation about these vitally important issues with people like yourself is futile. The repetitive programming is too insidious, the hypnotic judaic mantras have penetrated too deep.


Lets talk instead about meaningless selfish inconsequential small talk….. college courses, art classes, trivia. Everything is OK.


I have no real alternative to talk to you other than in this assertive brutal way. Superficial kindness will not help you.


Because I care about you I feel you need a metaphoric cold wet towel slapped across your face to wake you up from your slumber state.


I sent you some links last week on these topics – and predictably no response from you whatsoever. I have physically pointed out the chemtrails to you in the sky and you glaze over as if Iʼve pointed to a tree. I have posted you endless amounts of material for you to just look at, again with zero response from you.
“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who donʼt do anything about it”  


I clearly gain the impression you just donʼt want to know anything that goes on outside your cosy insulated cacoon mentality.


How much longer are you going to keep hitting that snooze button so as to remain snug under your duvet (?)


Iʼm repulsed with your ostridge-like attitude and people like you. Your passiveness and detached approach to what is going on in the world right now is totally unacceptable  distasteful and needs to be highlighted.


“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it”                                                                   -MLK junior


What irritates me the most is you and people like you wonʼt even bother to make an effort whatsoever to investigate any of these so-called conspiracy theories. Your myopic naive trust in the media, the government, the doctors, the establishment is ridiculously childlike. Your sense of curiosity has been incrementally eroded by this judaic onslaught. This is social engineering. You have been judaified.


Paradoxically you claim to be well informed because you have two degrees and read the Times or Guardian and listen to radio 4. Ohhh itʼs so painful and if it wasnʼt so serious it would laughable.


When trying to converse with you on these subjects is like us discussing car mechanics when youʼve never rolled up your sleeves and attempted any car mechanics, but only read about the theories of car mechanics from a poetic/artistic viewpoint.


What do you know about about zionism, judaic doctrines, the ʻnew world orderʼ? Have you read the Babylonian talmud? Have you researched the Protocols? What ʻindependentʼ books can you state you have read on these topics? How many key researchers on khazarian/judaic practices can you name?


Iʼm sure you havenʼt read anything or know anything, or even know anyone who has researched these vitally important subjects. So how can we even begin to converse on them and associated global topics (?).


The mere fact that you canʼt see that we are most definitely heading towards (and have begun) WW3 I find shocking/disturbing. It only reinforces how deluded you are with worldly/political events.


I partially understand our parentʼs generation not grasping this situation because back in their day times were more amenable – more freedom, more work, much more social generation. But besides that they only really had the main stream media for their information.


Those of us with access to the internet to provide us with independent proactive objective information have no excuse whatsoever for being unaware of global trends.


I find it increasingly difficult to communicate with you and people like you who are wrapped up in the judaic matrix. I feel we can only restore our bond until you ….


“Until we do wake up, nothing sounds more absurd than the assertion that we are dreaming, and nothing seems more solid than this world and reality of the senses”                                                                                                                                              – Unknown author


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