The 5 points of Frustration

Highlighting the main areas of frustration for those of us awake and desperately trying to get the truth out there.


Could you just imagine if ……

Could you just imagine if ……

Don’t mention the Jews

Don’t Mention ‘The Jews’ ……….


We stood by

We stood by ….

whilst they starved us to death ……..and we let them get away with it.


when they poisoned us with their de-natured foods, flouridated waters, alcohol and drugs ……and we let them get away with it.



Don’t quote me on that [iii]

More of my rants n reflections in quotational form 



Wake up stages



Stage 1  Mad as hell


SOLUTIONs to beat the Khazars


Some suggestions to ‘try’ and combat this disease on humanity. These of course are not conclusive, but aimed at engaging and stimulating us all to keep up the fight the best ways we can.


So you call yourself a truther?

Close the door


Tis not the Reptiles – but the Rabbis


When our heads hit the pillow



Hands up Iʼm guilty of putting all the blame on ʻthe Jewsʼ for the mess we now find ourselves in and all the carnage throughout the centuries. I want to believe that if this Khazarian/Babylonian cult was contained, we all would have a sweeter life.