10 Approaches

in defeating the judaic NWO

[these are all interdependent and not necessarily in order of importance]


1/. Try to adopt an attitude that it is our duty, responsibility and opportunity to be proactive with this information, as opposed to just being a spectator of the drama.


2/. Ensure you always are aware of looking to the root cause of all these problems in every circumstance. Who is behind the curtains? Who instigated this problem? Quo bono every single time.


3/. Try to spend more energy looking for the answers to all this from within. None of us really need to lean on so-called experts in this movement. You know in your heart what YOU need to do.


4/. Keep the hatred out. Try to keep detached, level-headed and come from a place of rightful indignation and justice as opposed to blind anger and revenge.


5/. All our actions should come from a position of helping others and for the greater good, not just for our selfish desires.


6/. Be mindful of traps from within the movement. Infiltration, counter-intelligence, shills propagating both disinformation and half truths. Especially movements within the movement, i.e. the occupy demos and the Arab spring revolution. The people within these revolts are of course genuine, but this energy is being contained, controlled and suppressed. Just like fish caught inside a large net.


7/. Conscious verses being awake. Real change, freedoms and release from this enslavement will only come about when we go beyond just the waking up stage. We all need to take responsibility for the position we are now. We all have been busy playing/sleeping and ignored this dark force which has sneaked into our lives. We now need to become observant (conscious) of how much we respect ourselves, how we treat others, animals and nature.


8/. Keep that spiritual connection. Constantly remind yourself that each experience you have had to date no matter how seemingly trivial or mundane, has been appropriate so as to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with this moment and what the future entails. This is a spiritual battle and challenge.


9/. Remind yourself that with any great achievement one needs qualities such as courage, tenacity, hardiness, integrity and wisdom. You possess all of these qualities and more, even if you doubt yourself. None of us realise our true potential.


10/. Remain steadfast that the truth, goodness and light will always come to the surface. The truth will out! We absolutely will win this battle, so long as we put the effort in and have faith within ourselves. We don’t have the luxury of time now to procrastinate.



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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  May 27, 2012

    Good advice Digger. I need to brush up on #4. I will freely admit I get very angry but there’s not much more I can do but alarm others as to the nature of our predicament. You’re right, we don’t have time to twiddle our thumbs on this situation and thanks so much for doing your part!

  1. 10 metod zwalczania judejskiego NWO | Polonuska

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