Watering Seeds

Being mindful of how we deliver the truth
How many of us have come across the zealot vegans who shove a leaflet in our face titled GO VEGAN! I often wondered what their success rate is. As if someone would suddenly convert over to ‘their’ side, to an alternative thinking and lifestyle after being exposed to that aggressive pitch.



My approach these days whenever I’m delivering this message is I immediately polarize people into two groups:
1/. People I will probably never meet again
2/. People I will most probably meet up again at some point.



The first group I tend to just provide them with a flyer or piece of paper containing a list of various websites and films. The second group who I’m sure I will meet up with again, say in a work place, or social event I tend to tread more carefully. Like a burglar throwing up a stone to the window to see if anyone is at home, I try to gain their levels of awareness. Are they entrenched in their unconsciousness, or do they have some level of social/global awareness? 



The reason for this is because in a work or social environment handing this stuff out could backfire on you and you end up indirectly losing your job, or create an awkward atmosphere. It does happen. So it may be wise to play it low key and bite your tongue in some environments and keep all your truthing activities outside the workplace. Remember if you have no income this could disable your activities, so it’s not worth it. Perhaps if you know your going to leave anyway, get people’s e-mails and send material on to them once you’ve left.



So with the second group of people for example I may talk about the economy and test the water to see their views on it. If they immediately retort in TV (talmudvision) talk I don’t give up on them, as I understand that’s just the programming seeping through. I persevere to see if there is something inside which has the ‘potential’ of some level of independent thought. It’s like head hunting – all we need is a spark of potential which could be nurtured into a free-thinker. This process could take weeks.



I accept this may all sound judgmental and dismissive of people, but it’s through years of experience and wasted energy in trying to tap into the unconscious sheople I have come to make these observations. Years of people watching, and almost character profiling. I’m at a stage now that within a few minutes and even less sometimes I can suss out if I’m wasting my energy.



Tell tell signs are if they constantly interrupt you and dominate the conversation all about their selfish lifestyles. They also tend to be insensitive to the environment and people around them.



The qualities of a potential truther tend to be people who are:
* Less ego-driven
* More conscious
* More sensitive towards others and environments
* Reflective thinkers
* Generally not loud mouths
* Less materialistic
* Not immature with their approach to winning games (golf, football whatever). In fact they are less involved in these competitive sports and are more into self-development.
* They tend to be less work, career or money driven
* Someone who is socially aware, even if it is only local politics
* Less self-absorbed, more altruistic
* Relatively good listeners
* Have relative wisdom and common sense (it is not important that they are academically intelligent. In fact as many of us have observed those types of people tend to be the least open to this information. These academic-heads are just good repeaters, regurgitating the judaic system)
* People who tend to be less engrained in their identity. They are not so caught up in this “I AM” business. I am a ….buddhist, I am a …..vegetarian, I am a …..housewife, I am a …..golfer, whatever.
* They often have had some level of negative experience with authoritative figures such as magistrates, police, local councils, social services, etc and even the media. They know ‘the system ain’t quite how it ought to be’.
* People who have respect for a friend, sibling, colleague, partner who has already primed them with the fundaments of the conspiracy.
* People who have had a recent life-shattering or spiritual experience and have an element of curiosity to how the world ‘really’ runs and an alternative to what they have absorbed to date.


Once I have recognised that I have a potential truther before me, someone who really is prepared to absorb new information as opposed to just being a ‘nodding dog’ (politely pretending to listen), I then tread carefully to the next level.


I try to pick up on what their interests are – be it hiking, natural health, education, politics, whatever and then tailor the conversation around their interests making a tentative link to a more neural part of this agenda.


So for example if someone is into nutrition I would listen carefully to their views on it and nod and agree (even if I disagree with their approach/ideas), then gently gently weave in the topic of “Codex Alimentarias”, or vaccines, or GM foods, whatever.


If they were into economics I would ask them their views on compound interest and ask if they’ve heard of usury. I would then scribble down films for them to watch such as “Money as Debt” and “Money Masters”.


I would never claim to really know my subject, but play neutral to avoid ego bashing. I would pretend someone I met mentioned this or that to me and wondered what their thoughts were on this.


I know this is outright lying and we are supposed to be in the truth movement. But hey – we have an important job to do. This is a life or death situation. You and I are potentially trying to curb WW3, so telling the odd porkie (pork pie = lie) here n there to save lives ain’t such a sin.


I would ‘try’ and remain detached, lighthearted, neutral, balanced and most definitely non-pushy. Occasionally injecting some humour into the conversation if appropriate. Although at times it’s hard to do.


I try to think “What feeling/emotion does that person have after speaking with me? – What first impression do they have of the truth movement of truthers?”


The problem is we are so passionate about this subject and we have to keep a cool head when dealing with such blatant ignorance. It’s tough, especially when we’re tired or had a hard day, but we just have to try hard. When you feel yourself about to bite, snap or growl at a comment such as “Obama is going to get us out of this mess” or “If you don’t like it, just vote them out”, or “You’re just one of those conspiracy nutters” just detach, smile and try and stay neutral.


