Beyond the threshold


Canada passes a law to ban all criticism of israhell.

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Self Police State


So according to the alternative media, we’re heading for a police state. But aren’t we already there? 


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The CREAM test


If you are ever in a position where you have someone come into your home to do some work for you – p-l-e-a-s-e have it within you to treat them with a bit kindness and compassion.


After 25 years on and off doing work in people’s homes and having spoken to hundreds and hundreds of tradespeople and gardeners about clients from hell. Here is a synopsis of how I feel people who work in our homes should be treated. Digger’s CREAM test.

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“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

~ Plato


“When I rule the world :-) …………

the first rule I will put in place, will be an immediate, but temporary ban on:

all cosmetic gardening, unnecessary domestic DIY, hobbies/pastimes, sports and entertainment.

This ban will be held in place until such time

 as all societies address the root cause/s of global suffering and elevates this suffering. 

Only until this has happened; and a regular plan is set in place to ensure unnecessary global suffering never flourishes again – only then, would people be allowed to get back to limited levels of these selfish activities.”  

~ Digger the dictator

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Anything goes vaccines

They seem to conveniently have a vaccine for almost anything these days.


I heard that they now have a vaccine for alcoholism. Work that one out???


So here’s some more suggestions for their anything goes vaccine:


  • Chocolate addiction vaccine


  • Breaking wind vaccine


  • Can’t keep up a job vaccine


  • Argumentative vaccine


  • Habit of critical thinking vaccine (disgusting social habit)


  • No-longer wanting to watch TV vaccine (dangerous people)


  • Keep missing the train to work vaccine (bad slave)


  • Talking to yourself vaccine


  • Turning up late for appointments vaccine


  • Interrupting in a conversation vaccine


  • Keep losing your keys vaccine


  • Getting blind drunk and waking up in builders’ skip vaccine


  • Masterbating vaccine


  • Forgetting what you were about to say in a sentence vaccine


  • Not enjoying Christmas celebrations vaccine


  • Impatience with loved ones who won’t wake up vaccine


  • Late making payments vaccine


  • Keep burning the toast vaccine


  • Believing conspiracy théories vaccine


  • Filthy anti-semite vaccine – hopefully they have a very special one for these filthy scum







I’m now at a stage where I’m beyond arguing with these idiots. Also with family members and close friends. If these comatised people haven’t got it at this stage, having had regular access to the internet for over a decade; then I don’t think they ever will. It’s their conscious choice to swallow the blue pill and fall into their coma.

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Lunatic laws


How far do we take this lunacy? I mean how ridiculous does things have to become, before people choose to wake up, or do something?

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10 Excuses given by those who hang around the Truth movement, to not fight back

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