We all have egos and it’s tough to keep it out of all of this. If we try to think what are the chances that after you engage in an ego battle when sharing the truth that that person will whistle off home and eagerly look at the information you gave them. You know this will never happen, in fact they probably will just throw it in the bin and from then on they will always label any truth as silly little conspiracy theories.


The damage is then done and it will take an awful lot to repair and turn that person around – if ever.
I find just responding “Right” or “OK” in a gentle tone when being exposed to these conditioned comments helps me. It keeps me in neutral territory. Then I can either walk away or try a different approach.


You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into.” – Author Unknown


I have now found it useful that prior to going into a social event I prep myself mentally. This is especially useful to do when going into a family gathering. I gear myself up almost as if I’m going for an interview so that I’m prepared to be tested. Almost like I’m an actor. I feel this is one of the most important subjects on this planet and we are in the most insane unprecedented times the world has known – potentially end times. So making small sacrifices like this no matter how awkward and artificial it all is, is essential.


I always think to myself that by passing this information on it could eventually end up in the hands of a leading light in the movement, a character type similar to Mark Glenn, John Kaminski, Daryl Bradford Smith, Michael Collins Piper, Keith Johnson, etc. Just think of the potential. They may just have the skills and resources you don’t have, such as a brilliant video maker, public speaker, or musician, writer, poet whatever who could really get this truth out there. Yet all their talent may be presently wasted away on trivial degrading material and probably serving the judaic agenda. In addition you may prevent that person playing a significant role in this matrix, such as a future police officer or soldier whatever.


I feel we have to view everyone we interact with, even a conditioned organic robotic soldier as someone who potentially could wake up. Despite the odds being low. This soldier is intrenched in his identity. I AM a ….soldier. I have to constantly remind myself I too was once quite unconscious with my selfish little pursuits and identities.


In addition be mindful that the person you give the information to may not necessarily be particularly switched on to this material, however if you tread carefully and make some kind of impression you may just persuade them to pass this information onto someone else who absolutely takes the batten and runs with it. They may just act as a stepping stone between you and someone ripe for the truth.


Whenever you get disheartened or frustrated by all this nonsense, its a great thing to remind yourself that once that genie is out of the bottle, it ain’t going back in. When people migrate over to our side, they will NEVER go back to unknowing the truth. People can never UNsee, UNread and UNhear this truth no matter how they respond to it. You will always at some level sow a seed, despite it appearing a futile even negative exercise. It’s only when we ego bash that we can do damage as people then take sides and dig their heels in with resistance. So try hard to be self-disciplined gently gently does it.


The positive aspects of sharing this information no matter how strenuous it can be at times is that it helps with any pent up frustration with the events unfolding. Whatever happens in this battle you can hold your head up and say I did my bit. Plus you are helping people’s lives in the long run. Knowledge can be empowering for those who engage with it.


I see our job is to essentially nurture, encourage and help develop people’s potential consciousness. Like watering a seed.


I try to set myself little targets when I’m out n about. I may for example try and pass on information to at least ten people before I go home. Or pass on info to 30 people a week whatever.


“Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark, or the man afraid of the light?”   – Maurice Freehill 


It may seem odd at first instigating a conversation with a complete stranger, especially when we’re in a society which doesn’t converse. but it gets easier. The elite Jews have created a society were complete strangers do no not talk to each other through mistrust, paranoia and/or being totally self-absorbed. Everyone seems to be plugged into some sort of IT gadget now. This is no accident. They don’t want us making conversation. Talking is potentially dangerous to the elite – information gets shared that way. So that is exactly what us ‘in the know’ have to do. Talk and lots of it to lots and lots of people.


But how do you engage in conversation with a complete stranger?


Well essentially any way you can, as long as you are being respectful and not depriving people of their personal space. Try to be conscious of people’s feelings and body language.


A simple example:
Make a fuss of someone’s dog. Make out you had an identical dog just like theirs as a child. Yea I know another porkie, it’s gotta be done. Then maybe talk about the outlandish vet fees, and if the conversation flows, slide it towards the cost of living, then say another porkie and say something like “You know I heard on the radio the other day that the bankers rewarded themselves £140 Billion in bonuses for screwing up the country” If they bite to that, then stick with financial and social topics and then scribble down some sites which explain about who is behind all this mess.


Likewise you could pretend you’re impressed with their car, boat or garden whatever. Show interest in their possessions at some level first. But not too much. Pitch it enough so as you can soon connect on to a more neutral subject, then onto the agenda. You can usually get to the agenda within 3/5 stepping stone topics.


I tend not to mention ‘the Jews’ in an approach like that, I generally stay neutral. They will find out in the sites you give them when they get home.


I must admit sometimes the conversation hits the floor like a lead balloon, and you never get a chance to develop it to then pass on info. But that’s ok, it was a learning curve, just move on to the next victim.


When handing someone a leaflet I just say something like “Here’s some information which the main stream media aren’t telling us”. Or whatever the topic they’re interested in, I make out the websites are related – well it’s partly true as everything on this planet has been infected by the judaic virus.


I promise you it does get easier and like any skill it just needs honing. After the first few times the shyness and uncomfortableness goes. Even if the first couple of times are awkward yet you still manage to pass on the info – thats all that matters. Every conversation and every interaction will be a valid experience. You will develop your presentation and knowledge base and become so skilled you will be able to weave around any topic to deliver the truth. Become a mini actor.


These days I can somehow engineer the conversation around from a the topic of a simple garden hose to this agenda. It may take a bit of doing, lots of incremental stepping stones, but I get there in the end. And the people go off home with a leaflet or a piece of paper with half a dozen websites and films. Job done!



In conclusion
* ‘Try’ hard to keep the ego out.
* Gently gently does it. Avoid ruffling anyone’s feathers, it’s unproductive.
* Keep it friendly and respectful. Agree to disagree. Walk away if need be.
* LISTEN in the conversation, try not to dominate the discussion. Be conscious, be sensitive, tune into that person’s character.
* Keep neutral – don’t mention ‘the Jews’ unless they do. Make out someone gave you this info and you’re not quite sure yet what to make of it yourself. Sometimes it even pays to act ignorant if they are being antagonistic or challenging. Just say something like “Well it seems as if you know your stuff”. That way you may still end up giving them the info. They may have just been in a funny mood that day and the next day they are looking up your info.
* Don’t put yourself or anyone else in a compromised awkward position. Be sensitive and use some common sense in approaching people. Especially at night.
* Be an actor
* Swat up on your stuff first before you hit the streets, just the fundamentals in case you get cornered. Never challenge anyone, but knowing your material will allow you to re-approach the topic in different light.
* Make sure you have a pen and paper and leaflets to give them.
* Be on your guard for Jews who may want to catch you out. i.e don’t give out your personal details unless you 100% feel comfortable with that person.
* Try to dress appropriately – neutral. Clean, tidy, etc. Make sure your breath doesn’t smell and be conscious of body odour.
* Most of all be mindful of the impression/resonance you will leave with that person and what example you will have on the truth movement. Avoid trying to be a smart arse or arrogant.
Keep tapping away at the truth fellow truthpeckers. We ARE making headway, even though it’s hard to see at times. The elite Jews know this and they’re scared as hell. Spreading the truth is one of the most positive activities you can do on this earth.

“You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.”            – Navajo Proverb


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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  June 28, 2012

    Digger, this is an excellent article and I whole heartedly agree with you. You have also provided me with some excellent ideas! Thank you!
    You’re right. I’ve been handed various flyers and simply trashed them for various reasons. I use something of a “sales approach.” I approach a person and ask a simple question or make a simple statement. For example, “Gee, we hear so much about terrorism today but haven’t had any attacks since 911. I wonder if the government is using the “propaganda of fear sometimes?”

    Normally, people laugh and say that’s exactly what’s going on but there are others who insist we have so much to fear so I ask probing questions to find out what their fears are and go from there. Probing questions are designed to help provide you with more information without being intrusive.

    Example of probing questions are:
    1) What makes you feel this way?
    2) Sorry, I don’t understand. Could you help by giving an example?
    3) You can also repeat what they have said (‘echo question’), perhaps with emphasis on the area where you want more detail.

    Build up rapport while controlling the conversation! Remember – never interrogate!

    Here’s a video that can explain probing questions.

    Keep in mind – this is only the first approach and can be used with the subject you choose. I’m only providing an example. Don’t forget you may have follow up if you’re lucky!!!

    Sorry Digger – didn’t mean to write a book:)

    • Saz,

      Thank you as always for your positive contribution. Some salient points you made. I would suggest your words are born from experience, rather than academic understanding. So obviously they resonate deeper.

      Yes it is a kinda sales approach, even if that does initially seem artificial. It just has to be done. I agree building a rapport is essential. As many people know I see this all as a identity, so we have be sensitive to that person’s identity (or how they perceive their identity to be).

      Thank you for the link.


  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 27, 2012

    An excellent piece, digger. I can imagine a few readers might giggle at your mentioning of making sure not to have bad breath, but it can be a major distraction trying to listen to someone who assaulting you without laying a finger on you.

    My critical friend from my youth would frequently complain of my expressing myself to others over some dissatifaction claiming what difference does it make? He was wrong. Fast forward many years. I say someting; I plant the seed. I do it now. I plant the thought in others that 9-11 was the Mossad with the help of American Jews and Zionist neo-cons who have hijacked America. I plant the idea that AIPAC has taken control of Washington, DC in the interest of a foreign nation. No matter how brief the encounter, I take the opportunity to plant the thought.

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  2. Jesteś potrzebny! | Stop Syjonizmowi

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